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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Twelve Things I Learned In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Even though people are still suffering mightily, the story of Hurricane Sandy has been removed from the national daily conscience by the manufactured crisis of the "fiscal cliff." Now that I have that bit of editorializing out of the way, here's a few things I learned over the past month:
Union Beach, NJ, 11-27-12

  1. Government can function as government should function. Police and firefighters (paid firefighters in some areas, substantially volunteer in most affected areas in New Jersey) are truly the hardworking, dedicated heroes we would all like them to be. The compassion and concern in the face of their own lives having been turned upside-down was in every instance of my experience beyond what could be expected. (Well, maybe the one cop at one gas station the morning after the big snowstorm who didn't get my joke about the guy that just yelled at him could've used an adjustment to his sense of humor, but what the heck, he was tired) I was privy to the private pictures of one State Trooper who was on the barrier islands of New Jersey before the tide had receded. My psyche was bent like a pretzel looking at the pictures on his iPhone. He worked 9 straight 15 hour days, took a day off and went back to duty. National Guard troops are living in huts made from debris on the beach in Bay Head. 
  2. Not in my backyard, dammit, unless of course they're pumping gas when I need it. Speaking of gas stations, the forward-thinking residents of my wonderful town strenuously opposed Quik-Chek's plans to build a gas station/convenience store in a semi-rural area down the road from me. Lucky for them, they lost their fight to squash any and all development in town (except of course for their McMansions they grandfathered in to their abject hatred of progress). I didn't hear a single complaint from anyone about the new Quik-Chek when it turned out to be the only working gas station within a 10 mile radius for five days. You go Jackson, NJ! Just keep on complaining about those high property taxes and keep those business ratables somewhere else!
  3. I did see one FEMA office trailer on Wednesday, November 7, but it was closed because of the bad weather. In my 30 days of relief/recovery work I encounter exactly zero Red Cross or FEMA personnel. I'm not saying they weren't there, I'm saying I didn't see them, which kind of surprises me because I was pretty much all over the state. And yes, FEMA closed its offices a week after the hurricane because of the nor'easter we got hit with. Luckily, the regular people doing the real work kept right on working during the storm.
  4. "Go outside and wait in your car while I do your paperwork, I can't do this if you're going to keep talking to me." That statement was relayed to me by a person who was treated with utter disdain while she tried to explain the damage and her needs after her house was filled with three feet of water. Sometimes, people just want to talk about what they have gone through, and well, we all know bureaucrats aren't good at going off script. FEMA has gotten a pretty bad reputation around these parts because of their complete and total arrogance when dealing with people whose homes have been destroyed. Apparently most Federal FEMA employees don't like American citizens much. FEMA is so caught up in the red tape President Obama promised Governor Christie he would cut that to say they've been nearly impotent during the storm recovery phase would be an understatement. Just because the media isn't whining about FEMA's poor performance doesn't mean it wasn't poor. 
  5. "We're FEMA and you have to do what we tell you to do." A manager of a big box retailer who gave me a hefty discount on $200 worth of school supplies my wife and I purchased (with donated money) for displaced school kids on the barrier islands relayed his experience with FEMA: "They came in with their crisp clean uniforms and demanded I give them employees to gather items and load them into their cars." According to the store manager (who incidentally manages a store rich liberal people hate and make fun of and poor people rely on to fulfill their needs) after he was told he had to obey the FEMA workers and do what they wanted, he decided no more discounts to the government. He gave us an awesome discount. Go Store That Liberals Hate And Make Fun Of!
  6. Excuse me, I'll just live in this tent while you two figure out what the hell happened to me. Several people have told me that they are not receiving insurance money to start the rebuilding of their homes because the private insurance companies are fighting with the Federal flood insurance people over whether their homes were destroyed by "storm damage" or "flood damage." 
  7. Scroungy looking hippies serve one hell of a good tortellini from the back of a U-Haul truck. In Union Beach, many people lost their cars to the storm surge, making them rely largely on food and supplies brought in to them. The Red Cross was not working in the area, yet a rented U-Haul decorated with neon vinyl tape and operated by three or four young guys most of us regular people would cross the street to avoid, were making thrice daily trips throughout the borough to deliver hot meals. The food was for the most part donated by restaurants and relief kitchens in the area, but we shouldn't ignore the fact that it was people helping people while the government did the talking and not much else, (yes, I consider the Red Cross a quasi-governmental agency because of their complete dominance of relief efforts in this country). 
  8. "You stay on that side of the wall. People who belong here are only allowed on this side of the wall." That's what the lovely lady who had decided to be in charge said to my daughter and I as we returned empty cardboard boxes to the staging area at a local ad-hoc food relief center. We had just returned from delivering 30 meals to people in a nearly completely destroyed section of town. I worked with this relief center three times and all three times I was lucky enough to be told what to do in the most arrogant of ways by the same middle-aged woman whose severe power trip had completely taken over any good work she was trying to accomplish. As this relief coalition housed in a local sports league building grew, so did the unwieldy nature of the organization, thus the tyrannical actions of this one frustrated middle-manager. The only point to this (at the end of the day the group did in fact do good work), is to further bolster my firm belief that its not large organizations that do the best work, its individuals. As individual efforts get subsumed into group efforts the purity and efficiency of the effort gets diluted, sometimes to the point of wanting to tell otherwise kindly-hearted volunteers to go #$%^& themselves. Too strong? I think not.
  9. There are an amazing amount of really good people in the world. Through Facebook and Twitter, my family was able to secure almost $5,000 in donations from across the country, ranging from clothing to food to toiletries to home improvement gift cards. I had no plan when I started the efforts, but with tons of help from around the country we were able to get a lot of supplies to a lot of people. To date, we have received donations from New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, California, Illinois, Washington, Virginia and Maryland.
  10. That's not to say there aren't a lot of people who want to help but can't without help from someone. These are the kind of people that give people like the lady in #8 a reason to live. I've gotten dozens of requests from people to give them ways to get involved or go volunteer. These requests kind of make me vacillate between being really mad and kind of sad. People have become so used to waiting to be told what to do before they just go do that they've become paralyzed by the illusion of personal helplessness. I like to act first and apologize to over-zealous middle-aged women who think they're in charge second.
  11. If you need to buy a tee-shirt or have Bruce Springsteen sing you a song before you donate money to people whose homes have been destroyed and who have lost everything they owned, you might want to re-think your priorities. Telethons are just ways to make people feel good who otherwise have no interest in the disaster at hand. I'm not talking about the people who donate, I'm talking about the cultural elite who call in a minimum effort on a television show and call it a day. I'm cynical, with reason. Show me where the money went and who it helped and I'll retract my antipathy toward you. And you people sitting across the country: You weren't going to donate to help until you heard Jersey Girl? That's nice. Through the Katrina telethon we learned George Bush didn't like black people, through the Sandy hurricane did we get an opinion on Obama's feelings toward white people?
  12. Some people delude themselves into thinking the government will take care of everything.  I was amazed to hear from more than one person that charity work is a waste of time because the government will help these people. This is not the kind of country I'm interested in living in, and since everywhere else is worse, you Big Government types are going to have to deal with me until you figure reality out. On the Saturday after the hurricane, I shuttled clothing from a storm relief center in Brick to a state run psychiatric hospital in Monmouth County. Let me repeat that for you in case you weren't paying attention: After the hurricane, a state run facility 15 miles from the coast needed clothing and other supplies for its patients. I should also note that the woman I dealt with there specifically asked if we had men's sneakers in size 10 for one teenage patient. So yeah, tell me again how great the government takes care of people it's put in charge of.
Union Beach, NJ, 11-27-12

Hurricane Sandy has reminded all of us that society does not flow from the government to the people, it flows from person-to-person. Government is just the thing we invented to keep the people who try to disrupt that flow in line.

