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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gay Marriage, Part II: I'm Proud To Be A Libertarian Because All Of the Smart People Are On My Side

Libertarianism's Token Girl, Julie Borowski, pretty much puts the lid on the Gay Marriage debate to anyone who thinks with an open mind. Take 2:57 out of your frantic schedule of fretting about something that needn't be fretted about and watch.

Highlights of Ms. Borowski's brilliant take on the debate:
  • Government only got involved in marriage in the mid-1800s to prevent inter-racial couples from getting married
  • Government involvement in marriage amounts to nothing more than a tax on personal relationships


I love how the libertarian viewpoint just keeps winning argument after argument. You can come over, we'll gladly have you as long as you don't start making us think like the sheep in the GOP and Democrat parties. Seriously, we're all very smart, and many of us are extremely nice.

Now if we could just get the Libertarian Party to grow up a little...

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