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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Speak For Myself and This Is What I Mean When I Say What I Say.

Disclaimer: I am not a member of the Libertarian Party, I am a libertarian. The views here are my own, they are not part of a party platform. However, in terms of philosophy, the Libertarian Party is closeest to my own.
 If you agree with anything you read here, you may just be a Reality-Based Libertarian too.

Rand Paul is starting to get some serious attention by folks in the corporate media. Even that rattle-trap of Republican electoral humiliation, Karl Rove, has come out with his typical sideways endorsement of people who are way smarter than he is but not as well-known. Based on Rove’s miserable performance in supporting middle-of-the-road Democrat-lite Republicans over the past two decades, his endorsement should be a meaningless waste of good air to those of us who actually have some beliefs left. Unfortunately, you Republicans out there are still paying attention to him. And Dick Morris.

Let’s ignore Karl Rove for a moment and take a look at twenty things this libertarian stands for, and what he believes the Republican Party should stand for.

Domestic Policy

1.     A flat-tax of 15% on earnings if we are not smart enough to implement a tax on purchases only. You want to make pencils? You pay a tax on graphite, balsa wood shavings, little metal eraser holders and little rubber erasers. You want to buy a pencil, you pay a tax on it. Taxation is not hard. Stop letting the CPA’s of the world destroy our economy so they can protect their jobs.
2.     Means and drug testing for welfare applicants with a strict one-year limit on benefit eligibility. If you can’t get your act together in a year why is it fair for you to be my problem for the rest of our lives? The Foodstamp program should be moved from the Department of Agriculture to the IRS.
3.     Complete repeal of Obamacare.
4.     Strict four-term limits for the House of Representatives and two-term limits for Senators.
5.     Repeal of drug laws and prostitution laws. You cannot outlaw activity that people will engage in because you believe it is immoral.
6.     Expulsion of immigrant law-breakers coupled with a common-sense approach to migration [sic] of workers.
7.     A Federal policy that oil and energy exploitation is in the nation’s best interest along with a complete moratorium on political support to any one energy consortium. The market will decide what energy we need.
8.     Disbanding the Department of Education (that is a State issue), removing regulatory powers from the EPA, ATF, Homeland Security and DHS.
9.     Abolishment of all labor unions government employees.
10.  Abolishment of the Republican and Democrat practice of naming “csars” for any extra-Cabinet post.
11.  End to Federal involvement in any and all “morality” issues and legislation. Those issues are only solved on the local level.

Foreign Policy

  1. Immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  2. Reduction in the amount of military bases we have on foreign soil.
  3. Insisting Congress applies foreign aid to countries based on each country’s willingness to ally with the US and an immediate removal or reduction of foreign aid to those countries deemed as anything less than a complete ally.
  4. Twenty year limits on all Department of State personnel.
  5. Ten per cent reduction in Department of Defense spending. I’ll take President Eisenhower’s words on the dangers of the military-industrial complex.
  6. Strict passport control for persons traveling from countries deemed hostile.
  7. Enforcement of the need for a Declaration of War by Congress before engaging US troops on foreign soil.
  8. Dropping all trade barriers with Cuba.
  9. Closing the border with Mexico until Mexico gets its own borders under control.

In addition:
    • an immediate end to the practice of legislating by regulation for all Federal agencies. We have become a nation of regulations simply to ensure the job security of the regulators.
    • Enforcement of the myriad “gun control” laws already on the books.

The Republican Party has lost the ability and the will to communicate these basic tenets of liberty simply because of its infatuation with its big brother the Democrat Party. That’s why Barack Obama has 54% approval even though he is an inept, inexperienced faux intellectual.

Folks, it’s your fault for supporting Republicans like Chris Christie, who is a good conservative for the Democrat rat-hole known as New Jersey, but will be a giant repeat of stupid Democrat policies on the national stage.

If you agree with a majority of what I have written here, and still support the national Republican Party as it currently exists, you have no right to complain when the RNC hands us another frustrating defeat in 2014.

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