Union Beach, NJ, 11-27-12

Go help someone in your area who may need it. Live your politics.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

American Freedom Underground

Coming January 5, 2013: The American Freedom Underground

A place for the voices of those still interested in personal freedom and liberty.

Stay tuned.

Monday, November 26, 2012

An Appeal For Help On the Jersey Shore

This is a copy of the email / social media posting I am trying to get out to as many people as possible. All along the Jersey Shore, there are a great many people in serious need of everything from bleach and garbage bags to food. I've seen a lot of good come from relief organizations, but everywhere I go I encounter people who have not been helped.

Greetings All,

I’ve been doing one-on-one disaster relief coordination since the Wednesday after the storm. Last Saturday we took $500 in gift cards from Home Depot and Lowe’s and delivered them directly to homeowners and residents in Union Beach. Union Beach was hit incredibly hard by the storm surge, and some homes 6 blocks away from the Raritan Bay had upwards of 5 feet of water in them. Some homes nearer the bay were actually lifted off their foundations and carried sometimes as far as ½ a block away.

I was invited into several homes while we were handing out the cards and what you see on the outside is nothing compared to what these people are dealing with on the insides of their homes. In most cases (that we dealt with directly) homeowners haven’t received any relief funds at all as insurance companies and the holders of Federal flood insurance are arguing over whether the damage was “storm” related or “flood” related.

The bulk of the people I spoke to Saturday have lost all of their possessions because they weren’t able to react quickly enough to the storm surge that came in higher and farther than anyone anticipated. We spoke with one man who was sitting in his recliner in the dark on the evening of the storm in his house three blocks from the bay. Ten minutes after walking across a dry floor and sitting down, he got back up again and stood in ankle deep water. Fifteen minutes later the water was 7 feet high in his house. Another homeowner, 1500’ from the bay, had water up to the fifth step of the stairs to his second floor, and he, his wife, daughter and grandson were stuck on the second floor until Tuesday night. The water rose in his house in less than 10 minutes.

We’re targeting gift cards to home improvement stores so people can buy what they need, typically cleaning items, tools, and material for restoration.

I’m going back out on Saturday to deliver Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s cards to the people in Union Beach, Port Monmouth and Keyport. If anyone would like to pitch in there are people who can really use the help. A couple of dollars can be pooled to buy cards, or even one $25 card would be huge. I’m hoping to go with around $1500 in donations, so if you can help or you know others who want to pitch in, please let me know.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bullet Point History! The Pilgrims, Lincoln, and Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I expect all of you atheists, agnostics, America-haters, smart-ass liberals who think things suck in this country, and otherwise ungrateful people to be at work on time and with your smiley faces on. We'll be there to buy our television sets a little after 8:00 PM.

For the rest of you, particularly graduates of the public school system, here's a little easy-to-digest American history for you to chomp on in between bites of that dried out turkey you'll insist is "the best turkey [you] ever had."

Bullet Point History! Lincoln Proclaims Thanksgiving:
  • On November 28, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln ordered all government offices closed in order to celebrate a day of Thanksgiving in Washington, DC.
  • For several decades prior, each of the individual states scheduled and set aside their own days of Thanksgiving
  • In 1863, a magazine editor urged President Lincoln to proclaim a national day of Thanksgiving for all of the states of the Union to observe collectively
  • On October 3, 1863, during the height of the Civil War, Secretary of State William Seward issued the President's proclamation setting aside the "last Thursday of November next" as a national day of Thanksgiving.

Bullet Point History! The Pilgrims: 
  • The Pilgrims were originally chartered by a merchant company in London to land in Virginia, but since bad weather forced them off course and onto the shores of what is now Massachusetts, the settlers decided they "would use their own liberty" and make a social contract because "none had power to command them." Not everyone signed the Compact but they lived by its outline.
  • The "Pilgrims" were divided between the "Saints" or separatists, (often called the "Old Comers" who left England for religious reasons), and merchant capitalists who were looking to make money in the New World, as well as employees of the Company of Merchant Adventurers of London and indentured servants.
  • Only 35 of the 137 souls that sailed on the Mayflower were actually sailing for religious purposes. 
  • The "Saints" (commonly referred to as 'Pilgrims' in the United States, first left England for Holland after refusing to join the Church of England. After a time spent in Holland they realized their own customs were being subsumed by local Dutch customs and so decided to leave for the New World.  
  • Two ships were set to sail from Plymouth, England in early September, 1620. One of them, the Speedwell, turned out not to be seaworthy and turned back. 
  • There were 102 'Pilgrims' and a crew of 30. The Mayflower was a cargo ship and was not designed for human passage. Because of the weather, the Pilgrims spent most of the 66 day journey below decks in the hold.
  • Food consisted of hard tack (dry biscuits) and was shared with the insects and rats on board.
  • The Mayflower was between 90 and 105 feet in length and approximately 25 feet wide (original dimensions have been lost to time). It had three masts, and spent most of its time sailing as a merchant ship between England and France.
  • The Pilgrims didn't like the earthiness of the crew and the crew didn't like the fact that the Pilgrims spent the bulk of the 66 days they were at sea puking and dying.
  • The Pilgrims landed on Cape Cod on November 9, 1620. After a survey of the land, a crew of the healthiest men was sent to search for a better spot to settle. On December 21, 1620, the Pilgrims landed at what is now Plymouth, MA. For the first few months the settlers lived on the ship and went to shore to build a common supply house and clear land.
  • Since the many of the Pilgrims were religious exiles, common belief is that the "First Thanksgiving" was modeled after the Jewish observance of Sukkot. Thanksgiving meals were common then when harvests or other good fortune dictated and were not simply a single day set aside for observances of gratitude, whether a person was a religious observant or not.
  • As Separatist Christians, the Pilgrims did not celebrate Christmas, Easter or other holidays, deeming them remnants of our pagan past. They also did not believe in prayers for the dead, thinking of them as superstitious rites that played on the fears and terror of the living.
  • More than half of the original settlers died in the first year.
  • In 1621, 35 more settlers arrived aboard the Fortune.
  • Two more ships, the Anne and the Little James, brought settlers to Plymouth in 1623
  • In 1630, a group of 1,000 Puritan refugees settled in Massachusetts.
  • In the spring of 1621 the Pilgrims came in contact with members of the Wampanoag tribe who lived in the area.
  • A member of the tribe Tisquantum, (known by the name his English captors gave him, Squanto) spoke fluent English after having been captured by explorer John Smith's crew five years before. Tisquantum had actually been to England and returned prior to the Pilgrim's arrival. Upon his return he learned that most of his tribe had been wiped out by the Plague, which had arrived with Smith's exploration crew.
  • During the early years of the settlement, the settlers of Plymouth insisted on sharing resources equally as a means to ensure survival. Many anti-Socialists point to the Pilgrim's failures as proof socialism doesn't work. It doesn't, but the failures of the Plymouth settlement were caused by other factors.
  • The bulk of the settlers at Plymouth were hard and fast capitalists, and within a few years each family was given a plot of land to tend for their own use.
  • The initial settlers were not prepared to live the life of settlers and farmers. Later financial failures were the result of poor business decisions, a desire to live communally, and tough competition from other settlements in the area.
  • Historians are divided over whether the "First Thanksgiving" occurred in Jamestown, Virginia, or in Plymouth. What is known is that in October, 1621, the settlers at Plymouth held a feast in celebration of their crop yield and their first year of survival. They were joined by members of the Wampanoag tribe who had taught them basic farming skills like using fish heads as fertilizer.
  • There is no record of the settlers or subsequent Puritan settlers holding annual Thanksgiving feasts.
Happy Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tropical/Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy Proves That Maybe We're Not Electing Smart People To Office, Or, The Political Winners and Losers From SUPERSTORM SANDY and NOR'EASTER ATHENA!!!!!!!

