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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Winning By Degrees: Where Ron Paul's Supporters Get It Wrong

This piece originally ran July 2, 2012, but in light of the events concering Ron Paul and his supporters at the RNC convention yesterday, I felt it was a good idea to take another look at it:


If you are a Ron Paul supporter and you are basing your voting choice this November on your emotional dissatisfaction over the GOP primary outcome and the candidacy of Mitt Romney, please read this and pass it along to all of your friends who also support Paul. I'm urging you not to take the Democrat/Liberal path of emotionalism to the voting booth, but rather to look intellectually at the war we are in to save our country in the long view.

I am a fighter for freedom and libertarianism, but I did not support Ron Paul for President.

Here's a quick look at Paul's 2012 platform:
  • Believes Healthcare is not a right but a commodity and should be treated as such. Government interference in the healthcare system directly and indirectly (via regulations and licensing) is to blame for the current unaffordability of healthcare in the US. I 100% agree.
  • Disagreed with US assassinations of Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki on the grounds that the bin Laden operation violated Pakistani sovereignity and the al-Awlaki assassination set a dangerous precedent giving the US government free license to kill people it thinks are dangerous or bad. I 100% agree.
  • On immigration, Paul contends that if charities want to treat illegals they should be free to do so but Federal mandates forcing hospital emergency rooms to treat illegal aliens are a burden on treatment facilities and make illegal immigration enticing. I 100% agree.
  • Believes the 14th Amendment (granting automatic birthright citizenship to children born in the US) should be amended to end birthright citizenship. I 100% agree.
  • Believes the embargo of Cuba should be ended immediately, citing our ability to trade with and visit Vietnam, China and other Communist countries. He correctly states that it's time to let the people reach out and help end the Castro regime the government has proven incapable of ending. I 100% agree.
  • Was against the war in Iraq on the grounds that it was Al Qaeda and not Iraq that attacked us on September 11, 2001, and that war should only be entered into to protect US citizens after a Congressional declaration has been made. I 100% agree.
  • Against foreign intervention and believes US forces should be removed from Korea, Europe, and Japan, and that foreign aid to all countries should be considerably reduced where it is not eliminated, citing the overwhelming financial burden US foreign intervention places on its citizens. I 100% agree.
  • Paul has called Social Security a "Ponzi scheme" that "is in bad shape." He alsos believes Social Security is un-Constitutional. I 100% agree.
  • Illegal drug addiction, Paul, a physician, believes should be treated as an illness, like alcoholism is. He correctly states that prohibition causes crime, and that the war on drugs has been a dismal failure. I 100% agree.
  • Believes "the federal government has absolutely no [Constitutional] role in education regardless of what the Supreme Court has claimed." He correctly states that the way to improve education, reduce costs, and regain control of our schools from violence and drug abuse is to remove the centralized control of school systems and to return school curricula, funding, and administration back to the local community level. I 100% agree.

I could go on for another 2500 words, but I've made my point -- I pretty much agree with Ron Paul on just about all of his platform. In fact, I took an Internet test on my libertarianism and I scored a "97% agreement with Ron Paul" score. But then again, I was a libertarian before being a libertarian was a cool way to fight for the future of the country.

That being said, I did not support Ron Paul for President and I am glad I didn't.


New Jersey is a ridiculous cesspool of bad Democrat ideas, labor union corruption, and Liberal do-gooder condescension to people who are struggling to get by. New Jersey sucks. The taxes here are unbelievably high, the roads are falling apart, crime rates are criminal, and some parts of the state smell bad. In fact, things were so bad in New Jersey that even liberals knew it was time to do something, so we all got together a couple of years ago and elected Republican Chris Christie to be our governor.

Christie is loud, in-your-face, chubby, and focused on New Jersey's problems -- but he is no way a Conservative. He's not a RINO, but just barely. In short, he is exactly the non-Democrat, non-Liberal governor the State of New Jersey can handle right now. New Jersey is a failed Socialist experiment, so a true Constitutional libertarian would make everybody's head explode but mine.

But we're taking New Jersey back by degrees. Three years of balanced budgets with no tax increases is a good start.

You Can't Always Get What You Want, But Sometimes You Get What You Need

Ron Paul is pretty much right about pretty much everything he says, but America couldn't handle him right now. Can you imagine all the Julias whining about "women's health issues" and all the Jeremys asking us to pay their student loans if an actual adult like Ron Paul got elected?

Sure that's what we proper-thinking people who understand freedom and liberty want, but we have to man- and woman-up and understand we can't get everything we want all at once. We have to win by degrees. In short, we have to take the country back from the Democrats in the same way the Democrats took it away from us...a little at a time.

Ron Paul supporters and people unhappy with Mitt Romney, listen to me -- we have to win in November and we have to continue winning by degrees. Most of us want our country back right now without compromise, but that's a foolish path to take: There are more people who have been conditioned to believe Big Government is our salvation than there are people who know what a mistake that belief is. We have to help them see the light of liberty and freedom one step at a time.

Don't destroy what little chance we have left to save this country for our children and their children. Vote for the candidate who most closely represents your desire for a life free from government intereference and then hold his or her feet to the fire every chance you get.

We must win by degrees.

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