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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Obama Forgets How Unions Work. He May Be As Dumb As He Thinks You Are.

Proving that he simply does not understand anything about "working" and "labor" and the unions he so lovingly slurps up to, Your Favorite President of the Entire History of the World had this to say to a group of working schlubs in Rockville, MD, today while attempting to chastise the House for holding fast on its refusal to hand over my healthcare to a bunch of idiot bureaucrats:

"Everybody here just does their job, right?  If you're working here and in the middle of the day you just stopped and said 'you know what, I want to get something, but I don't know exactly what I'm gonna get.  I'm just going to stop working till I get something - I'm just going to shut down the whole plant until I get something' - You'd get fired, right?
Cuz the deal is, you've already gotten hired.  You've got a job. You're getting a paycheck. ..And so you also are getting the pride of doing a good job, and contributing to a business, and looking out for your fellow workers.  That's what you're getting.  It shouldn't be any different for a member of Congress."

Apparently, even though Obama would not exist without Big Labor, our President has not been enlightened to the power labor unions have over the very essence of every day American life.

Let me explain unions to Barack Obama:
  • Teachers pissed off? They shut the schools down.
  • Transit workers unhappy? They shut mass transit down. 
  • Garbage collectors raising a stink? Garbage piles up in front of your house.
  • Auto makers not happy with making scads of money for producing sub-standard products? They shut the plant down.
I am gobsmacked at how stupid this president thinks you are, and I am overwhelmed with sadness for my country's future that the morons he was speaking to actually cheered him.

Here, watch the video and get as annoyed, and amused, as I am:

Friday, September 13, 2013

My Goal In Life Is To Be the Second Metronome In the Row On the Right.

Massive herds of animals like wildebeests and gazelles all move in unison almost instantaneously and certainly simultaneously, because of a synchronistic, inherent, intuition of what is best for the herd, and presumably what is best for the individual within the herd. Except when the herd instinctively throws itself over a cliff en masse. Then, not so much.

In the video below, 32 metronomes are placed on a movable table and then started asynchronously. In scientific terms, they are discordant, or out of rhythm with each other. The movable surface they're on eventually couples their energy so that all the metronomes become synched with each other. In physics, and the universe, this concordance among movable objects is the natural order – except for the problem of entropy.

According to Merriam-Webster:
Entropy 2a :  the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity 

Inert uniformity. In human terms – if you actually believe humans are of a higher divine or evolutionary order than wildebeests – inert uniformity is not a good thing. Think back to that herd of furry critters throwing themselves over a cliff to escape a singular lion.

When you watch the video below, think of yourself as a metronome, and then think of the movable surface as society. Are you going to give in and fall in line with everyone else, or are you going to be the second metronome in the row on the far right and fight to keep your singularly-unique-in-the-universe individuality intact for as long as you can?

As a libertarian, I believe in the power, will, and freedom, of the second metronome in the row on the far right.

Notice how the guys running the experiment (the government) had to shake up the movable table (society) to get the last individual to fall into lock step.

At 2:35, the last metronome to fight for his own uniqueness finally succumbs to the crowd. A metaphor for our lives I suppose, but think how smug he was when the other metronomes finally realized they were doomed to a life of inert uniformity. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An Open Letter to Truthers and Other Assorted Conspiracy Crackpots

Dear Conspiracy Theory Nuts,

 Just like contrails in the sky are not, I repeat, are not, chemicals being sprayed by the government to give us all auto-immune diseases, 9/11 was not a government plan to either a) save Larry Silverstein tons of money, or b) give George Bush a good excuse to invade Iraq.

 How do I know this? Two words: Edward Snowden. The government is filled with people. Most of them are toadies and lackeys just hanging about until they can collect their pensions, but some of them, (and this is where your conspiracy theories fall apart), have souls and consciences. Therefore, it is not possible for such a large-scale governmental act of war against its own citizens to have taken place without someone, somewhere, saying something.

 This is how I know there are no Martians at Area 51, no Rothschild Banking Conspiracy, and how I know the CIA did not knock off JFK.

 When we run around spouting silly conspiracy claims and acting like paranoid pseudo-intellectual 1960s drop-outs without actually thinking, we disgrace the lives of the people we lost on 9/11.

 Hate me if you want, but I'm right, and you know it. Having to watch every nutcase conspiracy theory get trotted out every September is infuriating, and makes the already tough job of commemorating our own personal losses that day even harder

Friday, September 6, 2013

Reality-Based Libertarian Foreign Policy

I absolutely, without reservation, oppose any military intervention in Syria.

That's because you hate Barack Obama, you say with that insufferably stuffy attitude of yours.

Nope, and anyway, I don't hate Barack Obama. I think he's out of his depth, in over his head, silly, petulant, na├»ve, inexperienced, foolish, unaware of himself and the world around him, and untrustworthy, but I don't hate him.

To be consistent here's a list of other wars I completely oppose:
  • Afghanistan
  • The War on Terror
  • Iraq
  • The Gulf War
  • The War on Drugs
  • Vietnam
  • Korea
  • World War I
  • The Spanish-American War
Wars I support:
  • World War II
  • The American Civil War
  • The American Revolution
Here's why:

  • Afghanistan and Iraq are horrible places filled with horrible people, but we have the ways and means to protect ourselves from the fools that infect these countries without sending our children off to be maimed by them.
  • The War on Terror is a political sham that was instituted by a president (Bush 43) who really didn't have a firm grasp on what it actually meant to go to war. Even though Barack Obama successfully ended the War on Terror (at least according to Barack Obama) a good part of the world stills wants to kill me (and you). The War on Terror is a lie being perpetrated to keep the low information fools among us satiated.
  • The Gulf War was another unnecessary use of blood and treasure to protect something we don't need to protect (more on that later).
  • How many lives have been destroyed by drugs and the War on Drugs? And why do we so freely bandy about the word 'war' all the time?
  • Vietnam was an atrocity. The men who fought, died, or were maimed there, are my heroes. The men who sent them there are despicable.
  • Korea was a political war waged by politicians for the benefit of other politicians in order to show those other politicians how big their political appendages were.
  • World War I was none of our business, and entering it changed the course of US history (for the worse).
  • The Spanish-American War was about colonialism and conquest, except Americans were told it was waged for a good reason.
If I need to explain to you about the wars I support, there is no hope for you. Seriously go read a few books.

Foreign policy is not difficult. That is, one we decide to care for our own first.

