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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Picking Up Where I Left Off - I Explain Why the MSM Is The Culprit

Please join me in welcoming myself back to the Blogosphere!

For the past 21 months I have been recharging my political and sociological batteries by not writing about all of the things I see wrong with the world.

However, during this time an interesting thing happened: Libertarianism joined the mainstream. It's 
Let's hope being on the side of personal freedom is a fad
 that lasts longer than hipster beards and vinyl.

now hip to be a libertarian. This scares me because you have to make a conscious decision of consistency to actually be a one, and I'm not sure most people are ready to do that, but that's a topic for another day. Right now, let's rejoice that it's hip to let other people live how they want and hope for a government that isn't all up in your hipster beard every five minutes.

There is one group however that has been slow to embrace this movement toward individualism: the Main Stream Media (MSM).

You can tell this is true because the MSM still touts Hillary and Jeb as frontrunners for 2016. Meanwhile Rand Paul - this generation's Ronald Reagan - steadily chips away at the barriers the GOP and Democrat parties have erected between ourselves and our government with nary a corporate media mention. Bear in mind that the MSM's brief flirtation with Chris Christie is because 1) they are waiting for him to say something outlandish so they can be the first to report it, and b) the MSM is condescending.

Also bear in mind that the MSM's brief flirtation with Donald Trump is because he is A) a megalomaniac with bad hair, and 2) he can't help but say outlandish and foolish things.

But back to libertarians becoming mainstream. Here's the deal: America is a libertarian country. Even people who self-identify as liberals are libertarians at least when it comes to social issues, while most people on the right can be considered somewhat libertarian, at least when it comes to the size of
This is me, your faithful
libertarian blogger. I see
what's going and I'm not
government. We've got a long way to go to return this country to any semblance of a "free country" and this is distressing to me, but we've got to start somewhere. To all of you GOPers out there, the next time a party loyalist tells you you are wasting your vote by voting for a third party candidate, tell them you're tired of wasting your votes on party hacks who are nothing but Democrats with blue blazers and red ties.

It's enough already with the propaganda - we need to become individuals again.

We have a real opportunity in 2016 to take back our country from the fools and thieves who are currently running it, but only if we vote with our true hearts and not with our media-addled minds. We have become overly affected by the mass media in this country but social media is changing that. A guy like Rand Paul is never going to get any attention in the MSM because he is too different for their little minds to handle, but through alternative channels, his message that obviously resonates with real people can be heard. We are taught to think by all quarters of the MSM in sound bites that are spoon fed to us by people with agendas and this is extremely dangerous - and its our fault.

For your consideration, here's a handy pictorial guide to the four presidential candidates you've heard the most about this week:

This picture proves it for once and for all - there is NO DIFFERENCE between
Jeb and Hillary. By logical extrapolation, if you hate Hillary you can't love Jeb,
and if you hate Jeb you can't love Hillary.
That this country takes this guy even minutely seriously is embarrassing.
If you want a businessman in the White House (you should) call Steve Forbes
and let's get this done right.
Put some effort in America, and vote not with what you think is better for everyone else, vote for what is better for you and the children who will inherit your country (and your life choices).

I'm trying to be a gentler, kinder, political blogger, but I think a little self-awareness is called for when you're running for president.

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