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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How To Argue With A Liberal Part XXIX: Soledad O'Brien Teaches Us That Facts Are Merely Obstacles to Overcome On the Way To Winning An Argument

In today's edition of my popular and potentially award-winning series "How To Argue With A Liberal," we  examine the role facts play during arguments about facts.

When I am getting yelled at for naively thinking we're all better off taking care of ourselves, I deal with two types of liberals:
  1. Those who throw facts out there knowing full well they are misleading or specious but their arrogance prevents them from worrying about coming off like a liar
  2. Those who repeat nuggets, bits, parts and extractions from other facts -- without knowing all the details -- that on their own are patently absurd or false but their laziness prevents them from worrying about coming off like a liar
Soledad O'Brien (D-CNN) falls into both categories.*

In the picture above, Soledad O'Brien is furiously leafing through an email containing a blog post from Talking Points Memo a Democrat Party mouthpiece. The piece was written by Sahil Kapur, who has previously written for the Guardian and the Huffington Post. The piece was entitled "The Myth That Paul Ryan Is A Bi-Partisan Leader."

That O'Brien, a "journalist," relies on a left-wing blogger for her notes and facts does not surprise me, nor do I have a problem with it. The problem I have is O'Brien never cites the piece she is looking through. To the contrary, O'Brien claims to be reading a statement directly from the office of Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR). She's not: She's reading an excerpt from the blog post linked in the previous paragraph. For more on this go to MRCTV.ORG (a right wing blog) (Did you see what I did here? I cited it as part of the information I am presenting to you)).

'Okay, big deal," you say and I pretty much agree with you. Except for this: I haven't gotten into an argument with a Democrat in the past 18 months where I have not been told to stop watching Fox News for all my talking points. To a Democrat or liberal (same thing) if you disagree it's only because the Orwellian folks over at Fox have brainwashed you into mis-understanding the facts. "Why not try watching CNN for a different perspective sometimes?" is the line I get from the nicer people who think I am as dumb as they are.

This morning, Ms. O'Brien had it out with John Sununu about Medicare and how Paul Ryan is going to kidnap Mitt Romney and then go on a rampage throwing old ladies off of various cliffs near his hometown in Wisconsin. Well, she didn't actually say that, but, well, you know, seniors are going to die, and that's all you need to know.

I pulled this video off of YouTube. It's entitled: "CNN's Soledad O'Brien Schools Romney Surrogate on Medicare Plan."  Of course the best part of the video is at the 2:49 mark when Sununu tells O'Brien to "put on Obama bumpersticker on [her] forehead." Presumably, these are the "disgusting words" mentioned by Soledad O'Brien Supporter #4 below.

Here's some of the comments enlightened supporters of Soledad's support of Barack Obama's $700 trillion cuts to Medicare had to say:
  • "this sums up politics lately. smart lady with facts vs... old dumbass with conflicting talking points scooping up romneys crap." 5 Likes
  • "Anyone in the GOP who was not a clown has been run out by Koch-led Tea Party candidates. Thank yourself if you voted for any of them as they are the same asshats who will block a vote no matter the cost to the country." 4 Likes
  • "Classy lady with facts vs. Fat ass liar yelling gibberish." 0 Likes :-( 

  • "BTW you know when the right is losing...they start using disgusting words when they have nothing else. Yes, I'm talking about you crayhead!" 0 Likes :-(
  • "Sununu is full of crap. Soledad is reading exactly what Romney said. Sorry but Sununu's a liar liar pants on fire.Romney picked the worst candidate for VP & he will live to regret it." 0 Likes :-(
  • You go girl! 0 Likes :-(
At the 2:39 mark, with all of the smug disgust she can muster, O'Brien cites Factcheck.com as part of her refutation of what Sununu is saying.

Here's a screen shot of that mainstay of Democrat and CNN information, Factcheck.com :

Extra-special shout out to Ali Akbar (Activist, Opinion leader, Consultant.
Pres of @NatlBloggers. CEO at @ViceAndVictory. Chief #GiveUsRyan
Screamer! Organizer of #BlogBash) for sharing this.

For the less Internet savvy amongst you, this is a screenshot of the site to buy the domain name Factcheck.com from DomainNamesSales dot Com -- because Factcheck.com doesn't actually exist.  

You go girl! 

So just remember the next time you're getting hammered by a liberal: the facts they use may not in fact be facts, they might just be stuff people made up.  

* - Special shout-out to blogger DANEgerus.com for the new political identifier for media water-carriers.

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