If the people who lived next door to you were members of a biker gang who happened to run a meth lab in their kitchen and who just so happened to beat each other up constantly, would you send your son or daughter over there to bang on the door and tell them to knock it off?
If you think I'm nuts, take a look around at our children coming back from places we are vainly trying to assert ourselvesmaimed or damaged in ways seen and unseenand then you tell me what's nuts.

I grew up next door to a man who had no arms and one leg because of a grenade in Korea. I spent my youth looking at (physically and psychologically) wounded World War II veterans. I spent my early adult years with Vietnam veterans who were similarly wounded. Not to mention the names of people I grew up with who now only exist on a wall in Washington, D.C.

I am a pacifist by no means, but to send a young man off to a foreign country where he will ultimately leave behind 75% of his limbs (if he even gets out alive) requires a better reason to me than some hokey political bullshit.

Here's Is the Correct Foreign Policy for America In Easy To Read Bullet-Point Format
  • End the War on Terror by closing our borders (without interrogation or intense vetting) to anyone coming into our country from countries we have identified as having anti-American governments or populations.
  • Deny entry (or initiate interrogation or intense vetting) to anyone trying to enter the US with stamps from countries not necessarily listed as harboring agents who act against us, but who allow free travel to and from those countries.
  • Once we allow people in who are coming from places not especially enamored of us, require them to check in with the State Department every 5 days. Too much manpower, you say? Put the military on it. I mean if we're serious about Homeland Security (which we're not) this is a simple fix.
  • No intervention in any country unless our sovereignty or economic health is under direct threat.
  • No intervention on behalf of an ally unless that ally's immediate sovereignty or economic health is under direct threat.
  • No foreign aid in the name of "nation building." Seriously, Rest of the World, go build your own damn nations. Like we did. We had little to no help (okay the French gave us some guns), and we turned out okay.
  • No reliance on, or economic interaction with, countries that do not follow policies in line with our own, namely: personal liberty and sovereignty, economic and governmental freedom, and equal rights, (America's politicians and the Liberal Establishment will need to clean up their acts a bit themselves for this one).
  • This means that crackpot countries like Saudi Arabia are cut off from our petro-dollars. We can easily solve this by having the backbone to just say no to the ignorant children among us who are successfully ruining the American economy in the name of things they have very little understanding of. Instead of buying our oil from crackpots who treat women and minorities like dogs, let's just buy it from ourselves. When we run out of oil, we'll figure something out. We've proven to be pretty good at the "progress" thing over the years. We'll have plenty of  'just say no's' to go around after we extract ourselves from that silly War on Drugs.
I'm not an isolationist, I just have no desire to be involved in foreign affairs at the detriment of my own country.

If you think I'm nuts, take a look around at our children coming back from places we are vainly trying to assert ourselvesmaimed or damaged in ways seen and unseenand then you tell me what's nuts.

We have to start thinking here America.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Very First NYC Mayoral Race Assclown Roundup!

I occasionally like to make fun of politicians. I don't poke fun, because that implies a certain amount of affection and respect. No, I make fun of them, because what I have learned over the years is that politicians are generally people who cannot survive in the public sector. I'm not talking about you good folks who serve on your local township committees or school boards part time, I'm talking about career politicians.

With that being said, next Tuesday is primary election day in New York City. This means I am being bombarded with television and radio ads for the various and sundry nincompoops who think it is their birthright to feed at the public trough for the length of their lives (kind of like welfare, only when you're a public official you not only don't have to work, you don't have to take responsibility for anything either).

So, here goes the very first RBL&S Assclown Roundup:

These pillars of demagoguery, pedantry and unbrightness appear in the order they popped into my head, and since the GOP and Democrat parties are both chock full of insane people rendering them indistinguishable from each other, I'm not bothering to list party affiliation.

Duh, of course people should
all think the way I do.
Christine Quinn: (Mayor) Current council speaker Quinn's knee-jerk reaction to Hurricane Sandy (RBL&OS 11-20-12) was to suggest we spends billions of dollars we don't have to build a series of giant seawalls around the entire city. Ms. Quinn has been silent on the people in Staten Island (not her district, in all fairness) who may never be able to move into their homes again. Ms. Quinn also believes that if you have different beliefs than her, especially about matters sexual, then it's the government's job to keep you from doing business in her town (RBL&OS 8-1-12).

Libertarian or not, I never trust a grown man who thinks
with his tongue sticking out.
Joe Lhota: (Mayor) The former MTA chief called NY Port Authority cops "mall cops" and former Rudolph
Guiliani an idiot. He often Tweets ridiculous things filled with errors and then blames it on too much wine. He apologizes but then says he tells it "like it is" and "how he sees it." In an attempt to make you feel sorry for him, Joe calls himself a "9/11 cancer survivor” although 9/11 happened in 2001 and his cancer scare happened in 2006.

At least he'll never ask anyone to lend him a hand.
He takes care of himself, himself.
Anthony Weiner: (Mayor) You're supposed to forget about his past, even if by "past" he means last Tuesday. Long known as the nastiest, most egotistical member of Congress, Weiner is now also a famous selfie subject who simply can't get enough of himself (some of his cyber-partners claim he likes to comfort himself up to 14 times a day). Now that I think about it, he might be a perfect Mayor because he'll be too busy with himself to screw things up for the rest of New York. Maybe Bloomberg should have taken up a hobby.

"...and her ass was this big, so I asked for a discount."
Eliot Spitzer: (Comptroller - token non-Mayoral candidate) This guy used to be governor of New York except his predilection for
prostitutes cost him his job. Since he can't earn a living anywhere else he wants to get another job in government. Spitzer is the poster child for what is wrong with our political system: He spits on the public trust then finds he can't get by without the public's support (see Anthony Weiner). Loves to have him some prostitutes, touts how no one "did more than him" to promote women's rights and health.

Bill deBlasio (r) pandering to a special-interest group
near you. Geez, now everyone wants a discount.
Bill deBlasio: (Mayor) Proudly calls himself a 'progressive' and touts the fact that he is going to "raise taxes on the rich to pay for after school care." Bill has also freely used his teenaged son, (who is bi-racial but looks black) to pander to the racists in the party who are against stop and frisk (I am too, but not because I define people by raceI define people by results). I can't get past the idea that if deBlasio's son looked Italian instead of African, and he didn't have a wonderfully ginormous 'fro, we'd never see his mug on TV. As you get mad at me for this piece, remember, I didn't trot his son out to play racial politics with, he did. deBlasio will also be New York City's next mayor.