In today's episode we'll examine the political winners and losers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the nor-easter that followed.

New York Governor Mario Andrew Cuomo

At an October 30, press conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was incensed about Hurricane Sandy.* He wasn't incensed because of his ineptitude in the face of disaster, he was incensed about Global Warming. People's homes were still floating away in Staten Island, but Mario's less-talented son decided to take the time for some political grandstanding about something which he cannot know is a fact. Right after he blamed all of the rich white people for causing Global Warming he took off after LIPA for doing a crappy job restoring power--several weeks before people realized what a crappy job LIPA did restoring power.

Some of you dingbat party hacks will just say that this is Cuomo being prescient. It's not. This was Cuomo being political because he is a politician, not a leader. I notice Cuomo got real silent when Newsday broke the story that the Long Island IBEW wanted out-of-state power crews to fork over ridiculous amounts of money to various IBEW worker funds.

Andrew Cuomo gets one Sad Rain Cloud Who Is Worried About the Wrong Thing Award for his ridiculous grandstanding about Global Warming while people were still trying to assess whether they were actually even alive or not.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (Alcalde de Nueva York Miguel Bloombito)**

Seriously, Bloomberg is a jackass. That's not just my opinion it's a fact. To wit: On November 2nd, Mike endorsed Barack Obama for President. That's no surprise, Mike is a Democrat who ran on the Republican ticket in 2001 because the Dems wouldn't have him. But what proves Mike's complete and total jackassery is why he endorsed Obama:
"We need leadership from the White House — and over the past four years, President Barack Obama has taken major steps to reduce our carbon consumption, including setting higher fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks."
"His administration also has adopted tighter controls on mercury emissions, which will help to close the dirtiest coal power plants (an effort I have supported through my philanthropy), which are estimated to kill 13,000 Americans a year." - (From Mike's column in the Bloomberg News, November 2)
Let me translate: Mike actually believed Barack Obama in 2008 when Barack said his election was the beginning of the lowering of sea levels. Seventy-two hours after Sandy, Mike endorses Barack Obama because Barack is against Global Warming. You idiots in New York gave this chump three terms, when all the law allowed for was two.

Mike doesn't seemed too bothered by carbon emissions when he jets to his house in Bermuda most weekends, or when he drives around New York with a house air conditioner built into his SUV in an effort to skirt New York's idle rules which are meant to curb street-level emissions. Can you say hypocrite?

But wait! Let's not forget Mike's insistence that the New York City Marathon be run four days after the storm passed. Mike saw no problem with those smoke belching super-generators (enough power for 400 hundred small homes each) chugging away to give power to the people who came to New York to jog. Mike also had no problem assigning 7,000 police officers to work the Marathon while New York's emergency services teams were stretched to the unit. Yeah, yeah, I know, Mike eventually canceled the Marathon. Even a blind man knows when its raining.

Mayor Mike gets the "Naked Idiot In A Festering Putrid Swamp Trying to Pull A Jackass Who Is Ultmately Smarter Than He Is In For A Swim Award" for his utterly pathetic performance in the aftermath of SUPERSTORM SANDY AND NOR'EASTER ATHENA!!

Council Speaker Christine Quinn (left in picture, holding weeds and whipping the jackass in an attempt to make Mike (right) look less foolish) gets a special mention for her Twitter tirade urging America to build a seawall like they have in Denmark to protect Fire Island and other vulnerable areas of the shore. Apparently Christine thinks money is no object and that nature can be tamed.

By the way, in case the subtlety was lost, the jackass in the picture represents the people who voted for Mike Bloomberg three times.

President Barack Obama

He said all the right things but didn't necessarily follow-up with his promise to cut the red tape. That's what presidents do--they talk and hope people forget what they said.

President Obama gets one Chuck Todd (D-NBC) Genius Political Savant Award for playing to the cameras and then getting the hell out of the way.

Vice-President Joe Biden

Joe was in Seaside Heights, NJ, on Sunday, November 18. He had this to say:
"So as the president said, when he was up here with the governor, we’re not going anywhere. We’re not not going anywhere. And you’ve got a homeboy in the deal who gets it." 
The "homeboy" Biden was referring to is the "articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy" who currently occupies the White House.

Joe makes Miguel Bloombito look like Spike Lee.

Joe gets one Flava Flav Yeah Boyeeeeee Embarassing Racial Pandering the Left Confuses With Being Hip Award.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

The only people in New Jersey who think Christie did a bad job after the storms are the teachers union toadies and lackies, but nothing pleases those people. Christie jumped out in front of the gasoline problem and helped New Jersey citizens deal with a serious supply issue--a full ten days before his foolish counter-parts in New York jumped out of bed and said "HEY, I'VE GOT A GREAT IDEA! LET'S RATION GAS TO EASE THE LINES!" He also worked with Obama to airlift power equipment from the west coast in order to expedite power restoration. He did a bunch of other things, like not lying, not pandering and not blaming other things and people for the mess we found ourselves in. He also spoke like an adult instead of some spineless, flaccid politician (see New York). But the GOP thinks this is a bad thing.

This following letter from me is for Republicans only, but you Democrats can listen in if you want.
Dear Idiots,
Chris Christie working with and being friendly to Barack Obama DID NOT cost Mitt Romney the election. You lazy fools did. Chris Christie did what leaders do, he went to work and got help for the people he was given responsibility for.
Idiot conservative sycophants like Eric Bolling on Fox News don't know what the hell they're talking about when they insist Christie is a RINO because he worked with Obama. What was he supposed to do, tell Obama we didn't want the President around because he's a Democrat? That's not good politics people, and its even worse leadership.
Christie is a RINO because that's the only kind of conservative New Jerseyans can currently tolerate in our fetid cesspool of Democrat party policies, not because he worked with the president during a disaster.
Grow up.
Your frenemy,
By the way Rightwing dingbats peddling the story that Christie blew the election for Romney: If you honestly think that enough people were swayed to change their vote from Romney to Obama because of what Christie did five days before the election, you are so silly you make Karl Rove and Dick Morris look like they know what they're talking about.

People are also taking Christie to task for his appearance on Saturday Night Live so soon after SUPERSTORM SANDY!!!! Let me ask you this: What exactly did Christie's appearance on SNL do to slow recovery efforts? Did his appearance take resources away from anyone? You might stretch it and say that maybe Christie's appearance was a little insensitive and self-serving, and I might actually somewhat agree with you, but I'm taking Christie to task because he is a horrible actor, not because he told some lame jokes on television.

Does Christie's "Jersey Guy" act get tedious sometimes? Absolutely. But I'll tell you what, we got our asses handed to us here in the past three weeks and in spite of what the rest of the world may think, we know when its time to be serious and when its okay to have a little fun. Give the Gov a break, he's been doing what we elected him to do.

Governor Christie gets two Joe Pesci's, a Silvio Dante AND a Danny DeVito for doing what governors are supposed to do: govern without pandering.

* Note at the Bottom: It's 'Hurricane Sandy.' It wasn't a SUPERSTORM!!!!! when it was out in the ocean. It was a category 2 hurricane. The National Weather Service decided to call it a 'superstorm' after the fact. Probably because the NWS is a Federal agency and Federal agencies like to make things seem like we're all going to die. It was a friggin' hurricane that got sucked into a nor'easter. Stop it. While I'm at it, The Weather Channel anchors are the only people naming nor-easters. This is because they need to have something to file with the cool graphics they come up with for each weather event. Stop it.

