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Thursday, September 27, 2012

All Is Not Lost, In Spite of What Obama's Pets In the Media Want You To Think

The state-sponsored media is working overtime this week to to tell you that the race is over, the election is won, and Obama is a shoe-in.

CBS News published a poll Tuesday (Sept. 25) that pretty much sums up everything:
Mr. Obama holds a 10-point lead in Ohio among those who say they will definitely vote, a lead propelled by a 25-point advantage among women. Romney holds an 8-point lead among men. The president holds a 35-point edge among voters under 35 years old, and a 5-point lead among those ages 35-64; the two candidates are effectively tied among Ohio seniors. Sixty-two percent of Ohio likely voters say the auto bailout, which had a significant impact on the state's economy, was a success, while just 30 percent say it was a failure. 

Let's look at the numbers:
  • Obama has a 10-point lead among likely voters propelled a 25 point advantage among women. There goes those women voting on abortion again even though nothing is going to change with a Romney Administration except possible cutbacks in certain Federal funding.
  • Obama is leading by 35 points among people under 35 years old. There goes those bright, downwardly mobile, young people again voting on their complete lack of a future and enormous student debts they won't earn enough money at their crappy Starbucks jobs to pay back.
If you're not laughing at these numbers there's nothing I can do for you. Ohio is an important state to Republicans, so if the spin is that the race is ten points out of reach six weeks out from the election that can only be good for Democrats, right? 

Wrong. The sampling data is based on an increase in Democrat voter turnout and a decrease in Republican  voter turnout as compared to 2008 (hence the oversampling you're hearing so much about). Democrats turned out huge numbers in '08 and Republicans did not. Republicans are charged up, independents are heavily leaning toward Mitt Romney and Democrats (except for the rabid base) are having a hard time defending Barack Obama.

I actually think these skewed polls are a good thing: People who are scared of what America will look like after another four years of Barack Obama getting everything he wants with help from his pets in the media should take the numbers to heart and work even harder to bring out the vote for Mitt Romney. 

Do any of you people remember what happened at Chik-fil-A over the summer? 'Nuff said.

Not feeling completely better? Read this Human Events Article - 5 Things To Know About The Race For President In Ohio.

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