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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Day The Jersey Shore Changed Forever: Six Months Later and Hurricane Sandy Is Still Running Our Lives

Six months ago today, at this very moment, my wife and I were at the Manasquan Inlet in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, watching the rollers come through at a speed I had never seen before in 40 years of running to the Inlet the minute a storm warning was posted.

In the past five months and twenty-seven days I have learned more about people and how the world operates than probably in the lifetime preceding that time. The good, the bad, the horrendous, but mostly the good.

I've been working to raise money for Sandy recovery and delivering money and items directly to people affected by the storm since October 30, and there is no end in sight to this new way of life for many of us.

My politics, and my humanity, dictate that if there is someone in need, I don't wait for some agency to help, I get about the business of helping and finding solutions immediately. Thank God I am anything but alone in this world-view.

To commemorate the day the Jersey Shore changed forever, I am re-running the first post I published after the storm. Reading it back, the emotions I felt when I wrote this piece seem so small now compared to the journey we've all been on since then.

I wanted to leave the piece as originally published, so please click the link to read it as it originally appeared on Friday, November 2, about six hours after our power was restored.

Hurricane Sandy. The Point Is, My House Is Still Standing But My Home Has Been Destroyed.

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