** Second Note at the Bottom: Mayor Mike is affectionately known as Miguel Bloombito because of his utterly asinine and condescending readings in Spanish of what he just said in English. Watching him do this makes me embarrassed to be a human being. Yes, he gives me douche chills.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm Too Busy Being Pissed Because I Have To Work To Be Thankful For Anything, Or, Attention K-Mart Shoppers! Happy Thanksgiving! Now Buy Something!

There's more to Thanksgiving than giant helium-filled fast food clowns
with 20 foot wedgies. Or is there?
(Photo: asterix611
I love Thanksgiving. I also love the day before Thanksgiving because its the eve of the entire holiday season. I like Thanksgiving morning because of the horrendous, sappy Macy's parade and the anticipation of everyone being of relatively good cheer at dinner time. I love Thanksgiving dinner and watching the Detroit Lions lose. I also love around six o'clock on Thanksgiving evening when everyone goes home (we hardly ever get invited to other people's houses for Thanksgiving, this year being a rare exception). At 6:30, I pretend I'm really tired even though my Thanksgiving chores pretty much only consist of doing the dishes and being nice to people. Come to think of it, Thanksgiving is exhausting. My wife also does a lot of work for Thanksgiving and watching her do all of that work wears me out too. Thank God America had the foresight to make the Friday after Thanksgiving a holiday so we can rest up for Saturday!

The AP keeps pictures of turkey's doing stupid things to
Obama locked away on a flash drive in a safe house in
Luckily I usually get the Friday after Thanksgiving off. That wasn't always true though. Back when America made a lot of money making high-tech things for the rest of the world I always had to work on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I could have easily taken the Friday after Thanksgiving off, but then I wouldn't have gotten paid. I like getting paid, so I worked.

Years ago, retailers loved the day after Thanksgiving. They called it Black Friday I think because that was the day they made a lot of money and had to deal with customers, and somehow they found that annoying. I'm not sure.

However, over the past twenty years, the Friday after Thanksgiving has morphed in BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, the idiot corporate media loves to show the idiot news consumers at home pictures of the idiot shopping class storming stores and hurting people on BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! We all think this is normal. This year there is a new twist to BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that everyone is broke because capitalism is bad and socialism is good, store owners are trying to come up with ways to compete for the few dollars the American consumer (idiots and non-idiots alike) have left. When a store is in the business of selling television sets at a 3% margin they have to sell an awful lot of televisions to stay in business. Can you blame them for trying to get an edge on their competition? The edge some of them have thought of is to open on Thanksgiving night.

When I was a young person one of three things happened on Thanksgiving night:
  1. You ate a turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce and then fell asleep with a stomach ache
  2. You threw up from having to eat two Thanksgiving meals because sometimes you have to do horrible things to yourself in order to keep the familial peace
  3. You went out to a bar and drank in an attempt to erase the horrible memories of another family gathering 

Now, in the post-modern United States, apparently everyone goes to Target to buy cheap imported Chinese crap to give to family and friends on Christmas Day. At least this is what my television is telling me.

Baby for dinner and a crazy eye.
Now THAT's Thanksgiving!
This has made some people unhappy. Typically the unhappy ones are the employees of Target, Sears, Wal-Mart and whatever other store is now opening for business on Thanksgiving night. There is a lot of whining going on about people having to leave their families on this most special of nights. (see Items 1-3 above)

I don't feel bad for people who have to work on holidays after the "holiday" part of the holiday has passed. I don't see cops whining because they have to work on Thanksgiving, although I am sure I've gotten a few holiday speeding tickets as a result of some police officer's unhappiness with the holiday schedule. And how about those nurses in hospitals who work and don't take their unhappiness out on your catheter?

No one ever felt bad for me when I had to work on holidays. Back in the aforementioned day when America actually made money, I worked all or part of every day from the first Saturday in December 1984 to the week after Easter Sunday in 1985. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to feed your family, or put gas in your car so you can go to a bar and drown your sorrows in Wild Turkey. (Note gratuitous Thanksgiving reference)

We are once again proving we have become a nation of whiners.

Personally, I can't be arsed to go shopping on Thanksgiving night. This is because I don't actually start my Christmas shopping until December 21. My lovely wife and awesome daughter get up at like four o'clock on BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! morning and go to Starbuck's or somewhere and then do some shopping or something. I'm not really sure because I'm still sleeping. They do this because its fun, and very rarely do they actually come home with any gifts for me.

But, this is not about me, or my desire for a Rockwell Sonicrafter featuring Hyperlock and Universal Fit. People closely related to me may want to watch the super-educational video I have included below for your convenience:

This is about all of you poor bastards who have to somehow find a way to counter-act all the triptophan you're going to ingest at three o'clock so you can escape your parent's house at eight o'clock to go to work at Best Buy.

Because I care, I've put together a short list of things you may want to consider so this doesn't happen to you on a regular basis.

  1. Get another job
  2. Go to school and learn a skill that is in current economic demand so you can get another job
  3. Vote for a government that actually wants you to succeed on your own by allowing American businesses to thrive in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, so you can get another job
  4. Move to Canada where they celebrate Thanksgiving in like October which is way before regular people start their Christmas shopping
  5. Work hard and become the boss at Wal-Mart so you can make the schedule
  6. Stop whining and understand that just because something is happening today doesn't mean it's going to happen to you for the rest of your life
  7. Be thankful you have a job (I know, I'm old -fashioned that way)

You just spent the last year complaining about your parents and now you're complaining because you can't spend more time with them on Thanksgiving night? I'm beginning to think you just like to complain.

But, Happy Thanksgiving anyway, and don't bitch at me Thursday night, I'll be sleeping.

SPECIAL NOTE TO MY FAMILY: If more than one person wants to buy me something this year, this would also not be a bad idea:

Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Argue With A Liberal: Hit Them In Their Alinsky, Part 2

Right after I published part 1 of "How To Argue With a Liberal, Hit Them In Their Alinsky" yesterday, I found out about the passing of Jeff Hedgpeth, author of "Rules for Radicals Defeated" and founder of the #ocra movement on Twitter. Jeff was a steadfast voice in the wilderness of liberal mind-rot and he will be missed. In the spirit of Jeff's work, and as a way to honor him for bringing the scourge of Alinsky to light, I will join thousands of others and carry the torch.

During my morning Twitter rant today, I tweeted the following:  "Remember in Long Island, it was union leaders who held back out-of-state power crews for 4 days. Wake up big labor fans."

A leftist who has taken me on in the past came back and claimed the story was debunked. I explained to this fine pillar of liberal knowledge that in fact the CEO of the company had verified this story on the Today Show just yesterday: He had sent his workers to Pennsylvania after the Long Island chapter of the IBEW wanted to force the non-union workers to pay union dues and other salary requirements in order to work to repair storm damage. They presented the out-of-state workers with letters they had to signed that compelled them to pay into the local's retirement, medical and general funds. When the story was broken by Newsday four days later, the letter was rescinded, hence my comment that union leaders held back out-of-state help for four days.

My foolish lib friend then sent me this message: Nope..those non-union workers showed up and worked...you're pushing bs...please proceed.

This seriously pissed me off. I write a lot of content and I occasionally get things wrong, but I don't lie and I don't push "bs stories." Understanding the Alinsky training of the the Left, I proceeded to get links to facts and then bombard this person (we'll call her Mos Allison because that's what she calls herself) with repudiations of her assertion that I was pushing 'bs.' To this she claimed to have never called me a liar, just that I was pushing lies: never called you a liar...said you were pushing a bs story. 

I demanded an apology, but never received one, just her cowardly assertion she had not called me a liar. I don't know where you kids grew up, but in my world, if you tell me a story and I call that story 'bullshit,' there is not a person with a properly functioning brain in the world who would deny that I have just called you a liar. Eventually Mos Allison slunk back into her anonymous saferoom after I spent the better part of an hour calling her out and giving her facts.