I tried to find an unflattering picture of Catsimatidis,
but they all looked like this.
John Catsimatidis: (Mayor) Super-Billionaire Catsimatidis answered a political attack ad from his rival deBlasio (that didn't use his son for the purposes of pandering to every special interest group he could think of), with this gem: “ They went Negative First using NY Post as there SURRAGATE attack DOG. That’s why our guys pushed into this Ads.”

So go out and vote, New York City! America's comedy future depends on you people taking one of these clowns seriously. And since you will indeed vote for one of these peopleproving to the rest of us that you don't take your own future seriously, then make fun of you all we indeed will do.

Note: If you are offended by anything in this piece, you have way bigger problems than what you read in some dopey blog.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

FEMA to Union Beach: It's Not Our Fault We're Turning Our Backs On You, We're Just Following Our Own Policy

A week before his re-election, President Obama had this to say to the people affected by Hurricane Sandy:
"We don't have any patience for bureaucracy. We don't have any patience for red tape."
On April 29, the six month anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, here's what our no non-sense, tough guy governor, Chris Christie, had to say about President Obama's performance in the aftermath of the storm:

"The president has kept every promise he's made. I think he's done a good job. He kept his word."

Demolition of homes in the devastated Borough of Union Beach began in January and the Federal government did reimburse 172 homeowners for the demolition of homes rendered unrepairable by Sandy. In May, FEMA pledged to reimburse all homeowners in the borough for demolition costs.

In August, borough officials received an email from FEMA informing them that the agency would not cover the 92 homes that were still standing but uninhabitable, unless they’re proved to be in imminent danger of collapsing. More than 50 of those homes require asbestos removal.

“They’re all dangerous to live in but I can’t prove that they’re going to fall down tomorrow. So because I can’t prove that, they refuse to pay,” Union Beach Administrator Jennifer Maier said when asked by a reporter from CBS in New York about the situation. (FEMA Rejects Funding for Nearly 100 Union Beach Homes)

FEMA claims its Demolition of Private Structures policy is the reason for its decision. The policy states that funding from the agency “requires certification that homes to be demolished are in imminent danger of full or partial collapse.” FEMA went on to say that borough officials have only sent them certification for 8 homes in imminent danger of collapse.

In short, the bureaucratic red tape that President Obama (D) and Chris Christie (R) both promised would be cut in order to expedite recovery is strangling these homeowners. We are taxed at usury rates in New Jersey, such that homeowners are not able to build their own safety net to protect themselves in the event of catastrophe. The system forces us to rely on the government, yet the government time and time again proves it is unreliable. As I've stated all week, it is the system and the people who feed off of it, that are at fault.

Scores of volunteers have been coming to the borough to help with demolition, and the efforts are ongoing. While government officials points fingers, lies to us, and generally wipes their hands of culpability, people are still helping people put their lives back together.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

If Winds Don't Cause Storm Surges, Where Do Storm Surges Come From? Or, Why I Refuse To Call It 'Superstorm Sandy'

I have recoiled since the media and government began calling Hurricane Sandy 'Superstorm Sandy.' Living in a world controlled by legalese, I waited for the day when insurance companies and the government would walk away from claims because they were prepared to cover damage from a hurricane, not an unprecedented 'super storm.'

Even though what follows is not exactly proof that my fears are warranted, if after reading this piece you still scoff at the idea, you're not paying attention to the world you live in:

* * *

Ten months after Hurricane Sandy destroyed most of Union Beach, and great chunks of the Jersey Shore in general, the owners of Jakeabob's Bay, a popular beachfront restaurant and bar were informed that their insurance carrier had determined the building had sustained $9,657.14 in wind damage.

According to Lloyd's of London, this building sustained $9,657.14 in wind damage.
I took this picture on 11-27-12, 1 month after the storm.

Of course, the game the insurance carrier is playing is to parse 'wind damage' from 'water damage.' It's important to note that the owner's deductible is $10,000, so the adjuster's conclusion means the insurance company owes the people who purchased insurance from them will get absolutely nothing in return. The owner's are responsible for the wind damage, and presumably the rest of the damage. I'm sure they're not concerned about wind or water, they just know their business is destroyed.

There's no word yet on how much under the owner's water damage deductible will be. 

I'm interested in the formula the adjuster used to arrive at the $9657.14 figure. If I was a heartless thief, I might look at this building and say the only (wind) damage I see is a few shingles missing off the roof. Unfortunately for me, I am a human being.

Two Questions

  1. How was the adjuster able to determine what was wind damage and what was solely water damage?
  2. Why is the damage from the water caused by the wind-driven storm surge not considered wind damage? After all, if the wind wasn't blowing like it was, the 14' storm surge wouldn't have piled up and took the building down. 

If you are not feeling a lump of anger in your throat, you're either a government official, government employee, an insurance adjuster, or you have completely stopped thinking.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, people are being screwed in every possible way, every single day, but what Miley Cyrus does on a cable show no one really watches is the only thing we want to talk about.

We have willingly put our lives in the hands of fools who are not capable of keeping their word or doing the right thing. We have allowed a political and corporate system to develop around us that has one purpose: maintaining power at the expense of the people they claim to serve.

It's time to restructure the political and corporate system. It's time for us to rediscover our principles and to live our lives by them. It's past time for us all to understand that bad things don't just happen to 'them' anymore, they are happening to 'us' on a regular basis.

To me, Hurricane Sandy has become symbolic of the struggle this country faces as it tries to preserve its core values and personal independence. If we struggle through this storm and find ourselves unchanged as the sun breaks out, well then, shame on us.

So all you can do is give in to it, step right inside the storm, closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand doesn't get in, and walk through it, step by step. There's no sun there, no moon, no direction, no sense of time. Just fine white sand swirling up into the sky like pulverized bones. That's the kind of sandstorm you need to imagine. 
And you really will have to make it through that violent, metaphysical, symbolic storm. No matter how metaphysical or symbolic it might be, make no mistake about it: it will cut through flesh like a thousand razor blades. People will bleed there, and you will bleed too. Hot, red blood. You'll catch that blood in your hands, your own blood and the blood of others.
And once the storm is over you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what this storm's all about." - Haruki Murakami, Kafka On the Shore

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

FEMA: Shows Up Late, Does Nothing, Complains, Leaves Early...

just another day working for the Federal government.

