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Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanks For the Compliment, But I'm Pretty Sure Caring About Individual Liberty and Civic Responsibility Isn't the Sole Domain of Middle-Aged White Men

Here's the deal: Most political pundits don't know what they're talking about as far as politics is concerned. That's because they learned to become political pundits in college, and politics can only be learned in the street.

The punditry class is overloading us with reports that the GOP lost last week because there are less white people in America. Minorities are increasing they say, and that's why Barack Obama won. If I was a non-white person who voted for Barack Obama I would be seriously insulted. However, I am a white person who did not vote for Barack Obama, but that's because of what's in his head not the color of his (or my) skin. That's politics. According to the geniuses we watch on TV, white people make up the GOP and minorities make up the Democrat party (except for all the white people in it), and that's why Barack Obama won. Obviously, our punditry class is populated with simpletons.

The pundits ignore the fact that black and Hispanic voting numbers were relatively unchanged from 2008, meanwhile 7,000,000 fewer Republicans voted for Mitt Romney than John McCain. By the logic of the punditry class, that means we have simply lost 7,000,000 white people in the past four years. Unless something happened that Fox News* didn't report, I find it hard to believe that 7,000,000 white people just disappeared. I see white people all the time, including the ones with the bumper stickers that say "In Case of Rapture This Car Will Be Empty." It is possible that 3,500,000 white people were in Dollywood last week, but that still doesn't explain why they didn't vote. So now that we've determined that we are in fact, not missing 7,000,000 white people but that we are missing 7,000,000 Republicans, we need to figure out why.

That's actually not that hard to figure out. When one side fails to get out the vote, the reason isn't because there are fewer voters available to vote, the problem is there are fewer of them interested in voting. Also, I know for a fact that some white people voted for Barack Obama. Does this mean white Obama voters are self-loathing Caucasians, or does it mean they agreed with Obama?

Get over race people, you're starting to embarrass yourselves.

Now that we have the question of where all the white people went (probably Cracker Barrel for meatloaf instead of their local polling place), it's time to tie this up so you kids who define everything by race will calm down and stop getting ready to be really, really, mad at me.

I view the current political divide in this country as follows:

  • One side believes wealth and prosperity is generated by the government (you)
  • One side believes wealth and prosperity is generated by the individual (me)
If you are paying attention, you noticed the following tres chic political arguments did not appear in my estimation of the current political divide in this country:
  • Lady Parts
  • Race
  • Class Warfare
Do some people vote based on those three things? Yes, but they're morons who need to be marginalized.

I can comfortably assert that, in spite of my unique brilliance on all things political, I am not the only person in this country who thinks the same way I do.

The belief in the individual is not the sole domain of white people, in spite of what the political pundits say (by accident) when they say that the GOP lost because there are fewer white people. I bet you could easily find people of all genders, races, and economic stations who believe in the power of the individual. You might even find some Democrats who agree. 

The GOP did not lose because there are less white people in the country. The GOP lost because it does not know how to communicate the simple truth that this country works as a result of the power generated by individuals pursuing their own paths while remaining united by the common love of liberty and civic responsibility that only this country fosters. 

Stop whining and start figuring out why you lost. Start doing something to ensure your message gets across to everyone who would benefit from hearing it.  

* Note at the bottom: Even though I watch Fox News less frequently than I do NBC News, I have been told by the hysterical wing of the Democrat Party that because I am a white fiscal conservative that I only watch Fox News, so yeah, the morons have defined me.

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