This is how you fight liberals. When they call you out, you force them to retreat or apologize. Know your facts and stick to them.

Now, Let's Get Back To Understanding How Liberals Have Been Trained To Fight Freedom

Rule #7: A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. This is the one area where Alinsky got it wrong. The dopey wing of the Democrat Party still thinks Republicans want to starve seniors and steal diapers from babies, pollute the air and water so even Republicans die, and health for women, or something like that. The point is, for 40 years Democrats have been saying the same stupid things over and over and over again. The problem is, Republicans know how absurd this non-sense is and don't fight back. While it is demeaning to defend yourself against charges you want to feed dog feed to your grandma, the fact that you don't defend yourself against is proof to the liberal mind-rot addled brain that they are true. Defend yourself vehemently against any and all charges that are not true, apologize for those that are.

Rule #8: Keep the pressure on. Never let up. The biggest fault conservatives have is their short attention span when it comes to idiocy. My ex-wife is a horrendous person who lied about everything for years and years. Finally I just got tired and I quit trying to reason with her--I let her win. She thanked me with more lies. The problem with the non-defense strategy is honor and ethics don't matter to thieves and liars, so when you quit, they win. Lefties (and my ex-wife) remain horrendous human beings whether I argue with them or not, but by quitting I allow them to convince other people their lies are true. We need to learn to never let up until our ideological enemy is thoroughly defeated. In indelicate terms, my strategy with Democrats is to press the boot of my ideas against the throat of their ignorance until the breath of their arrogance runs out.

Rule #9: The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. Global warming, the fiscal cliff, the greatest recession since the great depression, middle class families, millionaires and billionaires, energy dependence, ending Medicare as we know it, Social Security, jobs to China. Barack Obama's original puppet master, Rahm Emanuel, is famously quoted as saying, "never let a serious crisis go to waste." Democrats demand doom to justify their policies and this causes the general population to act like children. This rule is exceptionally easy to combat: We just need to start using our intellects again.

Rule #10: If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive. "Violence from the other side can win the public because the public sympathizes with the underdog." No where is this strategy used more effectively than in that land that liberals love to blindly support, Gaza.

That's how you do it kiddies.

Think about Susan Rice, known liar and current Ambassador to the UN. Some white guys called her out for lying and now black women in Congress are charging them with racism and sexism. The problem with this foolish logic is that it disqualifies women and minorities from positions of authority because they need to be immune from criticism because of their gender or race. This is an incredibly ridiculous line of reasoning yet the Right never calls them on it as we hope that someday people will grow up and let women and minorities succeed or fail without the crutch of Alinsky's Rule #10. The left isn't growing up, and we need to start understanding that.

Rule #11: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. "Never let the enemy score points because you got caught without a solution to the problem." Now you know why the Democrats hounded Mitt Romney for not having a plan to fix the economy--in spite of their own lack of a plan. The GOP succumbed to this very simple Alinsky rule simply because it refused to acknowledge that it existed. You will win 100% of the time against a liberal when you supply logical alternatives.

Rule #12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. "Cut off the support network and isolate the target. Go after people not institutions, people hurt faster." This is why Democrats salivate when the GOP puts morons like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock on the ballot. Do I think their words were twisted and mis-used? Of course I do, I call them 'morons' because any politician who cannot navigate the mine-field of 21st Century American politics is a moron. This is why Susan Rice is being protected even though she's a known liar--the Left understands this rule and works overtime to keep it from affecting them. This can be the most fun rule to use against them. Find the most outrageous example of liberal idiocy and pick at it and pick at it until your ideological enemies can no longer defend the indefensible.

If you're a conservative, Republican, libertarian, or Tea Party member, you need to understand that these twelve rules have successfully been used against you. Most people who use them against you don't even know they exist, they're just parroting what they've been taught by their party leaders, so don't try explaining them, just start dismantling them.

Use these twelve simple rules against the people who would have your country become the envy of France and Greece. Remember, we are no longer the Establishment. The liberals own that.

Have confidence, stay calm, and kick (ideological) ass, my friends.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How To Argue With A Liberal: Hit Them In Their Alinsky, Part 1

"[You must help] the people in the community feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future. An organizer must shake up the prevailing patterns of their lives--agitate, create disenchantment and discontent with current values, to produce, if not a passion for change, at least a passive, affirmative, non-challenging climate. ...Fan the embers of hopelessness into a flame of fight." - Saul Alinsky - Rules for Radicals, 1971 
We all know that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are disciples of Saul Alinsky, but how many of us actually know what Alinsky taught? Robert Kennedy was also an Alinsky disciple via Cesar Chavez, so any Democrat who tells you this infatuation with Alinsky is only among the fringes of the party is lying.

If you stay engaged, eventually you can make your favorite
socialist president look this on a regular basis.
The best thing that could have happened on Election Day, short of America coming to its senses and voting for adults, was for the fringe outliers of the Democrat Party to establish a beach head of respectability. Now that they're the ones running the show, it's time for the rest of us to learn the lessons of radicalism, morph them into something palatable and focused on freedom, and then use it--against the same people who lied their way into power over the past 40 years.

It's time for regular Americans to stop being afraid, and to stop waiting for someone to come along and lead them. You know what's right, lead yourself and others will follow.

Here's How Regular Americans Can Use Alinsky Tactics Against The Current Political Establishment That Is Hell-bent On Failing Our Children

Rule #1: Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have. Most disturbing is that these fools who sit at the feet of Alinsky think their neighbors who disagree with them are "the enemy." We're not that ideologically perverted to call our neighbors our enemies, but we need to understand that the ideologues running the country feel that way about us. "Power stems from two things: money and people." We can control our money by not spending it on products or people who sponsor programming that ridicules us. We can get involved in local activities instead of sitting at home and bitching at the television. We can learn to communicate the truth of freedom and develop the patience to discuss that truth with even the dopiest liberal.

Rule #2: Never go outside the expertise of your people. To a Democrat this means if the people you are communicating to are dumb, be dumb right back at them so they'll understand you. This is a patently absurd way to treat people, but unfortunately the Democrat way is to control their electorate by keeping them in-line intellectually. Our cause should be proselytizing the truth of freedom. I suggest we alter this rule slightly and concentrate on education. We need to define what we stand for without allowing others to define us first. Once you have cornered a liberal with the truth they will usually strike out at you like a feral animal, but that shouldn't stop you from trying--there's got to be some of them who can be persuaded that statism is a bad row to hoe.

Rule #3: Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy. Anyone who has ever stood in the face of the withering personal attacks of the Left knows that going outside of their expertise is easy. They usually don't know facts, just insults. Know your facts, state your facts, repeat your facts. DON'T allow yourself to get dragged into the mud with morons, it only makes you a moron. Nothing is more fun than being a condescending smart-ass with a grasp of the facts to someone who is scrambling on their hands and knees looking for the next piece of poop to fling at you.

Rule #4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. "If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possible obey all their own rules." I know all of you who read this are busy making a living for your families, but you have to stop bitching about things and start being active. I am currently involved heavily in #OpSlam on Twitter and other Social Media outlets which is working--one sponsor at a time--to make corporate America understand that half the country is tired of being insulted. My family will no longer buy Oral B products because of their long-time sponsorship of some of the more radical shows on MSNBC. I am letting my dollar do the walking, but I am doing the talking and letting Oral B know about this, as well as spreading the word to others. Why Oral B? Why not? (They just happened to be first) If a company is okay with losing market share because it supports media outlets that espouse hate and vitriol to half the country, that's cool with me. Most companies are simply taking us for granted because we are too silent.

