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Monday, October 22, 2012

No Matter How Hard I Try, I Just Can't Avoid the Idiocy of the Liberal Media Intelligentsia: Dave Marsh, I'm Talking To You

Warning: The following column does not offer the writer's opinion of abortion, nor does it attempt to defend or attack any politician's position on same. What it does do is point out the viewpoint of an example of leftist thought and then take that point to task. If you are unable to grasp this, you are either not smart (or open-minded) enough to waste your time on this Blog, or you have been so brainwashed by liberal group-think that you are unable to understand any concept that doesn't further your own decaying agenda. Continue at your own peril, but don't bother me with you opinion of it.

I had a nice weekend

I spent a nice weekend away from the daily grind of coming up with ever-brilliant ways to convince you your politics are wrong. I had no laptop, my cellphone was off, I watched no television. I did listen to the radio whilst I zoomed the Chevy Familymobile through the rolling countryside of Pennsylvania and Maryland. It was too cold for a long motorcycle ride, which is actually my preferred way of speaking to my cosmic shrink, so a cage-rider I became.

Even getting stuck for 20 miles behind a pickup truck
hauling hay didn't dampen my spirits, until I found Dave
Marsh on the radio
I woke up Sunday morning, had a nice breakfast (with scrapple), some good craic, and then got on my way home. My general direction home was north and east, so I got on the first road I found that was going in that direction and stayed with it until it ended. Then I'd turn on another road, and another, until six hours later I was home. With my trusty Sirius/XM working feverishly to keep me entertained, I switched from classical, to 60's, to Classic Vinyl to Soul Town. The sun was shining, the leaves were turning, the sky was blue... There were a thousand cliches swarming around me as I enjoyed my little slice of solitude.

Then I mistakenly subjected myself to Dave Marsh

Unfortunately, my peaceful Sunday morning ended when I came to XM28 - the Spectrum - and the Sunday morning show called Kick Out the Jams which is hosted by the ever-insufferable and tedious Dave Marsh, of Creem Magazine and Rolling Stone fame. You Seventies burn-outs just cheered at the Creem Magazine reference--but seriously, grow up. According to his bio, Dave is apparently a tireless anti-censorship fighter, political lecturer, all-around rock and roll gadfly, and generally boring personality who has been swallowed whole by his own self-importance. Dave is also--in his own words--a "tough m@#$%^@#$%^@#" from Detroit who had some heart trouble last year that his doctor said should have given him a heart attack, but Dave's self-described toughness apparently frightened the heart attack away.

Anyway, Dave was droning on about some movie that was set in Australia, and rabbits were the only creatures capable of surviving the oncoming nuclear fallout from a nuclear war that took place in the Northern Hemisphere. It was all very deep and philosophical, in a pothead sort of way, and I stayed because I wanted to find out what movie he was talking about. Then, without warning, Dave started talking about Frank Wilson, one of the writers of the Supremes 1968 hit Love Child.

This is the part where Dave's idiotic politics cloud his understanding of a Motown song

Here's a sample of the lyrics:

I started my life in an old, cold, run down tenement slum
My father left, he never even married my mom
I shared the guilt my mama knew
So afraid that others knew I had no name

This love we're contemplating
Is worth the pain of waiting
We'll only end up hating
The child we may be creating

If you use some intelligence, the lyric of this song presents a powerful message about being responsible before you're ready to bring a child into the world. Read the rest of the lyric here.

After Dave finished a rather nice remembrance of Frank Wilson, he had this to say:
"Maybe Romney and Ryan should listen to this song and then take whatever device they use to listen to it on and shove it up their, well, you know."
This made me mad because I always get mad when ignorant children are allowed access to public address systems.

Let's examine exactly what this leading liberal rock and roll scholar is saying

The song is clearly about a woman attempting to persuade her lover to wait to consummate their relationship until they have built a solid foundation for the child they may conceive. The song is not a glorification of irresponsible sex, it is a warning of the consequences to come.

I started school in a worn, torn dress that somebody threw out
I knew the way it felt, to always live in doubt
To be without the simple things
So afraid my friends would see the guilt in me

What Dave is saying with his angry dismissal of Mitt Romney's view on abortion is that this child, because of the failure if its parents, does not deserve a shot at living. Regardless of your stance on abortion--and I make no point pro- or con- here--the view that a child should be aborted because its parents were not responsible prior to conception is a horrifyingly dangerous political stance to take. Dave Marsh clearly and succinctly makes the case that the subject of this song would have been better off not being born at all rather than being born into poverty or without a father. Apparently, in Dave Marsh's world, poor children don't deserve to live. If I was a poor person, or an illegitimate child, I would be exceedingly chilled by Marsh's political views.

Dave makes no comment about the irresponsibility of a man or woman who bring a child into the world under less-than-perfect circumstances. Nope, Dave just thinks the kid doesn't deserve a chance to live in the first place, well, because it would be easier.
Dave Marsh is angry at illegitimate children
 and Mitt Romney.
He thinks the world would be better
off without either.

Dave's off-handed comment also left Romney's position unstated in the hopes his ignorant listeners would assume Mitt plans to criminalize abortion on January 21, 2013 (he couldn't if he wanted to).

Being the super-duper rock and roll genius Marsh proclaims himself to be, I assume he understands the content and message of the song. Being the tremendously accomplished writer his bio says he is, I also assume he understands how to formulate opinions and arguments. These two assumptions leave me no choice but to conclude Marsh knew exactly what he was saying with his comment about Romney and Ryan.

Obviously, Dave feels that he himself should have been aborted had his parents' irresponsibility resulted in his growing up without a traditional nuclear family, or maybe even just regular old poor.

Dave Marsh sounds like a concerned progressive person, and maybe he honestly thinks he's right when he says that life is a matter of choice if the circumstances aren't easy. But, Dave Marsh is putting forth a political belief that life is not important if it is not easy, and he is urging the government to hold that belief as well.

Dave Marsh is a dopey rock and roll journalist, and as such his political beliefs are about as consequential as a Bruce Springsteen song, but the problem is, he is representative of the people who are attempting to hijack personal responsibility in the guise of compassionate government policy. That my friends, is the road to hell, and I'm not talking about theological hell, I'm talking about the hell the Russians inhabited under Josef Stalin, or the Germans under Adolph Hitler. Laugh at me if you want, but if you're laughing you obviously don't have much of a grasp of history.

This liberal group think has become a festering rot on society. Maybe instead of lambasting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for holding beliefs about life and conception that run counter to his own, liberal Dave Marsh should spend some time taking people to task who view conception as an inconvenience to sex, rather than a reason for it.

It's time we started listening to exactly what the liberals in the media are telling us and then responding appropriately.

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