Black or White, FEMA Doesn't Like You Very Much

When George Bush was in charge of FEMA, it was widely claimed that people of a certain color were ignored by the hapless agency after Katrina hit New Orleans.

Now that Barack Obama is in charge, I can state with certitude that FEMA does not discriminate: They treat everyone, regardless of skin color or political affiliation, like crap (more on that later this week).

So it's nice to know that now that George W. is out of office, the races are treated equally by Barack Obama. We're all serfs who can count on being treated poorly by our government while our government lies to us and tells us what a great job it's doing.

Here's How FEMA Helped A Charity I Was Involved In

Back in May, I had the extreme privilege of working with about 2,000 motorcyclists to raise over $36,000 for Hurricane Sandy relief. I co-founded and was part of a team of dedicated people who ran a charity called Roar to Restore the Shore, which consisted of a motorcycle run through most of the Shore towns that were hit by the hurricane with a rally a the end with food and music.

At the rally, we invited vendors who came and sold food, or whatever. They paid an entrance fee and most of them also donated good chunks of their proceeds afterward.

Except FEMA.

The kindly folks from FEMA refused to pay the vendor fee, because they were "a government agency."

We waived the fee for them (and them only), figuring maybe they could help some people get some questions answered. I also would have had no problem if attendees at the rally had decided to vent a little to them, but people obviously couldn't be bothered wasting their time with them.

Here's How FEMA Helped On the Day of the Rally:
  1. The two FEMA representatives showed up about 45 minutes past the time we requested vendors to arrive. You know, with 2000 motorcycles coming we needed to control traffic in and out of the event.
  2. It was a cold and misty New Jersey spring day; the FEMA agents pretty much sat in their car they parked behind their table (against our regulations). They interacted with absolutely zero people during the entire event, based on multiple observations and the FEMA agents' own words. Not one person approached them, and they put no effort into approaching anyone.
  3. FEMA was not happy that we did not provide them with a tent and tables, and they weren't thrilled about the location of their booth. The two booths on either side were constantly busy all day.
  4. They left about an hour early, driving their car through the middle of the fairgrounds, in spite of the fact that 2500 people were milling about trying to enjoy themselves. No matter, FEMA was cold and it wanted to go home.

Here's the Letter We Got From FEMA, Congratulating Themselves On a Job Well Done

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Joint Field Office FEMA-4086-DR-NJ
307 Middletown-Lincroft Road
Lincroft, NJ 07738

August 19, 2013

Dear Jeannette and Roar to Restore the Shore

On behalf of the Community Education and Outreach Program and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) we thank you for your commitment to the recovery of the citizens of New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.  On October 30, 2012 when President Obama signed the Federal Disaster Declaration for New Jersey we knew the “Jersey Strong” citizens would begin their recovery immediately.

By opening your doors to the Hazard Mitigation Outreach Teams we were able to provide information to survivors on how to repair and rebuild stronger, safer, and smarter.  Our team members discussed and distributed information on retrofitting homes, elevating utilities, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), how to clean up mold safely, and where survivors could receive additional help on disaster related questions.  Survivors armed with this knowledge were empowered to repair and rebuild their homes to reduce their future risk.

The survivors helped us as well.  During the course of our interactions we were able to collect valuable information about the community.  Any issues, concerns, or trends we identified were forwarded to our External Affairs Team who then developed Fact Sheets, Flyers, and News Releases to address these items for the whole community.  Again, thank you for the opportunity to help us provide a very successful outreach during a very critical time.

Many thanks,

Melva D. Guzman-Cabrera
(CEO) Community Education and Outreach Specialist

Kathleen Rhodes
CEO Group Supervisor

Again, they didn't speak with one single person the entire day. And frankly, every single person I've spoken to in the past 10 months resents being called a "victim." You will notice that I will not ever refer to one person in this state who was affected by Sandy as a "victim." 

If FEMA would like to kindly send me a register of the people they spoke to on May 18, 2013 at the Roar to Restore the Shore Rally in Brick, NJ, and then present me with the"Fact Sheets, Flyers, and News Releases" they developed after meeting with people at the Rally, I'll publicly apologize.
But until then, I'll stick with what I know: These people work for you, and they're ripping you off.

Monday, August 26, 2013

FEMA and NJ: A Tale of Pretty Much Nothing, Part I - A Libertarian Primer

To those of you new to RBL&OS I am from New Jersey, which is odd considering I am a minarchist libertarian who believes in individual rights and personal responsibility, because based on their voting history for the past 50 years, New Jerseyans obviously feel they need people who are incapable of employment in the private sector (politicians) to wipe their butts for them.
It is also sad.
But anyway, this week we're going to talk about Hurricane Sandy, FEMA, insurance, and why we still talk about Katrina eight years later, but Hurricane Sandy is no longer interesting to the rest of America.

Before we start on all of that, we need to refresh ourselves on the minarchist libertarian view of people, property rights and what our relationship to our government is supposed to be.
Let's assume that all of you people believe America grants you the right to own property.

Ownership is defined as the "right, act, or state of possessing something."

Now let's assume that you all are not farmers (even if you are) and that you don't live on a farm (even if you do.

