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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Umm, Excuse Me, Did Someone Get The License Plate of That Bus That Ran Over Me As I Left My Polling Place?

My favorite fortune cookie message of all time:
Problems are only opportunities in work clothes

I'm not sure how this is possible, but I feel energized today. I feel more positive than I have in a long time about the future of the country, and I feel as if I am not alone.

First let's take care of some business:

The infamous Obama flag.
I hung the Obama flag on the cover of my Facebook page this morning, and within minutes an acquaintance "Liked" it. Obviously sarcasm is best left to the few who can understand it.

Okay, back to work.

I began walking for candidates in 1984. I was in my early twenties and I learned from one of the most prolific street level campaigners I ever encountered how to work the base and add people to it at the same time. My respect for my political mentor Tom Steinbacher is immense. I learned about politics from old school guys who understood how politics actually work and I have been a smarter political person for it.

I did not vote in 1988 because my ex-wife was being a pain in the ass and I wasn't in the mood, but otherwise here is my presidential voting record:

  • 1980: Winner
  • 1984: Winner
  • 1988: Annoyed by ex-wife, not in mood to vote
  • 1992: Loser
  • 1996: Loser
  • 2000: Winner, although I felt like a loser voting for the eventual winner
  • 2004: Ditto 2000
  • 2008: Loser
  • 2012: Got my ass kicked and found it hard to sleep 
Locally, I helped unseat a long-time hero from office which opened the door for a Democrat fellow to get elected mayor a few years later. He is now serving time in jail for taking bribe money. Hey, it's all in a day's work but I've also done some good things too. In short, I've won some and I've lost some. Last night's defeat was hard to swallow because of how worked up everyone is over the current state of things, but at the end of the day, America is bigger than any one politician.

In the next few days I'll cover in detail why the Mitt Romney lost, but in the meantime, here is a short list:
  • The GOP is not serious about winning
  • The GOP is not serious about evolving with the nation
  • The GOP arrogantly believes that since they have good ideas people should flock to their tent
I wish Barack Obama well. I disagree with him mightily and I will continue to be unpleasant about it, but the simple fact is, I was prepared to pepper Mitt Romney with intellectual insults starting today anyway, so pretty much nothing has changed for me.

In fact, the country as a whole voted for the status quo. That's a sure sign things are not well in the political system and that there is a lot of fear among the electorate. The Democrat Party put together an intense campaign of small ideas aimed to hit people where their fears lie the most exposed while it masterfully avoided pinning itself to anything substantial. Politically a brilliant tactic, ideological a tad vacuous.

I am enthused about the new political opportunities that await us regular Americans. Defeat defines a person's character as it does a nation's, so to those of you who are disgusted and are ready to quit, fare well, losers. I am about to embark on a tremendously difficult and exciting political journey in my effort to keep the movement moving. It's time to hit the streets, not for an election cycle but for a re-focusing of America's true vision.

I do not believe a second Barack Obama term will be the end of America as some of my colleagues on the right are insisting. I believe that four years from now we will find ourselves pretty much where we are today. If we are wise with this opportunity we can use that nation's malaise to get our message of personal responsibility  economic freedom and civic duty out to a vast nation of people who are not being serviced by our current political system.

In four or eight years, I will look back on this election as the second most seminal presidential election in my lifetime.

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