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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ten Things I Learned From the Denver Presidential Debate

Wow. I watch a lot of boring political things so I can say with some level of expertise that last night's Presidential Debate in Denver was the most lop-sided debate I have ever seen--at any level.

Here's the Romney camp backstage after the debate:
Courtesy of Ace of Spades HQ

Ten Things I Learned Last Night (In No Particular Order):

  1. After 30+ years attending boring corporate meetings I've learned that the guy who runs the meeting by driving the agenda is the boss, whether he's actually the boss or not. Mitt Romney was the boss last night
  2. The Democrats are screaming that Mitt lied last night, yet I haven't seen them actually counter with any **non-partisan** facts to back up their accusation
  3. Based on Rachel Maddow's and Chris Matthews' unhinged post-mortem it has to be obvious to even the most delusional person that MSNBC/NBC is in fact an arm of the Democrat Party
  4. Barack Obama shouldn't have spent so much timing whining about the debate prep being hard and should have put a little effort in to actually prepping. His complaints that debate prep was "a drag" and that "they [were] making [him] do his homework" now make him seem like the lazy, arrogant, in-experienced man I thought he was
  5. Now that we know Obama lost so bad that even his friends in the Corporate Media have to admit to the truth, can they be trusted to tell us the truth about anything, including Mitt Romney's supposed lies? The Corporate Media has lost all credibility and now they are scrambling
  6. Jim Lehrer is kind of a doofus. A nice, gentlemanly doofus, but a doofus nevertheless
  7. I hate when I'm in an argument with someone and they kiss my ass by acting with faux-respect toward me. It was an embarrassment to watch the President of the United States of America attempt to win Mitt over by being nice to him. He really seemed weak and spineless--exactly the kind of guy I want on my side (Democrats take note: that was sarcasm)
  8. Obama arguing with Lehrer about the five seconds he had before he was interrupted gave me those special chills only reserved for people who unknowingly humiliate themselves. Also, Barack Obama is not a funny guy, he's a mean-spirited guy who sometimes says things that people think are supposed to be funny
  9. I have a crazy Liberal acquaintance of undisclosed proximity (is it my neighbor? workplace compatriot? guy who sells me my bagels? I'll never tell) who was up-in-arms over "Mittens" saying would pull Federal funding from PBS. Oh yeah, she also made fun of "Mittens" skin color. This is the level of discourse you're left with when the man you worship lets you down
  10. The next Presidential Debate is going to be fun. Mitt is on a roll and all of the pressure is suddenly on the President. The problem for the President is foreign policy is his weakness, his strengths were supposed to be domestic policy.
"Happy Anniversary Honey! Michelle? Are you mad?"
Courtesy of Ace of Spades HQ
Take heart America, the Left is going to work real hard to get you to believe everything that came out of Mitt's mouth as a) a lie; and b) a piece of performance art. 

It's up to you to decide who to believe: Your lying eyes and ears or David Axelrod and a bunch of television personalities who have admitted they are in the tank for Obama.

Roll on VP Debates!


MarkStoryJenks said...

Thanks! I could not stand to watch it, but you provided a good summary.

MarkStoryJenks said...

Now I might go to the PBS Newhour website, so I can watch a video of the entire debate without commercials.