Let's introduce our characters:
Bessie is the cow you would like to buy so you
can start giving extremely fresh milk to your kids.
The role of Bessie will be played by Bessie.
The role of "the government" will be played by
a black white guy with no real world or job
experience who has duped millions of people
into believing he is special.
The role of "property" will be played by your house. Find it on Google Earth, like the rest of the world does when they want to look at your house.
The role of "you" will be played, convincingly I might add, by you. Come on, you told all of your Facebook friends what you ate for lunch today, so stop being so shy.
The Story
Now, go buy Bessie and tie her up in your yard, somewhere between the swimming pool you needed a permit for and the deck you needed a permit for. Don't worry about tying a good knot because ol' Bessie will be safe behind the fence you needed a permit to install.
Oh wait. Silly us! You can't just go buy a cow and put her in your backyard. There are laws and regulations against livestock ownership if you don't live on a farm.
You don't own your property. The government does. You are merely a serf to the government, a sharecropper that lives on the government's land at their pleasure. You are just like all of the generations before you who handed over their freedom to be protected by people who are no better at protecting you than you are.
The Moral
The system is wrong, and we continue to allow it to be wrong.
How This Connects To Hurricane Sandy
I believe you should be able to build your house wherever you want, as long as you own the property. I also believe that if you build your house in a city that is below sea level, or in a place that is subject to sea level when a storm comes and makes sea level be your living room, then that's your problem, not mine. With less regulation, more companies would offer better, cheaper, insurance for those of you who insist on living where I can't afford to live, so shut up about insurance companies, (and anyway, we'll harangue them later this week).
The problem with my worldview is we have developed a system that forces us into servitude to our government through excessive taxation and over-regulation in return for the government's promise that if we have a problem (like sea level in our living room) the government will fix it for us. The problem is we have been conditioned into believing this pile of lies in spite of constant evidence to the contrary.
I also believe you should not be compelled to wear a seat belt, but that if you wreck your car and bounce around inside of it like a pinball, that is also your problem (I wear a seatbelt as a result of several real-life experiences with bouncing around inside a car). But again, the system has evolved into one of safety nets held up by noodniks who claim they know what's best for us while they insist on getting a full taxpayer-funded pension after 20 years on the job.
Lest you think I am a heartless bastard, I've spent the past 10 months working to raise money and help my neighbors who were affected by Hurricane Sandy (explaining the lack of content here lately). Not because the government told me to, but because it's the right thing to dobeing a willing participant in "society" I am obligated to help make "society" better, in spite of the roadblocks thrown in my way by an ever over-reaching government.
The problem, as we shall see this week, is we have handed our lives over to an inept, uncaring, ineffectual government with no intention of keeping its promise to take care of us, that has also left us too broke to fend for ourselves.
That my friends is why I am a minarchist libertarian, and why I have such intellectual pity for those of you who are too afraid to step out of the shadow of government and live your lives as nature, or God, or whatever, intended.
Tomorrow: I share a letter I received from FEMA that directly contradicts my personal experience with them.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making Fun Of Liberals: A National Responsibility. In Today's Episode–Defending Obamacare.

I have spent the better part of my life asking the following questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I here?
  3. What's the big idea?
I was kind of hoping maybe the cosmos had more in store for me than this, but I've come to the conclusion that my purpose here on Earth is to make fun of Liberals, Statists, Progressives, Communists, Socialists and people on TV.

Sorry mom and dad, I know you hoped I'd amount to something more, but those who stand aside and snicker also serve.

The latest folly from black Caucasian president Barack Obama is that his administration is going to spend $700,000,000 (that's $700 million) on television ads defending Obamacare. 

"Geez, I love Obama, I wonder if he will buy TV ads in my town," you are probably asking.

Well, unless you live in cities like New Orleans or Charlotte, NC, you won't see these ads. In places like New York and LA, where Democrats have successfully forced one-party rule on the dopey masses, there is no need to defend Obamacare. It's only necessary in swing states where the Democrat US Senator voted in favor of it. You see? Those Dems are up for election next year and their seats are in dangerbecause of Obamacare.

According to Statistic Brain, there were 114,800,000 households in the United States in 2010. If black Caucasian President Barack Obama really cared about us, he'd send each household a check for $6.10 from the $700,000,000 of our money he planned on spending to defend his madcap bankruptcy plan otherwise known as Obamacare. Granted, $6.10 isn't a lot of money, but most Americans are selling their souls and their children's futures on empty Obamapromises, so at least with $6.10 we could buy a gallon and a half of gas for our clunkers and start heading for Mexico.

You people think black Caucasian President Obama is on your side. He's nothe's on his side. You're all just tools.

It's so easy fooling you dopes, he's getting bored. (NY Post)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hypocrisy Wars: Al Sharpton vs. Paula Deen

Tawana Brawley falsely accused white men of raping her.
Al Sharpton defended her.
There is a text going around today urging people not to shop as a protest against the George Zimmerman verdict. I didn't get the text, probably because I am a white person. I feel kind of left out. I really, really, want to be accepted by the unwashed masses who think taking it out on some barely-getting-by store owner is going to change something about the Zimmerman verdict. It's not fair that I have been excluded. 

This led me to think about hypocrisy.
Paula Deen
Paula is an old white woman who admitted to saying the word ‘nigger’ twenty years ago or so.*Apparently she cooks and appears on television. I was really only marginally aware of her. But now that she has been thrown on the ash heap of popular culture because she dared utter an offensive, racist, word at some point in her life, I am totally aware of her, and not because of her cooking.

Alec Baldwin
Alec is a raging old white man who uses slurs against homosexuals when he is mad at someone, regardless of their sexuality. Alec feels that threatening to do bodily harm to an “old queen” is okay, and so apparently do the fine folks at Capital One, and the Liberal Establishment. Alec is an embarrassment and if you defend him so are you.

Alec also apparently uses racial slurs when he's mad at people, but he supports Obama so he can't be a racist.

Al Sharpton
Al is a skinny old black man who has a cushy gig at MSNBC stirring up racial hatred and division under the guise of trying to heal the nation. Al is an ass with a juvenile view of the world.
Back when Al was fat and wore track suits, he also stirred up racial hatred to get his name in the paper by supporting Tawana Brawley. Brawley was a young black woman who falsely claimed some white men had raped her and written racial slurs on her and then smeared her with feces. Al is now a respected race merchant in this country whose opinions are actually taken seriously. He has been excused for being "taken in" by the Brawley ruse all those years ago.

For the first time in her life, Paula Deen is jealous of a black man.
Go to the store and buy stuff you dopes. If you want to change the world, punishing innocent store owners isn't going to do it. How about putting some effort into stopping the wanton murders and violence in Chicago, or getting upset when some stupid 17 year old with a gun shoots a 10 year old girl sitting on her stoop in the Bronx? You can't be lazy and change the world.

It’s time to grow up America. We have one race–human–and one culture–American–and you fools are letting race merchants like Al Sharpton and the cretins at NBC ruin it for all of us.
Note at the bottom: I am adult. I assume you are also an adult. Saying “the ‘n’ word” simply glosses over the disgusting nature of the use of the word in this country and saves us all from having to confront it. We don’t do that here. Deal with it.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Libertarian Welcomes the Royal Baby!

And in other breaking news, another English kid is now on the dole.

Nothing could be less interesting, and more insulting, to a libertarian than the hoopla surrounding the birth of the Royal Brat.

