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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How To Argue With A Liberal: An Appeal to the Satisfied

In spite of the fact that we live in the same country at the same time, I am struck by the fact that half of the people in this country actually think Barack Obama deserves a second term. Either I'm nuts or half the country is delusional.

I'm not nuts, so the problem is obviously you. We'll discuss why you're delusional after I hit you over the head with a few bricks with facts tied around them.

Let's look at the numbers from Obama's inauguration through the beginning of September:

$4.79/gallon - 9-24-12 in New Jersey
  • Household incomes are down 8.2% ($54,962 then, $51,002 now)
  • Unemployment is up 4% (12.05 million then, 12.54 million now)
  • 495,000 net jobs lost
  • The annual rate of inflation is +7.4% (if you bought an item for $20 in 2009 the same item would cost you $21.48 today - that's why the stock market is up, not because the market is doing well)
  • Gas prices are up 52% but this number doesn't even come close to reflecting reality
  • Home values are down 11% ($169,700 then, $151,600 now)
  • The cost of health insurance is up 23% ($3354 then, $4129 now)
  • College tuition is up 25% ($6591 then, $8244 now)
  • The number of Americans in poverty is up 14% (39.8 million then, 46.2 million now) 
  • The number of Americans on food stamps is up 47% (32 million then, 46 million now)
  • The Consumer Price Index is up 9.1% (211.1 then, 230.4 now)
  • The national debt is up 51% (10.6 trillion then, 16 trillion now)
  • The amount of Federal debt per person is up 32% ($34,731 then, $51,037 now --this includes all of those cute little kids looking forward to a bright future you saw at the bus stop this morning, the owe the Feds that much money too)
  • Global Competitiveness down 6 places (#1 then, #7 now)
Figures courtesy of Senator John Thune (R-SD)

The Misery Index was 21% in June 1980 and 16.9% in May 2012.

So you're going to tell me is that none of this is Obama's fault. You want me to believe that for the first time in history the president isn't going to be held accountable for the economy under his watch.

 And then you're going to try to convince I'm the delusional one?

Economies don't run from the government down, they grow from the private individual up. You people who are trying to destroy the economy by forcing it to trickle down from the government are really starting to piss me off.

Let's look at foreign policy:
2011 Carnival float, Dusseldorf Germany
  • Our young men and women are still getting maimed and killed in Afghanistan, yet the threats to our country have migrated elsewhere
  • The first US Ambassador to be killed in the line of duty since 1979 was Libyan Amb. Christopher Stevens
  • The Obama Administration has been lying to us about the circumstances of the murder of our Ambassador to Libya while completely ignoring the facts of the story as we have come to learn them
  • Obama has made his intentions known to Vladimir Putin that he will be able to be more flexible with nuclear arms discussions after the election (when he doesn't have to answer to us pesky bastards who obstruct him)
  • Egypt, according to the President himself, is no longer an ally
  • The Germans are making fun of us, and we all know Germans have no sense of humor
  • Gitmo is still open
  • Obama's bragging about killing Osama bin Laden has further engulfed the Middle East in rage. "Obama! We're all Osama Now!" is the common chant
  • Israel, the United States' only true friend in the region, has been snubbed by the Obama Administration.

Let's look at why you're still insisting on voting for Obama

I can't think of one legitimate reason a grown person with a functioning brain would re-elect Barack Obama, but I can think of 10 of Illegitimate Reasons to Re-Elect Barack Obama:
  1. Your mom and dad were Democrats and you still think it's 1963
  2. You think Toure and Chuck Todd are agenda-free journalists with you best interests at heart
  3. Mitt Romney reminds you of your dad, and we all know how you feel about your dad
  4. You're a woman and you define yourself by the amount of abortions you will elect to have prior to menopause
  5. You actually believe morons like Nancy Pelosi, Bill Maher, Sandra Fluke, Al Sharpton and all of the other Democrat Party spokespeople
  6. Freedom isn't important to you, but having a bureaucrat guide you through your life is because personal responsibility is anathema to you
  7. You think Barack Obama is a cool guy, and well, he's half black, and you think he would be fun to hang out with
  8. You're a Socialist and you're proud that the American Communist Party has endorsed Obama
  9. You agree with Mahmoud Ahmadenijad's endorsement of Obama
  10. You whine when your 6 year old's soccer team doesn't get a participation trophy and you agree America is not fair 
You are supporting the re-election of Barack Obama for one of the above ten reasons. If you still insist otherwise, then you are either kind of dumb or a person who should not be taken seriously.

I think about the delusional state of the country for a few moments and I get really aggravated, not at Barack Obama--he's just a hack politician with a narrow-minded view of the world based on his own life. No, I get aggravated at my fellow citizens who have suddenly become satisfied with mediocrity. Just good enough to get by seems to be good enough for all of you.

Is Mitt Romney perfect? Hell no. There is no perfect candidate, and it's about time you slobbering Obama sycophants understood that. I had major disagreements with Ronald Reagan and I still think he's the best president I will ever see in my lifetime. Romney is an adult with business and life experience, and a track record of success. Get over your issues and do what's right for your future and the future of the people around you.

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