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Thursday, October 11, 2012

George Clooney Likes The First Amendment, Unless Of Course He Thinks You're An Idiot

George Clooney had this to say about the cause of the Benghazi Consulate attacks: "I'm not quite sure that those diplomats dies as a result of that movie. It seems like it was a coordinated effort by al Qa-ida.  Movieline 10-10-12

I was suprised how reasonable this sounded, however, I was not surprised the sycophants who hang on Clooney's every word didn't report what he said.

Unfortunately, I continued to read Clooney's interview:

"Freedom of speech means you ahve to allow idiots to speak, and that the unfortunate thing. This guy clearly wanted to creat problems," he continued referring to Nakoula Bassely, the Egyptian immigrant who appears to have masterminded the making Innocence of Muslims. Clooney added that he saw part of the YouTube video: "It made me mad and I'm not a Muslim," he said. "It made me mad for the quality of the film that it was, more than anything. But the simple truth is that in order to make [democracy] work, the idiots get to have their say, too. And that's unfortunate." I added the red highlights so you would know what you should be mad about, you know, in case you're an idiot.
George Clooney may be dashing, but if you're an 
idiot, well then, he'd prefer you'd keep your ideas
to yourself.

Imagine if someone who thought you were an idiot got in power?

This my friends is what the liberal intelligentsia thinks of the free exchange of ideas. Imagine if I hated Oceans 11, or Oceans 12, or Oceans 13, and I advocated silencing and unfortunate foray into Oceans 14 and beyond.

Now imagine that I had the power to make that come to fruition.

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