So, with that in mind, I would like to welcome myself back (after a self-imposed hiatus stemming from political and storm recovery burn-out) with a few points to ponder whilst celebrating the birth of Will and Kate's little Royal Brat:

  1. If you make fun of the Royals to an English-person who happens to like the Royal Family and all of their assorted Royal Brats, they will get downright indignant and insulted. I recommend making fun of the Royal Family at all times in order to solicit this response as often as possible.
  2. If the news channel you are watching runs more than 30 seconds of news about the Royal Brat, you are subjecting yourself to utter non-sense that will rot your brain and cause you to be looked down upon by serious people as a mindless dribbler of drivel.
  3. Once upon a time, America turned its back on that most ornery of Royal Brats, King George. Alas, it seems we have gone all soft and in need of a Queen or something to help us feel good about ourselves. That's embarrassing.
  4. I don't really find Kate all that interesting, and Pippa kind of gives me the creeps.
  5. Will has big teeth, like a beaver.
  6. I've been to England. It's very nice, and with one exception every person I met while visiting was delightful. I have no interest in what foreigner gives birth to what foreign baby though.
  7. If God Himself actually picks certain people to be Royal Brats and Rulers of Men, that means God Himself also picks losers and people who are pre-ordained to sift through garbage piles for sustenance. This flies in the very Face of what God Himself has taught us to believe about ourselves.
  8. I hope Wills names his kid Norman. I love the layers to that one.
  9. As a libertarian I reject the premise that one man is smarter than me and is therefore entitled to rule over me. You should too.
  10. There are kids being born all over the world today who will contribute more to the world than Will and Kate's kid could ever imagine.
Thank you for waiting for me.

I am back.

Make no mistake, if Obama had a son he, would more
than likely look like this.
Picture stolen from: Rogue Government

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Day The Jersey Shore Changed Forever: Six Months Later and Hurricane Sandy Is Still Running Our Lives

Six months ago today, at this very moment, my wife and I were at the Manasquan Inlet in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, watching the rollers come through at a speed I had never seen before in 40 years of running to the Inlet the minute a storm warning was posted.

In the past five months and twenty-seven days I have learned more about people and how the world operates than probably in the lifetime preceding that time. The good, the bad, the horrendous, but mostly the good.

I've been working to raise money for Sandy recovery and delivering money and items directly to people affected by the storm since October 30, and there is no end in sight to this new way of life for many of us.

My politics, and my humanity, dictate that if there is someone in need, I don't wait for some agency to help, I get about the business of helping and finding solutions immediately. Thank God I am anything but alone in this world-view.

To commemorate the day the Jersey Shore changed forever, I am re-running the first post I published after the storm. Reading it back, the emotions I felt when I wrote this piece seem so small now compared to the journey we've all been on since then.

I wanted to leave the piece as originally published, so please click the link to read it as it originally appeared on Friday, November 2, about six hours after our power was restored.

Hurricane Sandy. The Point Is, My House Is Still Standing But My Home Has Been Destroyed.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't Be Mad At Me Because I'm Pointing Out That A Few People Are Bombing, Killing and Maiming Other People In Your Name

Much to the chagrin of everyone who voted for Barack Obama, the Boston terrorists were actually Obama supporters who just so happened to be Islamofascist terrorists. I’m not suggesting the two are intertwined, because I’m not a foolish bigot like those on the Left who automatically equate a love for freedom with a murderous heart.

The day after the bombing, the Twittersphere was alight with ignorant tweets from both sides–those who think it’s bad to cowardly kill people with bombs, and those who turn a blind eye to it lest they be stained with the blood of those with whom they share a religion. If that truth is too hard for you to digest, stop reading. Now.

Most Americans, that is to say the majority of people who have surrendered their welfare to the same government that proves time and time again it isn't capable of performing even the simplest government functions, are walking all over themselves trying not to insult Muslims. Most Muslims are silent on the issue, while a majority indignantly sniff at the rest of us that Islam is not to blame for Islamofascism. I agree, much like I agree that Catholicism was not to blame for pedophilia amongst the clergy.

Here’s the difference: Even though the leaders of the Catholic Church were glacially slow, and oft times dishonest in their response to the pedophilia problem in the Church, the laity–the every day Catholic–was deeply sorrowful, ashamed and bothered by the crisis. Any change that has come within the Church started with the individuals in the pews, not the leadership. This has not been the case with Islam. You can plant a bomb under my car if you like, but the truth is the truth. Where is the outcry from God-fearing, loving, Muslims when fools and cowards slander their faith in the name of it? If my faith was being slandered by murderers, I would cease to blindly defend my faith and I would begin to attack the slanderers.

As an allegory, let’s say my family, a bunch of Sharkeys, moves into your neighborhood. We don’t really like you or your neighborhood, but it’s a hell of lot better than our old neighborhood. Not satisfied with just going about our Sharkey business, some of us, just a few, not many, and certainly not representative of all of us, start bombing your kids and other innocent family members because they want to rid your neighborhood of, well, you. Because us good Sharkeys are actually afraid of the bad Sharkeys, we stay silent, except of course for when one of you cretins blame all the killing and bloodshed on “Sharkeys.” Hell, when you dare do that we not only speak up, we get quite indignant. This causes you to cower in fear, lest the good Sharkeys become like the bad ones and bomb the snot out of you too.

You think about calling the police, but this would screw up the allegory, so don't call the police.

Would you then drive by the good Sharkeys' house and say, “well those people aren’t bad, but jeez Louise, their cousins next door are a violent, evil, cowardly, bunch”? Or would you drive by our house and say, “I wish those good Sharkeys would make a stand against all the evil ones and get their house of Sharkey in order. At least that way we’d know where we all stand”?

We need to change our way of thinking. Instead of being afraid to slander an entire group because of the actions of a few maniacs in the name of that group, how about all of us join the members of the group under siege in repudiating the actions of the maniacs?

You don’t have to slander the good in your group in order to repudiate the bad, and it would go a long way toward resolution of the problem within the Islamic faith to hear the good, decent and loving people of Islam come out and strongly repudiate the monsters within their ranks. Ask the Catholics. First, you have to admit that human beings have hijacked the Word of God to serve their own needs. No need to be embarrassed. It’s what humans do. What we need are humans with enough spine to know the difference.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pop Quiz! How Far Can Government Go To Apprehend a Terror Suspect?

I am a libertarian. Sometimes my principles make others uncomfortable in the day-to-day real world, but in spite of that, principles are important so I stand by them even when it would be much easier not to.

Take this easy little quiz to see whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or libertarian and how well you know and agree with the Constitution of the United States.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bill Maher Uses His Tiny Little Mind To Further My Convictions About Liberty and Sanity. Thanks Bill Maher!

