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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, My House Is Still Standing But My Home Is Destroyed, Part 3: The First 48 Hours After the Storm

The storm exited the area Tuesday morning, and by Wednesday morning it had become apparent that we were in the middle of something historic. We had every form of communication you can think of, except for a battery powered radio, so other than occasional trips to the car to listen to news reports, we were completely isolated. Even though we had taken a trip near the coast we were still not aware of just how widespread the devastation was.

Making our way west to Trenton, NJ, (forty miles from the ocean) we finally found one store with power and were able to buy a radio. We purchased a tankful of gas at a little station in Bordentown that was open and never thought twice that for the next five days we would be worried about not being able to purchase gas.

Tuesday morning, 70 miles in straight line from landfall.
We spent Tuesday night keeping the fire burning and limiting our water usage (we are on a well, so no electricity, no water). Wednesday morning was an exceptionally difficult day personally, (more on that in subsequent columns), and by Wednesday night we were beginning to accept the fact that power was not coming back any time soon.

A local market in Brick, NJ, stays open with no power. Within 24 hours most
everyday essentials would become virtually impossible to acquire.
By some stroke of good fortune, our power came back on at 3:16AM Thursday morning. A full two and half days after landfall we were finally able to see what had gone out right outside of our own windows. The real work began Thursday.

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