Rule #5: Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. "There's no defense. It's irrational, it's infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions." Sometimes the ridicule pointed at the Right comes in the form of this gem from a grown-ass fifty-something year old man:
"I don't know which Jim Backus character reminds me of Mitt Romney more, Thurston Howell III, the out-of-touch rich guy, or Mr. Magoo, the near-sighted rich guy."
First of all, the secret to good sarcasm is to be humorous lest you look like a fool. Who the hell even knows who Jim Backus is anymore? And secondly, if you're going to "ridicule" me, it's best to avoid the Gilligan references. But the point is, to a liberal, making fun of people they disagree with has become the permanent substitute for actually knowing things.

Then there are the morons who attack you like some idiot 7th grader who has just started to figure out what sex is. I've been attacked by all of them. The best way to ridicule them in return is to relentlessly press them on the facts, and never, ever, lose your temper. Then when you have them on the ropes as their brains begin to hurt because you didn't resort to being an asshole, start to condescend to them about their weak grasp of the facts. There is nothing an arrogant liberal hates more than being condescended to. Just remember to always take the high ride and to always avoid name-calling. Just be relentless with the facts.

Libs love to dress up in tights and
complain about the college debt they've
incurred as if it is someone else's
fault. Don't be like this.
It's embarrassing
Rule #6: A good tactic is one your people enjoy. Leftists enjoy sitting at their keyboards and anonymously attacking other people they disagree with, so that's what the Democrat Party encourages them to do, (see: Obama campaign's various social media truth teams and attack watches). Us people who are not insane with liberal mind-rot enjoy making people who are insane with liberal mind-rot squirm over their toddler-like grasp of political facts, no denying that, so if that's what you enjoy, then have at it! If you enjoy making and spending money, don't spend it on any company that supports those who hate you. If you enjoy walking around with knowledge about the world that transcends the names of all the weird children in One Direction, by all means, share that with the ignorant liberal who is mocking you because his guy won the election. Oh, and be sure to point out to him or her that you don't vote for people because that's dangerous, you vote for ideas. Then, when the ignorant liberal huffs with indignation and asserts that he votes ideas too, ask him to explain them to you.

I learned from a dog trainer a long time ago that if your puppy is aggressive you need to get down on all fours and gently bite it on the ear. This instantly tells the puppy that you're the boss. Think of your liberal friends and family members as puppies, and figuratively bite them on their political ears when they act up with their foolish liberal talking points. After you get them in line, take on your local elected officials.

I've lost a lot of old friends (and some family members) for sticking to my political guns, but I've also gained a bunch of new friends who see things the way I do. I'm less interested in being popular than I am in trying to convince people they are worthy of freedom and prosperty and that they should fight for it. Now it's time to use the tactics of the Left against them.

Tomorrow we'll do Alinsky's Rules for Radicals 7 through 12.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where Do My Rights Come From? Who Am I? What the Hell Am I Doing? Can the Government Help Me Answer These Questions?

Today's discussion of self-ownership and liberty is in honor of August Landmesser, a forgotten hero in the struggle for freedom from government oppression and mob rule disguised as democracy. Mr. Landmesser was the person we all should aspire to be.

Standing alone in a cult of personality, Mr. Landmesser personifies the libertarian tenet of self-ownership.
"If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be fed, like sheep to the slaughter." - George Washington
In August Landmesser's case, his decision to use his natural freedom of speech ended up in his death at the hands of the Nazis. When men prostrate themselves in front of other men, the victims are many and unknowable.

Landmesser was born with the free right to voice his opinion. Government that removed that right, as well as his right to live.

Landmesser was the ultimate individual in a sea of bleating sheep trying to avoid the slaughter.

Where did Landmesser's right to not salute the Nazi party come from? A theist libertarian will tell you it came from God. An atheist libertarian will tell you it came from nature. The difference is minute.

The Concept of Self-Ownership, Negative and Positive Liberty

Much discussion has been had over the past two years about positive and negative rights. Barack Obama derisively called the rights described in the Constitution of the United States as "negative" rights. This was a master stroke of political genius, because, even though he is correct as far as Isaiah Berlin's 1958 treatise "Two Concepts of Liberty" is concerned he is incorrect as far as his understanding of negative and positive liberty is concerned. The brilliance in Obama's demagoguery was that unserious people throughout the country heard the words "negative" and "constitution" and immediately ran to register to vote for Obama.

Negative liberty is best described by the statement "I am a slave to no man." Negative liberties are basically defined as freedom from the interference of other people.

Positive liberty is best described by the statement "I am my own master." Positive liberties are basically defined as having the power and resources to fulfill the destiny of one's own choosing.

The difference is minute.

Self-ownership is the concept that one has moral authority over one's own being, body, mind and spirit. The concept of self-ownership is at the very core of the American Constitution and libertarian philosophy in general. August Landmesser had the moral authority to refuse to salute the Nazis. The Nazis did not have the moral authority to kill Landmesser in return.

A person has the moral authority to put what they will into their body, but they don't have the moral authority to compel others to undo the damage caused by what they ingest.

A motorcyclist has the moral authority to chose not to wear a helmet when riding, but he does not have the moral authority to compel others to care for him after he has failed to take the proper precautions (physically and financially) to ensure his own health after he splits his head open on the curb.

I am responsible for me. You are responsible for you. We are responsible to (not for) each other to ensure that the frontier between our rights does not infringe on each other's self-ownership.


The minarchist believes the state is a necessary evil in order to protect individuals from aggression, including physical attack as well as breach of contract, fraud and theft. Extrapolated to encompass the needs of a functioning society, the minarchist view includes public fire and police protection as well as a standing militia or military. Minarchists understand that these necessary functions must be paid for from the common weal.

Consequentialist Libertarianism

Consequentialists are the market-driven meritocracy adherents among us who believe the free market and private property rights of people are good--as long as there is a common good derived by those rights. To a consequentialist, the use of force against others to ensure the common good is supported and is never thought to be immoral. Violence can be moral because they believe people do not have a moral right to self-sovereignty.

Taken to its extreme, consequentialism is the putrid hybrid political stew currently simmering on the stove of Republican Clubs throughout the country.

Deontological Libertarianism

This view, most favored by the Founding Fathers, states that human beings are born with natural, or moral rights, and that each individual is sovereign. Therefore, acts of violence are inherently immoral, regardless of the reason for the violence. This belief is also carried over to acts of fraud or theft. Our own belief in self-ownership dictates that we cannot engage in violence (physical, intellectual, or spiritual) against others.

Consequentialists do not oppose:
  • involuntary taxation
  • eminent domain
  • the anarcho-capitalist view that laws are amorphous and can be bought and sold as conditions merit
while deontologicalists oppose all three.

Some scholars have discounted the deontological view citing the suffering of losers in economic functions, yet that criticism is easily answered by asserting that self-ownership compels us to understand the possible results (consequences!) of all activities we engage in, and that is is morally incumbent upon us to accept the consequences of our decisions.

Taken to its extreme, deontological libertarianism is a hybrid of Christianity and Buddhism. 

I am a Minarchist Deontological Libertarian Who Understand the Consequences Of My Actions (And Yours Too!)

Shorter: My libertarianism is reality-based.

When a thief robs me he has violated my moral right to self-ownership by initiating an act of violence upon me (deontological libertarian view). When a cop (minarchist view) chases him down and physically restrains him (consequentualist libertarian view) he has protected my individual sovereignty as a function of my choice to include myself in a society.

I have the right to not pay taxes for fire protection, but I need to man-up and stop whining when the fire company refuses to stop my house from burning to the ground.

Pretty much after that, politically speaking, everything else we argue about is a waste of our precious time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

STOP THE WHINING! You're Starting to Sound Like A Democrat.

