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Monday, August 6, 2012

Some Thoughts On Chick-fil-A: The Free Market Is Alive and Well, and The Chick-fil-A Bully Symbolizes the Unraveling of the Left


After more than a week, and over thirty nasty hate-filled messages on Twitter, the antagonist from How To Argue With A Liberal Part XXVII: In This Installment A Person Who Doesn't Even Know Me Wishes for My Death (July 30, 2012) apologized to me over the weekend. Basically, he said gets really mad when he sees the hate and lies people he disagrees with spout and well, he was really, really mad because, presumably, I dared to print what Mitt Romney actually said about the London Olympics. I think we're friends or something now, but, you know, my feelings are still a little bit raw, so I'm proceeding cautiously.

Grown Man With Good Job Picks On What Looks To Be A Very Nice Young Lady Working at Her Local Chick-fil-A

If you're like me and you have no life other than spouting political theories and getting yelled at for them, you've probably seen this video. If you're not like me and you have a regular life, you should watch:

  • Smith pulled the video, probably more out of embarrassment than any sense of decency, so the only working copy I could find was from the guy a guerillapolitics dot com
  • Rachel is my hero. She's composed in spite her obvious discomfort. The world needs more Rachels and less Adam Smiths
  • The Democrat Party wants women to aspire to be hand-out queens like their fictional Julia, but the world would be better a better place if more people aspired to be like Rachel
  • Smith's hatred for corporations over-shadows his ignorance of the fact that Chick-fil-A is not a corporation, it's a privately held enterprise
  • Smith says he is a nice guy. I'm a nice guy. I know lots of nice guys. Nice guys don't pick on young ladies because of politics
  • Smith contends he's not gay -- apparently people's perception of Smith's sexuality is important to him
Adam Smith, the tough-guy you just watched pick on a poised and low-paid Chick-fil-A worker, was the CFO at a medical manufacturing company in Arizona. I say "was" because I guess the CEO of said company saw this video and decided he didn't like the way Mr. Smith represented his greedy and mean corporation -- so he canned Smith's angry rearend.

After getting fired for being an idiot, Mr. Smith suddenly got so remorseful he was driven to tears, and he filmed himself apologizing for his behavior. That Mr. Smith, a well-paid, educated adult was not able to control his urge to lash out at a young woman trying to earn a living should bother the rest of us who know how to behave in public.

As you can see, Adam Smith is sorry for the way he acted. But he was really, really, mad because he disagrees with the guy who runs Chick-fil-A about same-sex marriage, and well, when you're that mad you just have to yell at someone!
  • Smith is a true Democrat because basically none of this was his fault -- he was just so darned mad he couldn't help himself
  • The arrogance Smith exhibits as he preaches to the rest of us (who didn't yell at Rachel) to be civil is laughable
  • Pretty much, what I get from his apology is that he's sorry his escapade blew up in his face
  • Smith at one point claims he felt bad right away, but then he claims he was so pumped up about sticking it to Chick-fil-A for its "human rights violations" that he just considered Rachel to be "collateral damage" -- his timeline is as delirious as he is

What the Hell Is Wrong With These People?

The Left has been coddled for so long they've come to believe the first visceral and emotional response they have is the proper response. They have been conditioned to believe they are are entitled to be mad, hurt and angry. This has been accomplished after years of being told by their political leaders that everyone who disagrees with them is bad and aiming for the "end of the world as we know it" (Nancy Pelosi's words, not mine).

Harry Reid, the Majority Leader of the United States Senate accuses Mitt Romney of not having paid taxes for ten years and no one on the Left bats an eye. They just believe him. This in spite of the fact that the IRS is way too good at its job to let a rich guy like Romney go for ten years without having paid his fair share. Reid knows this logic will escape the minions on the Left because they just want to be mad at Romney for not being Obama. This is what happens when your politics become a Cult of Personality instead of a means of protecting your freedoms. That Barack Obama held the same views as Dan Cathy did until Joe Biden forced his hand never enters the minds of the angry Democrat.

Important Reminder To Angry Democrats: We Watched the Free Market At Work

Last Wednesday was an important day and not because of the same-sex marriage issue. We watched the free-market work, and it did so beautifully. People who are tired of being bullied by people for their beliefs (by people who want to be accepted for their's) went out and spent money to support another man's right to live his life according to his own beliefs.

Same-sex marriage wasn't the issue, neither was the false notion that Chick-fil-A somehow spouts hate because of Cathy's beliefs. Freedom was under assault by politicians who know a good bandwagon when they see it. Period.

Mr. Cathy and I do not share the same views on same-sex marriage. I don't know enough about what the hell we're doing on this planet in the first place to condemn a person for loving another person. I also don't know enough about how the universe works to condemn Mr. Cathy for believing what he believes. I'm pretty sure God's got it together enough to sort this all out at our final destination. And for you atheist libertarians out there, I guess none of this matters anyway.

If, however, Mr. Cathy was instructing the nice young ladies who work for him to ask prospective chicken sandwich eaters who they liked to have sex with before serving them, I would probably not -- in spite of their deliciousness -- eat Mr. Cathy's chicken sandwiches. I would, however, be perfectly happy to watch the market put Mr. Cathy's firm out of business for being so ridiculous. I would also smile while I watched the likes of Boston Mayor Tom Menino (D) and NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D) stand in the wings and learn how completely impotent they are when it comes to matters of conscience.

It's Only Going to Get Worse

If last Wednesday is any indication, there are a lot people in this country who are tired of elected government officials like Menino and Quinn attempting to run their lives based on their personal agendas -- regardless of what the law (or reality) says.

As November approaches, the Democrats you encounter in your own personal private, peaceful, daily lives, are going to become more rabid in their hatred of opinions that differ from their own.

Hold fast, smile at them, let them rant, then go do something to protect your freedom and the freedom of Americans who will come long after people like Adam Smith are just embarrassing memories in the annals of American political history.

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