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Friday, September 6, 2013

Reality-Based Libertarian Foreign Policy

I absolutely, without reservation, oppose any military intervention in Syria.

That's because you hate Barack Obama, you say with that insufferably stuffy attitude of yours.

Nope, and anyway, I don't hate Barack Obama. I think he's out of his depth, in over his head, silly, petulant, na├»ve, inexperienced, foolish, unaware of himself and the world around him, and untrustworthy, but I don't hate him.

To be consistent here's a list of other wars I completely oppose:
  • Afghanistan
  • The War on Terror
  • Iraq
  • The Gulf War
  • The War on Drugs
  • Vietnam
  • Korea
  • World War I
  • The Spanish-American War
Wars I support:
  • World War II
  • The American Civil War
  • The American Revolution
Here's why:

  • Afghanistan and Iraq are horrible places filled with horrible people, but we have the ways and means to protect ourselves from the fools that infect these countries without sending our children off to be maimed by them.
  • The War on Terror is a political sham that was instituted by a president (Bush 43) who really didn't have a firm grasp on what it actually meant to go to war. Even though Barack Obama successfully ended the War on Terror (at least according to Barack Obama) a good part of the world stills wants to kill me (and you). The War on Terror is a lie being perpetrated to keep the low information fools among us satiated.
  • The Gulf War was another unnecessary use of blood and treasure to protect something we don't need to protect (more on that later).
  • How many lives have been destroyed by drugs and the War on Drugs? And why do we so freely bandy about the word 'war' all the time?
  • Vietnam was an atrocity. The men who fought, died, or were maimed there, are my heroes. The men who sent them there are despicable.
  • Korea was a political war waged by politicians for the benefit of other politicians in order to show those other politicians how big their political appendages were.
  • World War I was none of our business, and entering it changed the course of US history (for the worse).
  • The Spanish-American War was about colonialism and conquest, except Americans were told it was waged for a good reason.
If I need to explain to you about the wars I support, there is no hope for you. Seriously go read a few books.

Foreign policy is not difficult. That is, one we decide to care for our own first.

If the people who lived next door to you were members of a biker gang who happened to run a meth lab in their kitchen and who just so happened to beat each other up constantly, would you send your son or daughter over there to bang on the door and tell them to knock it off?
If you think I'm nuts, take a look around at our children coming back from places we are vainly trying to assert ourselvesmaimed or damaged in ways seen and unseenand then you tell me what's nuts.

I grew up next door to a man who had no arms and one leg because of a grenade in Korea. I spent my youth looking at (physically and psychologically) wounded World War II veterans. I spent my early adult years with Vietnam veterans who were similarly wounded. Not to mention the names of people I grew up with who now only exist on a wall in Washington, D.C.

I am a pacifist by no means, but to send a young man off to a foreign country where he will ultimately leave behind 75% of his limbs (if he even gets out alive) requires a better reason to me than some hokey political bullshit.

Here's Is the Correct Foreign Policy for America In Easy To Read Bullet-Point Format
  • End the War on Terror by closing our borders (without interrogation or intense vetting) to anyone coming into our country from countries we have identified as having anti-American governments or populations.
  • Deny entry (or initiate interrogation or intense vetting) to anyone trying to enter the US with stamps from countries not necessarily listed as harboring agents who act against us, but who allow free travel to and from those countries.
  • Once we allow people in who are coming from places not especially enamored of us, require them to check in with the State Department every 5 days. Too much manpower, you say? Put the military on it. I mean if we're serious about Homeland Security (which we're not) this is a simple fix.
  • No intervention in any country unless our sovereignty or economic health is under direct threat.
  • No intervention on behalf of an ally unless that ally's immediate sovereignty or economic health is under direct threat.
  • No foreign aid in the name of "nation building." Seriously, Rest of the World, go build your own damn nations. Like we did. We had little to no help (okay the French gave us some guns), and we turned out okay.
  • No reliance on, or economic interaction with, countries that do not follow policies in line with our own, namely: personal liberty and sovereignty, economic and governmental freedom, and equal rights, (America's politicians and the Liberal Establishment will need to clean up their acts a bit themselves for this one).
  • This means that crackpot countries like Saudi Arabia are cut off from our petro-dollars. We can easily solve this by having the backbone to just say no to the ignorant children among us who are successfully ruining the American economy in the name of things they have very little understanding of. Instead of buying our oil from crackpots who treat women and minorities like dogs, let's just buy it from ourselves. When we run out of oil, we'll figure something out. We've proven to be pretty good at the "progress" thing over the years. We'll have plenty of  'just say no's' to go around after we extract ourselves from that silly War on Drugs.
I'm not an isolationist, I just have no desire to be involved in foreign affairs at the detriment of my own country.

If you think I'm nuts, take a look around at our children coming back from places we are vainly trying to assert ourselvesmaimed or damaged in ways seen and unseenand then you tell me what's nuts.

We have to start thinking here America.

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