Note At the Top: This piece is written strictly for the following people: Americans, conservatives, social moderates who are fiscal conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans. If you don't self-identify with one of the aforementioned categories, please go away. Don't you have some gloating to do? I mean seriously, you helped elect the status quo when the status quo equals stagnant growth, looming hyper-inflation, destruction of the health-care system, and a bi-flationary depression. Seriously, we're trying to marginalize your stupidity here. Don't interfere.

Here's The Part Where I Remind You Of The Continual Failure of the GOP

One week ago today I was driving around, looking forward to a nice long evening of election returns that echoed my plan to take over the country with common sense, fiscal responsibility and social liberty.


In 1996, I sheephisly pulled my Bob Dole bumper-sticker off my car the morning after the election. (Readers should note that this was the last time I ever worked for a Republican candidate for any office) I could not imagine four more years of Bill Clinton and I was sad. I was also embarrassed that the best we could do for a presidential candidate was Bob Dole. Nice guy, war hero, but what else you got, Bob? Luckily we had a GOP House that kept Slick Willie honest.

In 2000, I listened to the radio and read my newspaper for 36 days waiting for Florida to get its act together and figure out which liberal Ivy Leaguer had won the presidency. The Ivy League won.

The GOP hasn't run a candidate for office who didn't suck in some way or another in three decades. I'd also like to remind you people that the GOP Establishment was scared to death of Ronald Reagan.

It's time we stop beatifying the GOP of old. It's time to take stock of what the GOP has forced on us since 1968.

  • Richard Nixon. This blogger's choice for worst president ever. Can you say "wage and price controls" and "EPA"?  
  • Ronald Reagan had to wrest his nomination away from Nelson Rockefeller and the Northeast RINO coalition. So he became the greatest president of the 20th Century in spite of the GOP.
  • In 1992, George H.W. Bush successfully ended the Reagan Revolution by being nice and grandfatherly to Democrats who would eat their own young in exchange for power.
  • In 1996, Bob Dole had been around so long we had to do something with him in order to stop him from interrupting our Regular Republican Club Meetings with war stories. RRC's are filled with guys who spend years helping put up campaign signs and then one day say, "Its my turn to run for office," regardless of whether they know anything or not.
  • In 2000, everyone was so tired of Bill Clinton's willy that a few more people voted for the Texas liberal from Yale than the Tennessee liberal from Harvard.
  • Four years later, the Democrats made the mistake of forcing John Kerry on us (see: Republicans, 1996).
  • In 2008, Bush sucked so bad as a good conservative leader that we were then forced to endure the election of a community organizer from Chicago with a forfeited law license and a nebulous educational background. Jesus Himself could've run against Obama and He would have Lost. John McCain didn't stand a chance, even though it was his turn.
  • I like Mitt Romney, I think he's a great guy. 
Now in 2012, a northeast liberal lost a squeaker to a Chicago socialist. The difference is the former has a proven track record of management experience, while the latter is just a mediocre rhetorician with limited real world experience. But you gotta admit, the kids love him!

In This Next Section I Ask You To Do Some Political Soul-Searching

Noticing anything yet?

Are we starting to see the pattern here? 

Americans want someone, anyone, to step up and look at the big picture and take the government bull by the horns. Even if that somebody is a political hack with a recent record of abysmal failure as a leader. 

Having been involved with politics for most of my adult life, I have come to understand that 33% of the American people are dumber than a fence-post in a Montana snowstorm. That leaves like 66% of us that have some varying degrees of mental acuity. You can't argue with the fact that the majority of that 66% voted for Barack Obama. Again.

I voted for Mitt Romney. I sure as hell wasn't going to vote for Barack Obama after seeing what a bad president he was during the past four years. My other two choices were Rosanne Barr and Gary Johnson. One's a moron and the other is a charlatan. Take your pick, they're interchangeable. I was going to vote for myself, but my wife asked me to wait for my kid to graduate college before I make any big career decisions. 

What the hell else was I supposed to do?

Now I'm Going to Make Fun of Whining Right Wingers

When everyone is calling you a loser, maybe you're not the winner you think you are. When you lose consistently, regardless of the amount you lose by, maybe you need to look in the mirror and say to yourself: "Self, I am a loser. I suck. I am not a good person and people don't love me." After that, you have two choices:
  • Piss and moan and call other people dumb for not agreeing with you
  • Figure out why other people don't agree with you and actually put some work into helping them understand your point
In the past week I have witnessed, with my own adult eyes and ears, the following reactions and reasons from otherwise able-minded people who for the most part agree with me politically:
  • It's time to sign a petition and secede from the Union
  • Obama stole the election
  • Massive voter fraud can be the only explanation
  • The American people are killing the country on purpose because they want the government to give them things
  • Blacks and Hispanics are taking over the country from white people in a political race war

STOP IT YOU IDIOTS! You lost an election. It happens, especially when your messaging sucks and the other side out-works you getting the vote out.

Is Barack Obama purposefully setting out to destroy the country? No. Is he a weak president and a poor leader? Yes. Are a large number of his followers devoid of common sense to the point of believing that Barack Obama himself can give them birth control and jobs? Yes. Is the country finished because Obama won? No. Are a large number of people who voted for him good and decent Americans who are looking at the same choices you are? Yes.

Our job is to share our message that personal liberty and civic responsibility always leads to societal prosperity with the people who haven't succumbed to liberal mind-rot. 

When's the last time you attended a Council or Board of Education meeting in your town?
When's he last time you attended a meeting of your local political club or service group?

It's time to stop whining like liberals and start working like Americans.

Go. Get off the computer.


Do something.

Choosing To Be A Slave For A Cell Phone

Let's remember: This woman has made the conscious decision to become a slave to the government:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanks For the Compliment, But I'm Pretty Sure Caring About Individual Liberty and Civic Responsibility Isn't the Sole Domain of Middle-Aged White Men

Here's the deal: Most political pundits don't know what they're talking about as far as politics is concerned. That's because they learned to become political pundits in college, and politics can only be learned in the street.

The punditry class is overloading us with reports that the GOP lost last week because there are less white people in America. Minorities are increasing they say, and that's why Barack Obama won. If I was a non-white person who voted for Barack Obama I would be seriously insulted. However, I am a white person who did not vote for Barack Obama, but that's because of what's in his head not the color of his (or my) skin. That's politics. According to the geniuses we watch on TV, white people make up the GOP and minorities make up the Democrat party (except for all the white people in it), and that's why Barack Obama won. Obviously, our punditry class is populated with simpletons.

The pundits ignore the fact that black and Hispanic voting numbers were relatively unchanged from 2008, meanwhile 7,000,000 fewer Republicans voted for Mitt Romney than John McCain. By the logic of the punditry class, that means we have simply lost 7,000,000 white people in the past four years. Unless something happened that Fox News* didn't report, I find it hard to believe that 7,000,000 white people just disappeared. I see white people all the time, including the ones with the bumper stickers that say "In Case of Rapture This Car Will Be Empty." It is possible that 3,500,000 white people were in Dollywood last week, but that still doesn't explain why they didn't vote. So now that we've determined that we are in fact, not missing 7,000,000 white people but that we are missing 7,000,000 Republicans, we need to figure out why.

That's actually not that hard to figure out. When one side fails to get out the vote, the reason isn't because there are fewer voters available to vote, the problem is there are fewer of them interested in voting. Also, I know for a fact that some white people voted for Barack Obama. Does this mean white Obama voters are self-loathing Caucasians, or does it mean they agreed with Obama?

Get over race people, you're starting to embarrass yourselves.

Now that we have the question of where all the white people went (probably Cracker Barrel for meatloaf instead of their local polling place), it's time to tie this up so you kids who define everything by race will calm down and stop getting ready to be really, really, mad at me.

