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Friday, November 9, 2012

The US Political System Has Determined It's Safe To Lie To Us. It's Time To Gut The System From the Outside In

As I type this I am propping my head up with a stick from the fatigue of the past two weeks. I'll get back to some Hurricane Sandy / Nor'easter stuff next week to finish up the arc I have written, but I wanted to get this column out now as the swell of dissatisfaction still washes over the country. I'm not just talking about Barack Obama's re-election--he's a puppet of the system--and not a bona fide leader. My aim is on the system itself.

Let's take a look at some interesting anecdotal bullet points:

  • 51% of Catholics voted for Barack Obama. I am not a Catholic but I worked very hard to defend the infringement of their rights under the Constitution against Obamacare and federally funded abortion. Apparently 51% of the voters in the Catholic church aren't as interested in their church's tenets as I am, unless these are all the Catholics who book out of Mass for the beach right after they receive Communion.
  • 12,000,000 fewer voters voted this year than in 2008 (for MSBNC viewers: 12,000,000 equals 12 million). That means 12,000,000 people actually think things are better today than they were in 2008. I shudder to think that there are at least 12,000,000 morons in this country.
  • A guy who helped carry my father's casket out of the church last April called me out publicly with some political name-calling just three days later. Tuesday night he shot me some of the typical condescending bullshit you receive when Democrats win elections, so since he was hanging by a thread to begin with, he had to be sent away to the unfriended gulag. Sadly, family reunions will be tense from here on out. Oh well. I'm not going to tolerate being abused by people with different beliefs than me in the name of social decency. It's time to fire back.
  • Republicans are taking Chris Christie to task for working with Obama on Hurricane Sandy relief. This goes to show you how completely politically inept those Republicans are. What was he was supposed to do, tell Obama to go pound salt because he's a Democrat? Don't be so stupid people. Learn a little about how politics works before you comment.
  • Government agencies, in particular the Federal government, have been impotent in getting aid to citizens affected by the two storms that hit the NY/NJ area in the past ten days. Cops and firefighters have kicked ass (yeah you EMS-types too, oh yeah and linemen (who are not public employees but whatever) and DPW workers). But people, FEMA closed its offices on Wednesday BECAUSE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER. I'm talking management and bureaucracy here. If you need more convincing of the folly of depending on government for things, you are a moron and you need to go read Rachel Maddow's blog. Now. There is nothing here for you.
  • In NJ and NY, neighbors are helping neighbors. Americans are helping Americans. This is what Americans do when Americans are left to themselves. It is time for that to happen in our political system as well.

Now let's look at some of the people who are angry about Tuesday's election results:
  • Republicans. Stop whining. You lost because you didn't get out the vote. Mitt Romney was a far better candidate than John McCain but he got less votes than McCain did! You also didn't reach out to demographic groups who would most benefit from the core beliefs of the party (that is, unless of course you people have any core beliefs left. Hmmmm?). This is because Republicans arrogantly think people should come to them because of their superior ideas. Idiots.
  • Libertarians. If you voted for Gary Johnson because the Libertarian Party sold you a bill of goods about getting 5% of the vote, etcetera, etcetera, you have been sadly misled. You're just as gullible as the silly Democrats who actually believe raising taxes on the wealthy will solve our problems. WAKE UP DINGBATS. The 5% of the vote you gave to Johnson is very likely the 5% that could have put Romney closer to victory. Do you actually think Barack Obama in a second term is going to be more sympathetic to your political desires than Mitt Romney in his first term would be? I tried to warn you but you wouldn't listen.
  • Democrats. You won the battle, but you're losing the war. For people who are Democrats for the same reason they are Catholics or Protestants (because that's how you were raised) you need to do the same soul-searching that is currently being demanded of the GOP, lest your party becomes unrecognizable to you in four years.
  • White People. Well I added this just to get your attention, because skin color has nothing to do with wanting a good life for yourself and your family. The punditry is telling us that Barack Obama won because there are less white people in America now. Hahaha. Idiots. Barack Obama won because he beat Mitt Romney in the arena of ideas and communication to an electorate that has been feed bullshit for so long they think it actually tastes good. It may come as a surprise to you in the punditry class, but even members of minority groups want to be free from government interference, and want to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit. Stop fooling yourself into thinking that people have different needs and wants in their hearts based on the colors of their skin. It is time this lie being perpetrated by the Elite Left--not out of a scheme, but out of ignorance--was stopped.

I for one am going to dedicate the next two years of my life to getting out the vote. Not for some horse's ass politician, but for the people I can reach with the sheer power of personal freedom and individual liberty. I trust they'll make the right decision, in spite of what just happened. It is time to take over the system from the outside, and I need your help.You might say I am a proselytizing zealot for freedom, which reminds me...
  • Religious People. You do realize that Mitt Romney was disqualified by a lot of "Christians" because he is a Mormon, right? Just like most Christian candidates are disqualified by Jewish voters simply because Jewish voters don't trust them. In a secular country that grants religious freedom while protecting the government from the folly of religious governance, this would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. That people would compromise their own freedoms to vote for a man of nebulous religious beliefs because the other guy believes the tenets of the Mormon Church is the height of ignorance. I'd also wager that most people who fall into this category wouldn't be able to have a reasonably intelligent discussion about their own religion's beliefs, let alone Mormonism's.

Regular American people need to understand that we are at a crossroads, not in the next four years, but for the lives of the children who will follow you.
  • It's time for Conservative to stop whining about losing an election, show some character and backbone, and get on with the hard work of educating people about your core beliefs instead of letting people who don't understand you define you.
  • It is time for the politically dis-affected to become fervent protectors of liberty. 
  • It is time to purge both parties of the stink that has infected them. 
  • It is time to forego the foolishness of the corporate media. 
  • It is time for Libertarians to put their money where their mouths are instead of playing the same foolish game they've been playing with the American people for twenty years (I say that with no respect for the people who carry the Libertarian mantle without understanding what it is they are doing politically). 
  • It is time for Socialists to get the ideological asskicking they deserve, because Socialism doesn't work (I type this with the utmost respect for my Socialist friends who are reading this, but seriously, it's time to synch your political beliefs with your personal ones).

In the next few days and weeks this blog is going to morph from one man's lonely life spent yelling at the waves because they are attacking the sand into something that will allow anyone who can identify with any of the above points to have some skin in the game.

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