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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making Fun Of Liberals: A National Responsibility. In Today's Episode–Defending Obamacare.

I have spent the better part of my life asking the following questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I here?
  3. What's the big idea?
I was kind of hoping maybe the cosmos had more in store for me than this, but I've come to the conclusion that my purpose here on Earth is to make fun of Liberals, Statists, Progressives, Communists, Socialists and people on TV.

Sorry mom and dad, I know you hoped I'd amount to something more, but those who stand aside and snicker also serve.

The latest folly from black Caucasian president Barack Obama is that his administration is going to spend $700,000,000 (that's $700 million) on television ads defending Obamacare. 

"Geez, I love Obama, I wonder if he will buy TV ads in my town," you are probably asking.

Well, unless you live in cities like New Orleans or Charlotte, NC, you won't see these ads. In places like New York and LA, where Democrats have successfully forced one-party rule on the dopey masses, there is no need to defend Obamacare. It's only necessary in swing states where the Democrat US Senator voted in favor of it. You see? Those Dems are up for election next year and their seats are in dangerbecause of Obamacare.

According to Statistic Brain, there were 114,800,000 households in the United States in 2010. If black Caucasian President Barack Obama really cared about us, he'd send each household a check for $6.10 from the $700,000,000 of our money he planned on spending to defend his madcap bankruptcy plan otherwise known as Obamacare. Granted, $6.10 isn't a lot of money, but most Americans are selling their souls and their children's futures on empty Obamapromises, so at least with $6.10 we could buy a gallon and a half of gas for our clunkers and start heading for Mexico.

You people think black Caucasian President Obama is on your side. He's nothe's on his side. You're all just tools.

It's so easy fooling you dopes, he's getting bored. (NY Post)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hypocrisy Wars: Al Sharpton vs. Paula Deen

Tawana Brawley falsely accused white men of raping her.
Al Sharpton defended her.
There is a text going around today urging people not to shop as a protest against the George Zimmerman verdict. I didn't get the text, probably because I am a white person. I feel kind of left out. I really, really, want to be accepted by the unwashed masses who think taking it out on some barely-getting-by store owner is going to change something about the Zimmerman verdict. It's not fair that I have been excluded. 

This led me to think about hypocrisy.
Paula Deen
Paula is an old white woman who admitted to saying the word ‘nigger’ twenty years ago or so.*Apparently she cooks and appears on television. I was really only marginally aware of her. But now that she has been thrown on the ash heap of popular culture because she dared utter an offensive, racist, word at some point in her life, I am totally aware of her, and not because of her cooking.

Alec Baldwin
Alec is a raging old white man who uses slurs against homosexuals when he is mad at someone, regardless of their sexuality. Alec feels that threatening to do bodily harm to an “old queen” is okay, and so apparently do the fine folks at Capital One, and the Liberal Establishment. Alec is an embarrassment and if you defend him so are you.

Alec also apparently uses racial slurs when he's mad at people, but he supports Obama so he can't be a racist.

Al Sharpton
Al is a skinny old black man who has a cushy gig at MSNBC stirring up racial hatred and division under the guise of trying to heal the nation. Al is an ass with a juvenile view of the world.
Back when Al was fat and wore track suits, he also stirred up racial hatred to get his name in the paper by supporting Tawana Brawley. Brawley was a young black woman who falsely claimed some white men had raped her and written racial slurs on her and then smeared her with feces. Al is now a respected race merchant in this country whose opinions are actually taken seriously. He has been excused for being "taken in" by the Brawley ruse all those years ago.

For the first time in her life, Paula Deen is jealous of a black man.
Go to the store and buy stuff you dopes. If you want to change the world, punishing innocent store owners isn't going to do it. How about putting some effort into stopping the wanton murders and violence in Chicago, or getting upset when some stupid 17 year old with a gun shoots a 10 year old girl sitting on her stoop in the Bronx? You can't be lazy and change the world.

It’s time to grow up America. We have one race–human–and one culture–American–and you fools are letting race merchants like Al Sharpton and the cretins at NBC ruin it for all of us.
Note at the bottom: I am adult. I assume you are also an adult. Saying “the ‘n’ word” simply glosses over the disgusting nature of the use of the word in this country and saves us all from having to confront it. We don’t do that here. Deal with it.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Libertarian Welcomes the Royal Baby!

And in other breaking news, another English kid is now on the dole.

Nothing could be less interesting, and more insulting, to a libertarian than the hoopla surrounding the birth of the Royal Brat.

So, with that in mind, I would like to welcome myself back (after a self-imposed hiatus stemming from political and storm recovery burn-out) with a few points to ponder whilst celebrating the birth of Will and Kate's little Royal Brat:

  1. If you make fun of the Royals to an English-person who happens to like the Royal Family and all of their assorted Royal Brats, they will get downright indignant and insulted. I recommend making fun of the Royal Family at all times in order to solicit this response as often as possible.
  2. If the news channel you are watching runs more than 30 seconds of news about the Royal Brat, you are subjecting yourself to utter non-sense that will rot your brain and cause you to be looked down upon by serious people as a mindless dribbler of drivel.
  3. Once upon a time, America turned its back on that most ornery of Royal Brats, King George. Alas, it seems we have gone all soft and in need of a Queen or something to help us feel good about ourselves. That's embarrassing.
  4. I don't really find Kate all that interesting, and Pippa kind of gives me the creeps.
  5. Will has big teeth, like a beaver.
  6. I've been to England. It's very nice, and with one exception every person I met while visiting was delightful. I have no interest in what foreigner gives birth to what foreign baby though.
  7. If God Himself actually picks certain people to be Royal Brats and Rulers of Men, that means God Himself also picks losers and people who are pre-ordained to sift through garbage piles for sustenance. This flies in the very Face of what God Himself has taught us to believe about ourselves.
  8. I hope Wills names his kid Norman. I love the layers to that one.
  9. As a libertarian I reject the premise that one man is smarter than me and is therefore entitled to rule over me. You should too.
  10. There are kids being born all over the world today who will contribute more to the world than Will and Kate's kid could ever imagine.
Thank you for waiting for me.

I am back.

Make no mistake, if Obama had a son he, would more
than likely look like this.
Picture stolen from: Rogue Government