I view the current political divide in this country as follows:

  • One side believes wealth and prosperity is generated by the government (you)
  • One side believes wealth and prosperity is generated by the individual (me)
If you are paying attention, you noticed the following tres chic political arguments did not appear in my estimation of the current political divide in this country:
  • Lady Parts
  • Race
  • Class Warfare
Do some people vote based on those three things? Yes, but they're morons who need to be marginalized.

I can comfortably assert that, in spite of my unique brilliance on all things political, I am not the only person in this country who thinks the same way I do.

The belief in the individual is not the sole domain of white people, in spite of what the political pundits say (by accident) when they say that the GOP lost because there are fewer white people. I bet you could easily find people of all genders, races, and economic stations who believe in the power of the individual. You might even find some Democrats who agree. 

The GOP did not lose because there are less white people in the country. The GOP lost because it does not know how to communicate the simple truth that this country works as a result of the power generated by individuals pursuing their own paths while remaining united by the common love of liberty and civic responsibility that only this country fosters. 

Stop whining and start figuring out why you lost. Start doing something to ensure your message gets across to everyone who would benefit from hearing it.  

* Note at the bottom: Even though I watch Fox News less frequently than I do NBC News, I have been told by the hysterical wing of the Democrat Party that because I am a white fiscal conservative that I only watch Fox News, so yeah, the morons have defined me.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The US Political System Has Determined It's Safe To Lie To Us. It's Time To Gut The System From the Outside In

As I type this I am propping my head up with a stick from the fatigue of the past two weeks. I'll get back to some Hurricane Sandy / Nor'easter stuff next week to finish up the arc I have written, but I wanted to get this column out now as the swell of dissatisfaction still washes over the country. I'm not just talking about Barack Obama's re-election--he's a puppet of the system--and not a bona fide leader. My aim is on the system itself.

Let's take a look at some interesting anecdotal bullet points:

  • 51% of Catholics voted for Barack Obama. I am not a Catholic but I worked very hard to defend the infringement of their rights under the Constitution against Obamacare and federally funded abortion. Apparently 51% of the voters in the Catholic church aren't as interested in their church's tenets as I am, unless these are all the Catholics who book out of Mass for the beach right after they receive Communion.
  • 12,000,000 fewer voters voted this year than in 2008 (for MSBNC viewers: 12,000,000 equals 12 million). That means 12,000,000 people actually think things are better today than they were in 2008. I shudder to think that there are at least 12,000,000 morons in this country.
  • A guy who helped carry my father's casket out of the church last April called me out publicly with some political name-calling just three days later. Tuesday night he shot me some of the typical condescending bullshit you receive when Democrats win elections, so since he was hanging by a thread to begin with, he had to be sent away to the unfriended gulag. Sadly, family reunions will be tense from here on out. Oh well. I'm not going to tolerate being abused by people with different beliefs than me in the name of social decency. It's time to fire back.
  • Republicans are taking Chris Christie to task for working with Obama on Hurricane Sandy relief. This goes to show you how completely politically inept those Republicans are. What was he was supposed to do, tell Obama to go pound salt because he's a Democrat? Don't be so stupid people. Learn a little about how politics works before you comment.
  • Government agencies, in particular the Federal government, have been impotent in getting aid to citizens affected by the two storms that hit the NY/NJ area in the past ten days. Cops and firefighters have kicked ass (yeah you EMS-types too, oh yeah and linemen (who are not public employees but whatever) and DPW workers). But people, FEMA closed its offices on Wednesday BECAUSE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER. I'm talking management and bureaucracy here. If you need more convincing of the folly of depending on government for things, you are a moron and you need to go read Rachel Maddow's blog. Now. There is nothing here for you.
  • In NJ and NY, neighbors are helping neighbors. Americans are helping Americans. This is what Americans do when Americans are left to themselves. It is time for that to happen in our political system as well.

Now let's look at some of the people who are angry about Tuesday's election results:
  • Republicans. Stop whining. You lost because you didn't get out the vote. Mitt Romney was a far better candidate than John McCain but he got less votes than McCain did! You also didn't reach out to demographic groups who would most benefit from the core beliefs of the party (that is, unless of course you people have any core beliefs left. Hmmmm?). This is because Republicans arrogantly think people should come to them because of their superior ideas. Idiots.
  • Libertarians. If you voted for Gary Johnson because the Libertarian Party sold you a bill of goods about getting 5% of the vote, etcetera, etcetera, you have been sadly misled. You're just as gullible as the silly Democrats who actually believe raising taxes on the wealthy will solve our problems. WAKE UP DINGBATS. The 5% of the vote you gave to Johnson is very likely the 5% that could have put Romney closer to victory. Do you actually think Barack Obama in a second term is going to be more sympathetic to your political desires than Mitt Romney in his first term would be? I tried to warn you but you wouldn't listen.
  • Democrats. You won the battle, but you're losing the war. For people who are Democrats for the same reason they are Catholics or Protestants (because that's how you were raised) you need to do the same soul-searching that is currently being demanded of the GOP, lest your party becomes unrecognizable to you in four years.
  • White People. Well I added this just to get your attention, because skin color has nothing to do with wanting a good life for yourself and your family. The punditry is telling us that Barack Obama won because there are less white people in America now. Hahaha. Idiots. Barack Obama won because he beat Mitt Romney in the arena of ideas and communication to an electorate that has been feed bullshit for so long they think it actually tastes good. It may come as a surprise to you in the punditry class, but even members of minority groups want to be free from government interference, and want to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit. Stop fooling yourself into thinking that people have different needs and wants in their hearts based on the colors of their skin. It is time this lie being perpetrated by the Elite Left--not out of a scheme, but out of ignorance--was stopped.

I for one am going to dedicate the next two years of my life to getting out the vote. Not for some horse's ass politician, but for the people I can reach with the sheer power of personal freedom and individual liberty. I trust they'll make the right decision, in spite of what just happened. It is time to take over the system from the outside, and I need your help.You might say I am a proselytizing zealot for freedom, which reminds me...
  • Religious People. You do realize that Mitt Romney was disqualified by a lot of "Christians" because he is a Mormon, right? Just like most Christian candidates are disqualified by Jewish voters simply because Jewish voters don't trust them. In a secular country that grants religious freedom while protecting the government from the folly of religious governance, this would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. That people would compromise their own freedoms to vote for a man of nebulous religious beliefs because the other guy believes the tenets of the Mormon Church is the height of ignorance. I'd also wager that most people who fall into this category wouldn't be able to have a reasonably intelligent discussion about their own religion's beliefs, let alone Mormonism's.

Regular American people need to understand that we are at a crossroads, not in the next four years, but for the lives of the children who will follow you.
  • It's time for Conservative to stop whining about losing an election, show some character and backbone, and get on with the hard work of educating people about your core beliefs instead of letting people who don't understand you define you.
  • It is time for the politically dis-affected to become fervent protectors of liberty. 
  • It is time to purge both parties of the stink that has infected them. 
  • It is time to forego the foolishness of the corporate media. 
  • It is time for Libertarians to put their money where their mouths are instead of playing the same foolish game they've been playing with the American people for twenty years (I say that with no respect for the people who carry the Libertarian mantle without understanding what it is they are doing politically). 
  • It is time for Socialists to get the ideological asskicking they deserve, because Socialism doesn't work (I type this with the utmost respect for my Socialist friends who are reading this, but seriously, it's time to synch your political beliefs with your personal ones).

In the next few days and weeks this blog is going to morph from one man's lonely life spent yelling at the waves because they are attacking the sand into something that will allow anyone who can identify with any of the above points to have some skin in the game.