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Monday, July 16, 2012

Obama Tells Successful People "You Didn't Build That." Successful People Beg To Differ

Attention Liberals, Democrats and Obamabots: Don't bother sending me messages explaining what Obama meant. I understand how this whole government/citizen relationship thing is supposed to work. Keep your dopey, condescending comments to yourself on this one, because you're only going to make yourself sound ridiculous as you attempt to defend the indefensible.

In a variation on Obama's constant theme of not taking personal responsibility for anything, the President would now like you to believe that other people are responsible for your success. Apparently he got this idea from everyone's favorite Native American, Elizaberth Warren, who first put forth the ridiculous notion that success only happens because of the government, last year during her unsuccessful Senate bid.

This is video of Obama's speech Friday in Roanoke, VA, where the President told another enraptured audience that successful people only got that way because of all the unsuccessful people out there who made it happen.

I posted the part of the speech that matters, without any editing of the video itself. Here are the points the mainstream media will avoid like the plague.

0:05: "But you know what, I'm not gonna see us gut the investments that grow our economy to give tax breaks to people like me and Mr. Romney, and people who don't need 'em."
With this statement, President Obama tries to convince us that everything comes from the government, and that prosperity only happens because of government spending. He fails to mention that government only has money as a result of the taxes that people pay...because they are prosperous.
0:17: "So I'm going to reduce the deficit in a balanced way. We've already made a trillion dollars worth of cuts, we can make another trillion, or trillion two, and what we then do is ask for the wealthy to pay a little more."
If you believe that raising taxes on "the wealthy" is going to reduce a multi-trillion dollar deficit I will tell you right now that you are a not a very bright person, or maybe even an idiot.
For Obama to seriously submit he has cut the deficit by a trillion dollars is absurd. At best, the deficits he has run up would have been $5.7 trillion instead of $4.7 trillion. In short, not spending money you wanted to spend does not count against money you cut from your total debt. 
0:32: "A guy named Bill Clinton" created 23 million new jobs by raising taxes on the wealthy.
Bill Clinton, who disagrees with Obama on raising taxes on "the wealthy" rode the tech bubble that inflated job figures and tax revenues. When the tech bubble burst, Bill Clinton's surplus disappeared too. Luckily for Clinton, the tech bubble burst after he was out of office, so the simple view has remained that Clinton was a financial genius, but the fact is, not understanding the bubble is a partial reason we find ourselves where we are now.
0:45: "We created a lot of millionaires."
The argument could be made that Obama is referring to "we" as all of us -- the country in general. He's not, he's referring to the government and its policies at the time. By your logic for agreeing with Obama's faulty statement, the government is also responsible for destroying the wealth of a lot of people. You can't have it both ways.
0:49: "There are a lot of wealthy Americans who agree with me."
George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker are not creators. They speak the lines another person has written and have good hygiene. They can agree with Obama all they want, but they are not wealth creators. Warren Buffett has been used by Obama and the Democrats as an example of a rich guy who hates his money, but trust me, Warren Buffett is not going out of his way to pay more taxes, and one rich guy does not "a lot" make. George Soros agrees with Obama, but then again, George Soros made his money banking on diminshing currecny values.
0:58: "If you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own.
If the cheers of the audience for this line don't convince you that Obama is playing the class warfare card to his core audience of people who want the government to be the fount of all, then stop reading here because there is no help for you.
1:05: "I'm always struck by people who think 'well it must be because I'm just so smart.'"
Coming from a guy who won't release his college transcripts and who admits he relied on a benefactor (whom he refuses to name) because he didn't have the drive to work his way through school, this statement is not at all surprising. To the rest of us who work hard to better ourselves and our families by getting an education and working hard, this statement is also offensive in the extreme.
1:13: "It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something, there are a lot of hard working people out there."
That's life kids, some people get rich, some people don't. Hating the guy who got rich because you didn't is like hating the Earth because it rained on your birthday -- it might make you feel good for a few seconds, but it doesn't increase your wealth, or make the rain go away. It does however increase the wealth of the "leader" who panders to unhappiness by encouraging the ignorant who don't understand success to hate those who do.
