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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

STOP THE WHINING! You're Starting to Sound Like A Democrat.

Note At the Top: This piece is written strictly for the following people: Americans, conservatives, social moderates who are fiscal conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans. If you don't self-identify with one of the aforementioned categories, please go away. Don't you have some gloating to do? I mean seriously, you helped elect the status quo when the status quo equals stagnant growth, looming hyper-inflation, destruction of the health-care system, and a bi-flationary depression. Seriously, we're trying to marginalize your stupidity here. Don't interfere.

Here's The Part Where I Remind You Of The Continual Failure of the GOP

One week ago today I was driving around, looking forward to a nice long evening of election returns that echoed my plan to take over the country with common sense, fiscal responsibility and social liberty.


In 1996, I sheephisly pulled my Bob Dole bumper-sticker off my car the morning after the election. (Readers should note that this was the last time I ever worked for a Republican candidate for any office) I could not imagine four more years of Bill Clinton and I was sad. I was also embarrassed that the best we could do for a presidential candidate was Bob Dole. Nice guy, war hero, but what else you got, Bob? Luckily we had a GOP House that kept Slick Willie honest.

In 2000, I listened to the radio and read my newspaper for 36 days waiting for Florida to get its act together and figure out which liberal Ivy Leaguer had won the presidency. The Ivy League won.

The GOP hasn't run a candidate for office who didn't suck in some way or another in three decades. I'd also like to remind you people that the GOP Establishment was scared to death of Ronald Reagan.

It's time we stop beatifying the GOP of old. It's time to take stock of what the GOP has forced on us since 1968.

  • Richard Nixon. This blogger's choice for worst president ever. Can you say "wage and price controls" and "EPA"?  
  • Ronald Reagan had to wrest his nomination away from Nelson Rockefeller and the Northeast RINO coalition. So he became the greatest president of the 20th Century in spite of the GOP.
  • In 1992, George H.W. Bush successfully ended the Reagan Revolution by being nice and grandfatherly to Democrats who would eat their own young in exchange for power.
  • In 1996, Bob Dole had been around so long we had to do something with him in order to stop him from interrupting our Regular Republican Club Meetings with war stories. RRC's are filled with guys who spend years helping put up campaign signs and then one day say, "Its my turn to run for office," regardless of whether they know anything or not.
  • In 2000, everyone was so tired of Bill Clinton's willy that a few more people voted for the Texas liberal from Yale than the Tennessee liberal from Harvard.
  • Four years later, the Democrats made the mistake of forcing John Kerry on us (see: Republicans, 1996).
  • In 2008, Bush sucked so bad as a good conservative leader that we were then forced to endure the election of a community organizer from Chicago with a forfeited law license and a nebulous educational background. Jesus Himself could've run against Obama and He would have Lost. John McCain didn't stand a chance, even though it was his turn.
  • I like Mitt Romney, I think he's a great guy. 
Now in 2012, a northeast liberal lost a squeaker to a Chicago socialist. The difference is the former has a proven track record of management experience, while the latter is just a mediocre rhetorician with limited real world experience. But you gotta admit, the kids love him!

In This Next Section I Ask You To Do Some Political Soul-Searching

Noticing anything yet?

Are we starting to see the pattern here? 

Americans want someone, anyone, to step up and look at the big picture and take the government bull by the horns. Even if that somebody is a political hack with a recent record of abysmal failure as a leader. 

Having been involved with politics for most of my adult life, I have come to understand that 33% of the American people are dumber than a fence-post in a Montana snowstorm. That leaves like 66% of us that have some varying degrees of mental acuity. You can't argue with the fact that the majority of that 66% voted for Barack Obama. Again.

I voted for Mitt Romney. I sure as hell wasn't going to vote for Barack Obama after seeing what a bad president he was during the past four years. My other two choices were Rosanne Barr and Gary Johnson. One's a moron and the other is a charlatan. Take your pick, they're interchangeable. I was going to vote for myself, but my wife asked me to wait for my kid to graduate college before I make any big career decisions. 

What the hell else was I supposed to do?

Now I'm Going to Make Fun of Whining Right Wingers

When everyone is calling you a loser, maybe you're not the winner you think you are. When you lose consistently, regardless of the amount you lose by, maybe you need to look in the mirror and say to yourself: "Self, I am a loser. I suck. I am not a good person and people don't love me." After that, you have two choices:
  • Piss and moan and call other people dumb for not agreeing with you
  • Figure out why other people don't agree with you and actually put some work into helping them understand your point
In the past week I have witnessed, with my own adult eyes and ears, the following reactions and reasons from otherwise able-minded people who for the most part agree with me politically:
  • It's time to sign a petition and secede from the Union
  • Obama stole the election
  • Massive voter fraud can be the only explanation
  • The American people are killing the country on purpose because they want the government to give them things
  • Blacks and Hispanics are taking over the country from white people in a political race war

STOP IT YOU IDIOTS! You lost an election. It happens, especially when your messaging sucks and the other side out-works you getting the vote out.

Is Barack Obama purposefully setting out to destroy the country? No. Is he a weak president and a poor leader? Yes. Are a large number of his followers devoid of common sense to the point of believing that Barack Obama himself can give them birth control and jobs? Yes. Is the country finished because Obama won? No. Are a large number of people who voted for him good and decent Americans who are looking at the same choices you are? Yes.

Our job is to share our message that personal liberty and civic responsibility always leads to societal prosperity with the people who haven't succumbed to liberal mind-rot. 

When's the last time you attended a Council or Board of Education meeting in your town?
When's he last time you attended a meeting of your local political club or service group?

It's time to stop whining like liberals and start working like Americans.

Go. Get off the computer.


Do something.

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