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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Iraq Ten Years Later: A Look At the Numbers

We have become a nation comfortable with war. Our leaders like war because it gives them something to do. We don't declare war anymore, we just let our president send our young men and women into combat based on poll numbers. The fact that there is no outcry from the street about the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan simply goes to prove my point that as a nation we are comfortable and at some base level, may even enjoy, being in a perpetual state of war. Just to remind all of you liberals out there who still blame Bush for Iraq, we were in Iraq five years and ten months under Bush and four years three months under Obama. We may have been told that the fighting in Iraq is over but it is not.

I for one and ashamed of my country's lack of interest in peace, and I refuse to buy into the non-sense of the neo-cons who claim that peace is a result of the strength derived from an endless state of war.

We never should have gone into Iraq and we should have been out of Afghanistan in a year.

I'll let the statistics make my case for me:
  • 4,487 US troops killed
  • 32,223 US troops wounded or maimed
  • Percentage of US troops wounded with serious brain or spinal injuries: 20% (6,444) 
  • Percentage of US troops who served in Iraq and developed serious mental health issues within 4 months of returning home: 30%
  • Total amount of money approved by tax payers to fund through 2011: $1 trillion
  • $9 billion lost or unaccounted for during the course of the war 
  • $6.6 billion earmarked to rebuild Iraq
  • $12 billion spent monthly in 2008
Statistics from StatisticsBrain.com 

Democrats are fooling themselves if they think President Obama is serious about drawing our blood and treasure away from Iraq and Afghanistan and Republicans delude themselves if they think either war was absolutely necessary to domestic safety in the first place.

The soul of our nation is in deep trouble. We no longer value peace and the preciousness of the lives of the sons and daughters we send to foreign lands to fight unnecessary wars.

It's time for the citizenry to take the country back from the oligarchs.

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