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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We Interrupt This Blog...

Ten weeks after Hurricane Sandy wiped out pretty much everything those of us along the New Jersey shore knew as "home," things are still not back to normal. Technically, things will never be normal again, as the Jersey Shore of October 28, 2012 no longer exists. October 29, 2012 changed everything. Residents along the Shore are entering a brave new world, and truly the future is unwritten.

I am giving up political writing for the time-being to chronicle the unwritten future's journey as it becomes the past.

I am going to take a sabbatical from the RBL&OS blog for a few months while I concentrate on a new blog entitled Inlets and Outlets that will focus on the trials and tribulations of everyday New Jerseyans as they work to recover some semblence of a lifestyle. Stories will start to appear next week.

The country is in dire political straits, but right now what matters to me is my beloved Jersey Shore. In the past year the RBL&OS blog has developed a following of over 35,000 readers and I am extremely proud of that. I realize I'm taking a chance of losing the goodwill I've worked hard to develop with my readers, but I truly believe the only story I should be telling is local story.

I'm not ending my sometimes Quixotic crusade against the silliness of politics in America in 2013, I'm simply suspending it. I invite my readers to please come to Inlets and Outlets as we follow the Jersey Shore as the devastation of Hurricane Sandy begins to recede.


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