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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today's Democrat: Is It Healthy To Be A "Fan" of the President?

The following pictures and text are taken directly from Obama for America, Barack Obama's Tumblr page.


So, my father saw this fridge magnet and couldn’t resist buying it, not only because we as a family are die hard fans of Obama, but Bo looks exactly like our puppy :D As seen here :D
The spitting image. (Also, aww.)

Let's examine this seemingly innocuous post in a thoughtful, libertarian manner:
  • If you have a "I Bark for Barack" magnet on your refrigerator, you are an idiot
  • If you think your dog looks like Bo the First Dog (even if it does), you are sadly in need of a cosmic smack upside the head. It's a friggin' dog, they have limited DNA from which to extract their individual features
  • If your father is encouraging your delusion by sticking "I Bark for Barack" magnets on your refrigerator you need to talk to your mother, and learn from her mistakes
  • If you come from a family of "die hard Obama fans" you are part of the reason America is in its death throes
  • Cute is acceptable when you are decorating your bedroom with Hope and Change and Justin Beiber posters, but if you are basing your life decisions on the fact your dog looks like your political idol's, you are a fool
You may be supporting Barack Obama because you feel in your heart he is doing what is right for America, and I'll respect your decisions even though I would like to engage you in an intellectually honest discussion because you are wrong.

You may be supporting Barack Obama because you are a life-long Democrat and voting Republican would be like foregoing the Passover Seder for an Easter ham, and I'll respect your decision but I will question your grip on reality (you do realize the Democrat party has shifted slightly to the Left, right?).

However, if you are like the young lady above who comes from a family of "die hard fans of Obama," I will say without equivocation that you are a danger to yourself and to my freedom. In fact, any human being who willfully submits that they are a "die hard fan" of any politician needs to be properly castigated and thoroughly ostracized.

Listen up America, we have no time for cults of personality. We should have no patience for people who are "die hard fans" of the people we elect to run the country. We are the government, just as we are the economy, and we need to stop the childish hero worship and get on with the task of embracing and protecting our freedom.

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