On April 5, 2013, Bill Maher, who used to claim he was a libertarian and is now a hard-core socialist, had this to say about libertarians like me:

Apparently, Bill Maher has absolutely no clue what he's talking about. Sadly, his dopey audience doesn't grasp what they are laughing at either.

Too bad Bill Maher's audience won't take the time to learn something, like, oh I don't know, what it actually means to be a free-market libertarian. But in case there are any of you out there who care about your own person and the person's around you, take a 6 minute break from Song Pop and watch this:

In case you don't have time, here's a pull quote for you:

Bill Maher is exhibiting lazy, self-centered behavior when he asks for government to solve problems. He is not interested in doing the work he believes should be done to help the less fortunate. He is only interested in forcing others, through government, in easing his conscience for him. Libertarians believe that if you see a person in trouble, you as an individual, should voluntarily help them,* or combine with other individuals to create the solutions needed. 

It is lazy and morally bankrupt behavior to use the force of government to appease your conscience. If you see a problem, you are morally bound to help create the solution.

* - Results-oriented libertarians like myself believe an individual is compelled by the nature of his existence to help another person in need, rather than hoping someone else steps in to help.. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Libertarian In Paris, Part III: Celebrating the Death of Margaret Thatcher

I was in England last week when the news of Margaret Thatcher's death broke. We were actually having tea at Fortnum & Mason's a few blocks from her hotel when she died. I haven't spent a lot of time examining the domestic policies of the United Kingdom and I make no pretense to understand them–a courtesy not applied to American politics by most people I encounter from the UK. I do however know that the end of the Cold War came about faster because of Thatcher, and I’d venture a guess that the brief glimpse of British economic ascendancy we witnessed in the 1990’s was as a result of at least some of Thatcher’s policies. Maybe not. Either way I don’t care. I’m not English. I have my own problems.

This Is the Part Where I Talk About the British Rail System 
As blissfully ignorant as I might be about British domestic politics, I am however a sort of expert on the difficulties of traveling on the British rail system. Here are some interesting facts about the London Underground:

  • People who commit suicide by throwing themselves under trains are called “one-unders”
  • Approximately one person a week commits suicide via an Underground train
  • The peak time for Underground suicides is 11:00AM
  • Approximately 200 people commit suicide by train every year throughout the UK

Two times in three days we were delayed by either “someone under the train” or a “fatality on tracks.” People groused and grumbled because of the inconvenience, then they all sort of did a collective tsk-tsk “such a shame” maneuver as they hustled to find other travel arrangements. I commuted on the NYC subway and rail system off and on for 25 years and was delayed zero times by a suicide.

One evening on the BBC evening news, the very stiff and insufferable lady talking head shook her head condescendingly and wondered “how many more Americans were going to die from guns” before America solved its gun problem. I stayed up late, but I didn’t hear this same well-coiffed yet arrogantly blind busy-body wonder when the UK was going to get its rail suicide problem under control. I always find it annoying when people point to the problems of others while ignoring their own problems. But that’s just me.

Anyway, Let’s Talk About Celebrating When Someone Dies

The “Keep Calm and Carry On” folks of the UK are ecstatic that an old woman has passed away. Let’s watch this video:

As Thatcher is buried today, people throughout the British Isles are taking the day off from work and celebrating. Here’s a picture:

Twice we sent our blood and treasure to protect this lot.

You’d think Hitler himself had loosed his Earthly chains.

I bet these people were not upset in the least when Hugo Chavez died. Even though Venezuela is rife with missing political opponents and a rapidly increasing poverty rate, Chavez is a Leftist, so he was cool.

Here’s the Part Where If You Get Pissed Off At What You Read You Can Celebrate When I Die, But Beyond That, Too Frigging Bad

A political movement that celebrates in the deaths of others–even political adversaries–is dangerous beyond the pale. A political mindset that feels it can only compete in the arena of ideas through the death of its opponents eventually finds nothing but opponents. We see this phenomenon in the United States on a regular basis. It's always the Left and the Democrats who are happy when someone they oppose dies. How many of you Leftists out there pray on a regular basis that Dick Cheney dies? You know who you are and you’re all pretty horribly simplistic people.

A political viewpoint that views life–even the life of those with whom one disagrees–as dispensable and unnecessary is downright scary. People who need the deaths of others to feel validated in their own thoughts will eventually broaden the base of people who must die in order to continue that validation. Think I'm prattling on about non-sense? Read a history book. Start with the French Revolution and go from there.

Liberalism and Socialism (one in the same) has moved so far beyond intellectual decency that it now celebrates regularly when someone who disagrees with them dies. I understand disagreement, but don’t bother trying to justify celebrating death to me: You are an abject failure as an intellectual human being and a danger to those of us who don’t see things your way. Either that or you are the useful idiot of those who are.

A person who celebrates the death of a leader who has been out of power for 25 years is in deep need of some introspection. The mob mentality that the death of others is a good thing brings to mind the old adage that to live by the sword is to die by the sword. Personally, I fear any human being who delights in the death of any other human being. But for a political movement to take to the streets in joy over the death of Margaret Thatcher leaves one wondering about the fabric of the society of the celebrants. 

Civilized indeed.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Libertarian In Paris, Part II: Can An Over-Zealous Yet Inept Department of Homeland Security Treat People Like Dogs AND Keep America Safe At the Same Time?

The news out of Boston yesterday reminds us once again that we live in a dangerous world. We can fret over it and cry out for someone to give us some semblance of sanity, but we can never be made 100% safe in this world as it exists–and we have no control over the set-up of its existence. The government attempts to give us the illusion of safety through the pretense of being proactive in the wake of disaster but is there a thinking human among us who actually thinks that any measure of gun control currently being debated would have saved those children in Sandy Hook last December? The answer is no, yet we continue to allow our collective emotions to control our responses as we clamor for some measure of relief from the horror.

President Obama refuses to call the bombing in Boston yesterday “terrorism.” Who cares what Barack Obama says about what happened yesterday? He claims he will seek out and arrest those who are responsible for the bombing and we applaud him for his leadership. Apparently, I’m supposed to be enamored of a government official who makes a meek statement about making responsible people responsible for their actions. I think not.

