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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Barack Obama Calls Mitt Romney A 'Bullshitter,' Doesn't Mention Multiple Stories On Benghazi Or Failure To Follow Through On His Own Campaign Promises

Here's the Part Where I Type the Word 'Bullshit' 16 Times
  • In the 10th grade I brought a can of bullshit repellent to school and sprayed it during my English class. Everyone thought this was funny. The teacher even laughed while he confiscated it and sent me to the vice-principal's office
  • My health insurance just increased by 8% because of "administrative costs," to which I replied "that's bullshit"
  • My father used to say that pretty much every excuse I came up with for coming home three hours late was "bullshit"
  • My ex-wife's entire history is filled with either 'loads of bullshit' or enough 'bullshit to sink a battleship' depending on who she is talking to at the time
  • Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, told Rolling Stone magazine that Mitt Romney is a "bullshitter" 
I get it, there's a lot of bullshit in the world. I've bullshitted people, you've bullshitted people, I've stepped in bullshit, you've sat around bullshitting, politicians are full of shit, and I've seen a shitload of bullshit flung about this election season. I'm used to bullshit, you're used to bullshit, and we can both smell bullshit from a mile away. So on it's face, it's silly to get all twisted up when the President of the United States calls his opponent a 'bullshitter.' 

Here's Why I Think Obama Calling Romney A 'Bullshitter' is Bullshit

If Obama had been caught on a hot mic, with an expectation of privacy, telling someone he thought Romney was a 'bullshitter,' I wouldn't think twice about it, just like when Dick Cheney called Adam Clymer, from the New York Times a 'major league asshole.' Remember that? Remember the incessant media firestorm? Wow, that was a big deal! And it was way back on September 4, 2000. And people still remember it!

That's some bullshit right there.

I expect the person who occupies the Oval Office to be able to communicate to the people of the United States from a position of class and propriety, but I also realize I want my leaders to have enough testicular fortitude to use the word 'bullshit' on occasion, so quite frankly Obama calling Romney a 'bullshitter' is no big deal.


Except this wasn't an open mic or a mistake, it was an answer to a question, and it was picked up and reported with glee by the Corporate Media. Why the double-standard?
  • Is it because Cheney attacked one of their own, and well, that's not nice?
  • Is it because Obama is a cool dude and that's just the way cool dudes from Chicago speak?
  • Is it because the media agrees with Obama about Romney and feels no compunction to raise any issues about Obama's charge?

Until the corporate media in this country decides to treat all of our politicians equally when it comes to their statements, this country will continue its current decline toward a government run via cult of personality.

What's Good for the Goose Is Good for the Bullshitter

I don't mind Barack Obama calling Mitt Romney a bullshitter, but I take great offense at the incivility that occurs when someone takes Barack Obama to task. I got blasted for four hours on Tuesday with some of the most vile attacks I have ever received because I inferred that Obama only acted--and was not in fact an actual--asshole with his comment to Romney about aircraft carriers and submarines on Monday. 

That's bullshit.

This isn't an oligarchy or a dictatorship. We refer to the president as Mr. President and don't capitalize the word 'president' when referring to the office or person by design. The design? So we don't confuse our chief executive with royalty or some other fool who thinks he was put in charge by God Himself.

Every time we let a person who occupies the White House get away with thinking he's special, our grasp on freedom does in fact loosen a little.

But Here's Something You Might Actually Find Interesting

During my research, I typed the words "Obama calls Romney bullshitter" into Ask.com (they don't deserve a link) just to verify the quote. Here are the first six results:
  1. Calling bullshit on Romney's latest
  2. Romney is calling Obama out on his bullshit
  3. Mitt Romney keeps repeating bullshit
  4. David Letterman calls bullshit on president
  5. Four keys to winning Ohio
  6. Colin Powell endorses Obama again
Thinking something was amiss, I went over to Google and typed "Obama calls Romney bullshitter." Here are the first three results:
  1. Powell endorses Obama, again and Obama calls 'other guy' a bullshitter
  2. Obama calls Romney a bullshitter
  3. Classy: Obama calls Romney a bullshitter
Results 4 through 10 were all pretty much the same.

Makes you kind of wonder what kind of  bullshit algorithm Ask.com uses doesn't it?  

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