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Friday, October 26, 2012

Was Obama Administration Running Libyan Arms to the "Opposition" in Syria, and If It Was, How Many Fell Into Al Qa'ida's Hands?

For those of you concerned about the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others in his attachment in Libya (which should be all of you), read the entire article linked below. It raises questions that should not be ignored because they are uncomfortable to contemplate or because they don't jibe with your political world-view.

If only 10% of this is true, Iran-Contra will look like a good idea in retrospect. If the bulk of this is true, we've got some serious issues bubbling up in the Middle East and within our own government.

This would also explain why Romney has backed off his attacks on the Benghazi murders--the tentacles run deep and there are serious international implications to be addressed down the road. If this report is true, whoever wins in November is going to have a serious global political issue to defuse.

Link to Frank Gaffney, Jr's October 22, 2012, article in the Washington Times: The real reason behind Benghazigate

It's our duty as Americans and our responsibility to the people serving this country overseas to read everything we can about this situation so we can make our own conclusions extra of what we are being spoon-fed by the government and the corporate media.

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