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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney-Ryan 2012: A Step In the Right Direction

Since 1932, the Democrat Party has slowly and succinctly been whittling away at the rights and freedoms of the individual American. As a party, the Democrats were smart enough to know that changing the direction of the country from an idea of personal liberty toward a centralized, statist government was not going to happen over night.

With a few exceptions (Reagan, the House Republicans in 1994) the Republican Party has chosen the path of impotency in response to the Democrat plan to erase much of what made America great.

That Mitt Romney was bold and visionary enough to pick a running mate who is not afraid to say that our rights are not derived from the government shouldn't be exciting, but unfortunately in America in 2012 it is.

To all of you libertarians out there: We are not going to win the White House or any sizable numbers in Congress just because Barack Obama is the most socialist president this country has ever seen. It took the Democrat Party 80 years to make the country what it is today, and its going to take us another 80 years to undo the damage.

In 2012, we are indeed going to benefit from the blind arrogance and hubris of the Democrat Party that Barack Obama so beautifully symbolizes, but the fight is only just beginning. The door is open to improvement if we are smart enough to understand that it will come by degrees, not with one fell swoop. The Democrat Party has become full of itself, and as we all know, it's pride that goes before the fall. Let's come together with everyone to the Right of John McCain and facilitate that fall for them.

We must win by degrees, and Romney-Ryan is a tremendous start. We must keep up the pressure on the people who would destroy us for believing in personal liberty, and we must understand this is just the first round of what is going to be a long fight.

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