1:22: "If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help...there was a great teacher somewhere in your life."
And that teacher was paid for, presumably, by the local and state taxes the wealthy person's parents paid because of their hard work while the now wealthy person was growing up. Unless of course that wealthy person is a Kennedy, then they were rich because of illegal activities during Prohibition, but I digress. Back on track, the teacher, who got paid to do a job, did his or her job with passion and concern, and that's why they went into teaching in the first place. If somebody gets paid to do a job -- and do the job well, we shouldn't have to cheer for them too.
1:31: "Somebody helped create this unbelievable American system we have that helped you thrive."
And they helped create it by working hard, striving to succeed and not relying on government handouts.
1:40: "Somebody invested in roads and bridges. You didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."
He says this under the stupid assumption that people get wealthy in a vacuum. This is just simply too childish to be the actual words of an adult. Sadly, they are.
People paid taxes from the fruits of their hard work expecting a decent infrastructure in return. and in fact, Mr. President, the taxes I pay every single day of my life better be going toward continuing to "build that." If not, then sir you are doing nothing more than stealing from me for the benefit of others.
1:49: The Internet didn't get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.
This is just so fast and loose with the facts that it is actually factually incorrect. First of all, the Internet wasn't "invented," it was developed and evolved over twenty years of cooperation between private enterprise, university consortiums and certain Federal agencies, among them DOD and NASA. Al Gore, Uncle Sam, or Barack Obama did not invent the Internet so all of these companies could make money off of it. Supporting somebody who actually beleives this nonsense says more about you than it does about him.
2:00: "The point is, is that when we succeed we succeed because of our individual initiative but also because we do things together.
Unless you're a party hack partisan, then you don't do anything together because you're afraid of the ego hit compromise might cause.
2:07: "There's some things, like fighting fires we don't do on our own. I mean imagine, if everybody had their own fire service. That'd be a hard way to organize fightin' fires. So we say to ourselves, since the founding of this country, 'You know what? There's some things we do better together."
Where am I, sociology in my first semester at the local community college? What a stupid way to make the case that we need to raise taxes to pay for government services. This is just such a stupid statement and pandering argument, that I have to apologize to myself for having to waste my precious time on it.
Of course, as a society, we have decided to have certain services handled by government entities. Unfortunately for Obama, in this lame example, those entities are not typically Federal they are State and local, and I'm disheartened he doesn't understand the difference. Raising Federal taxes on the "wealthy" will not pay for one more firefighter (or his pension( in my town. As a society, we also never joined together in agreement to allow union firefighters, and other union government workers, to work for twenty years and then retire on the public's money so they can go off and earn money from a second career. This was forced on us by ignorant politicians and greedy union representatives and members, but lest we all wind up like Jimmy Hoffa, nobody is willing to call it what it is -- theft from the public till.
2:29: "That's how we funded the GI Bill."
When's the last time you heard somebody complain about the GI Bill?
2:31: "That's how we created the middle class."
We, in Obama's meaning "the government," did not create the middle class. The middle class created itself through the hard work and desires for a better life of uncounted millions of people who didn't depend on the government to help them reach the grave. This is an insult to every person, or every race, who worked hard to give their children a better life.
2:33: "That's how we built the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hoover Dam."
That was before most of our tax revenues went to fund an insatiable military-industrial complex, and for free cell phones for people, and for pensions for union employees who retire at 46 years old.
2:36: That's how we invented the Internet.
There are a whole lot of private sector engineers who would argue this point, Mr. President. I being a former one whose job was shipped overseas count among them.
2:38: That's how we sent a man to the moon.
Except in your America we outsourced those jobs to Russia. I bet the thousands of unemployed engineers who formerly worked at NASA wish you would put some effort into making America a scientific contender once again.
2:40: "We rise or fall as one nation and as one People, and that's the reason I'm running for President. Because I still believe in that ideal. You're not alone. We're in this together."
Wait...what? Don't you already have the job? I mean, shouldn't you have a record of success at implementing your vision of the American ideal by now? Or does your record speak for itself?

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