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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Lamentations of a Man Yelling At the Waves Because They Are Attacking the Sand

I am fascinated by freedom. I am also fascinated by the human need for freedom juxtaposed with the human need to be taken care of. Politics to me is the daily struggle to balance both needs. I am not an Independent, Republican or Democrat. I am a God-believing, pro-humanist, anti-authoritarianism individual: In other words, an old-school American ("old-school" meaning circa 1775).

I started this Blog in 2002 ostensibly to sell my writing. That was long before the social media virus infected every aspect of our lives. I took a year off in 2008, returning to daily blogging in January 2009 as the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt started smoldering. I have been blessed with the ability to return to writing a political Blog during the height of the social media revolution and a dark time in the history of American politics. Ten years ago if I got 100 page hits in a month I was ecstatic, and now I have the daily readership of a small town newspaper, with pieces on Bahrain, Trayvon Martin and the current election cycle receiving upwards of 1,000 views an hour immediately following publication. Sadly, my writing skills have not increased, but my access to my audience has.   During this election year I have squarely put my efforts into defeating Barack Obama and the Democrat Party juggernaut that has blemished every level (except the kitchen table-level) of American politics. If we as individuals ran our lives the way the government runs them we'd all personally destroy what little autonomy we have left in a matter of weeks.   The blessing of social media is the ability to get my message out to an incredibly large number of people with minimal effort. The curse is that people who would otherwise consider themselves friendly to me sometimes see me as a dangerous political extremist. That I am considered an extremist because I'm a strict adherent to the Constitution and a firm believer in the limitless potential of the individual breaks my heart. But whatever.   I have lost friends, made tons of enemies, been attacked by people who I held in some regard and received death threats. I often times feel like a man raging at the waves because they are attacking the sand. In spite of it all, I'm unable to stop because deep down inside, I know I'm right -- humans contain limitless potential that is not embraced, but is instead attenuated, by government. My political beliefs come from a love of humankind, not a distrust of it.   This misunderstanding of libertarian politics (not Libertarian politics) stems from a couple of things:
  • The idiocy of 1980s-era Libertarians who were often nothing more than un-sheeted racists and marijuana enthusiasts
  • People who grew up in Democrat households and now hold allegiance to the Party without a full understanding of what it has become
  • Republicans who think they can match my unbridled faith in humans to make the right decisions for themselves when in fact they are just more moderately Socialist than Democrats
On this eve of the eleventh anniversary of the single largest, most devestating event in my lifetime and I'm dismayed that we are all too busy fighting each other over non-sensical party-driven agendas, while most of us are missing the greater point:

No where in the history of the world, or in the world today, does a human being have a better chance to fulfill their freedom and pursue their own happiness than in the United States.

For those of you who are not yet convinced that I am not a dangerous extremist: I'm not, I'm a minarchist and here's a list of my guiding principles:
  1. Strict adherence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  2. Non-interventionist, relying on the military only in times of direct threat to the safety of the country
  3. Flat tax on consumption for corporations and individuals. Income taxes are penalties on prosperity
  4. Open immigration following basic guidelines to make immigration fair to all who desire to come
  5. Adhering to the Gold Standard and dismantling the Federal Reserve
  6. Abolishment of all public sector labor unions because of the conflict of interest of having two parties negotiate (labor and management) while leaving the party responsible for payment out of the negotiation
  7. Abolishment of all Federal agencies not specifically called for in the Constitution or through future Constitutional Amendment
  8. Abolishment of social legislation and prohibition of governmental involvement in social issues, returning to dependence on the free-market to determine the social direction of the country
  9. Repeal of all laws pertaining to a person's sexuality
  10. Legalization of gambling, prostitution and other personal "vices" including marijuana use and a decriminalization of other narcotics
  11. Complete revamping of current social safety nets to a market-driven system
  12. Elimination of all "czars," extra-Constitutional regulation and government by fiat

On second thought, in today's America I am an extremist. Maybe even a revolutionary. But I'd still like to be friends, even with you whacko Statists and Socialists.

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