This brings me to my morning’s slight dilemma: Publish Part II of my criticism of the Department of Homeland Security as scheduled or postpone it? As I watch the Corporate Media flood America with shock, horror and outrage in between commercial breaks I get a further sense that America is running away from reality once again. We are sitting and watching endless video loops of the horrific scene as our national talking heads scour the streets of Boston looking for the next gut-wrenching eyewitness account. Meanwhile, we are spoon-fed soundbites of outrage meant to mollify our anger from our Federal officials who are afraid to admit that what they are actually doing to stop terrorism is impotent at best, dangerous and reckless at worst.

The Internet is ablaze with accusations from each stupid side of the political spectrum. The Left desperately hopes it was a middle-aged white guy mad about paying his taxes, meanwhile the Right hopes it was an Islamofascist terrorist. Right now all we know is that innocent civilians were once again targeted by a madman–once again, history repeats itself.

The government pretends it is working hard to keep us safe, while it refuses to admit that a measly human-controlled government is powerless to stop evil. Understanding that, I’m going to live my life in the way I intend to live my life. I'm shocked and grieved by the horrors out of Boston, but every day I am shocked and grieved by evil. What happened yesterday is just a millennial-long manifestation of that insidious threat to us all–freewill. I will choose to use my freewill to try to rise above the muck of humanity and not be controlled by it.

* * *

To recap: After arriving on our flight from London Sunday night, I was flagged by DHS agents at passport control and shepherded to an immigration holding cell, presumably because my re-entry back into my own country was deemed a threat to the officer who checked my paperwork. After forty-five minutes of watching DHS agents humiliate and ridicule three other non-native-Americans I was called to stand before a DHS agent who sat on the high side of a six-foot-high desk designed solely to intimidate the human beings called to stand in front of it.

I have chosen to call my attending agent Officer Punk, because quite frankly, young men who swagger their authority whether at a traffic stop or an immigration desk, simply because they have it without earning it through a life well lived, are punks.

* * *

Officer Punk: Who are you traveling with?
Me: My wife. I answered that already.
Officer Punk: Spell her name.
Me: [I spelled it]. Why?
Officer Punk: Who is [name of my first wife]?
Me: My first wife. We’ve been divorced since 1987. I answered that already. What’s that have to do with anything?
Officer Punk: Okay, you can go.
'Okay I can go?' Really?
Me: Eh, tell me why I’m here.

Officer Punk stamped my passport and gave me a look that told me I was now endangering my ability to leave if I didn’t just go quietly. Too frigging bad, Officer Punk. It was as if he had just come to the realization that this was all just an incredible waste of his time. I didn’t bother to mention the inconvenience on my end.

My first wife and I went through a nasty divorce that dragged on for the better part of twenty years. In fact, every time I’ve shared stories of nasty divorces with those likewise afflicted, I win. I have never met anyone able to even approach outdoing my stories of how nasty and depraved a divorce can be if you are unlucky enough to divorce the wrong person. That being said, as much as I would like to share those stories with you because it would make you all feel sorry for me compelling you to send me money and presents, I have to respect the privacy of a person who deserves neither (privacy or respect). Wow, that felt good!

In any event, from late-1986 until mid-1993 and then again from 2001 to 2004, my ex launched salvo after salvo of legal invective at each me. I did return fire even though I would have preferred to just go on about my business, plus I was completely out of money. At our attorneys’ suggestion, we filed a Mutual Order of Protection (MOP) against each other in August 1988. My attorney advised me to file it in order to protect my rights to see my kids, and her attorney advised it get filed in order to make my rights to see my kids harder to enforce. There were never any court or police issues from either side regarding the MOP, but in all fairness, that wasn’t because we didn’t try: Seriously, we hated each other. She still hates me. It’s nice to be important.

So there you have it. I was flagged for re-entry into my own country by an over-zealous DHS “official” who saw 25 year-old paperwork and decided to act to protect America’s interests. I have left the United States and re-entered a total of 27 times since 1988, with the bulk of those re-entries coming in the five years immediately following the issuance of the MOP. I haven’t even thought about it in 24 years, and certainly haven’t been detained because of it ever. For some reason, Sunday night it became an issue to the federal government.

It’s kind of important to note that this was not a warrant or a legal order to act in any prescribed way (such as distance or contact). It was part of a divorce proceeding.

But more than that, what this was, was a complete and utter refusal of my rights as a US citizen in the false name of safety. What possible reason could a DHS agent have to detain me because of a 25 year-old legal ploy to make a divorcing couple hate each other even more? Here are some other questions I had for the DHS:

  • Did the DHS officer (Officer The Situation) sense that my current wife was in some sort of danger?
  • Did Officer The Situation sense that upon my return from London I was going to cause a ruckus when there is not any record in the 35 years I have been an adult that I was prone to causing one?
  • Did the DHS have a quota of Americans it needed to harass so as to seem fair and balanced to the non-citizens it obviously takes great joy in harassing?
  • What the hell exactly was the point?

Me: Excuse my, what the hell exactly was the point of this?
Officer Punk: {With a great deal of annoyance plastered across his face} There is a Mutual Order of Protection between you and [name of she who shall not be named].
Me: From twenty-five years ago…
Officer Punk: It stays on the record forever.
Me: So what? It’s not a warrant. How can you take my passport?
Officer Punk: We’re just checking. You can go now.

I decided it was going to be a waste of time to press the matter, not from any sort of fear of authority, but I had already been forced to waste almost an hour of my life after a seven hour flight and I wanted to go home.

* * *

I decided to write about this because it bolsters what I endlessly say: The government is not interested in solving problems. The government is interested in perpetuating them so as to congeal its own power.

Where was the power to make us safe the government has conditioned us into thinking it has? It wasn't present because it doesn't exist. It’s a lie.

At Newark ‘Liberty’ Airport on a Sunday night in April, an old woman, a crippled old man, a middle-aged woman and me were detained and treated like criminals. There may have been good reasons to detain the other three non-citizens, but even the DHS itself was unable to come up with a valid reason for detaining me.

At the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon, at least three people were killed and dozens, if not hundreds, injured, some of them gruesomely and no one has a clue (yet) who the perpetrator is. Police were standing ten feet from the first bomb, yet it still went off.

Do we need border control? Yes. Are we serious about border control? Not from what I’ve observed. Is America any safer dragging up 25 year-old divorce proceedings of a person who has not had any interaction with the police (other than four or five speeding tickets) in his adult life?

You tell me America, you’re the ones who insist the Republicans and Democrats, and the government they force on us, are taking care of us.