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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't Be Mad At Me Because I'm Pointing Out That A Few People Are Bombing, Killing and Maiming Other People In Your Name

Much to the chagrin of everyone who voted for Barack Obama, the Boston terrorists were actually Obama supporters who just so happened to be Islamofascist terrorists. I’m not suggesting the two are intertwined, because I’m not a foolish bigot like those on the Left who automatically equate a love for freedom with a murderous heart.

The day after the bombing, the Twittersphere was alight with ignorant tweets from both sides–those who think it’s bad to cowardly kill people with bombs, and those who turn a blind eye to it lest they be stained with the blood of those with whom they share a religion. If that truth is too hard for you to digest, stop reading. Now.

Most Americans, that is to say the majority of people who have surrendered their welfare to the same government that proves time and time again it isn't capable of performing even the simplest government functions, are walking all over themselves trying not to insult Muslims. Most Muslims are silent on the issue, while a majority indignantly sniff at the rest of us that Islam is not to blame for Islamofascism. I agree, much like I agree that Catholicism was not to blame for pedophilia amongst the clergy.

Here’s the difference: Even though the leaders of the Catholic Church were glacially slow, and oft times dishonest in their response to the pedophilia problem in the Church, the laity–the every day Catholic–was deeply sorrowful, ashamed and bothered by the crisis. Any change that has come within the Church started with the individuals in the pews, not the leadership. This has not been the case with Islam. You can plant a bomb under my car if you like, but the truth is the truth. Where is the outcry from God-fearing, loving, Muslims when fools and cowards slander their faith in the name of it? If my faith was being slandered by murderers, I would cease to blindly defend my faith and I would begin to attack the slanderers.

As an allegory, let’s say my family, a bunch of Sharkeys, moves into your neighborhood. We don’t really like you or your neighborhood, but it’s a hell of lot better than our old neighborhood. Not satisfied with just going about our Sharkey business, some of us, just a few, not many, and certainly not representative of all of us, start bombing your kids and other innocent family members because they want to rid your neighborhood of, well, you. Because us good Sharkeys are actually afraid of the bad Sharkeys, we stay silent, except of course for when one of you cretins blame all the killing and bloodshed on “Sharkeys.” Hell, when you dare do that we not only speak up, we get quite indignant. This causes you to cower in fear, lest the good Sharkeys become like the bad ones and bomb the snot out of you too.

You think about calling the police, but this would screw up the allegory, so don't call the police.

Would you then drive by the good Sharkeys' house and say, “well those people aren’t bad, but jeez Louise, their cousins next door are a violent, evil, cowardly, bunch”? Or would you drive by our house and say, “I wish those good Sharkeys would make a stand against all the evil ones and get their house of Sharkey in order. At least that way we’d know where we all stand”?

We need to change our way of thinking. Instead of being afraid to slander an entire group because of the actions of a few maniacs in the name of that group, how about all of us join the members of the group under siege in repudiating the actions of the maniacs?

You don’t have to slander the good in your group in order to repudiate the bad, and it would go a long way toward resolution of the problem within the Islamic faith to hear the good, decent and loving people of Islam come out and strongly repudiate the monsters within their ranks. Ask the Catholics. First, you have to admit that human beings have hijacked the Word of God to serve their own needs. No need to be embarrassed. It’s what humans do. What we need are humans with enough spine to know the difference.

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