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Monday, July 30, 2012

How To Argue With A Liberal, Part XXVII: In This Installment A Person Who Doesn't Even Know Me Wishes For My Death

In today's episode we'll review what happens when an innocent libertarian blogger (me) writes a post (#RomneyShambles - Reason and Intelligence Take A Beating In the Twitterverse - July 26, 2012)
about how the entire United Kingdom and Democrat Party in the United States got upset over what they thought Mitt Romney said about the London Olympics. In reality Romney just reiterated what the Brits have been saying all along, but no one can pass up even a marginal excuse for a good snit nowadays. Among the hate-tweets and hate-email I received, one fellow in particular really allowed me to rent space in his head. His name is Steve, I'll keep his Twitter handle secret to a) spare you the intellectual violence; and b) not give Steve the attention he so desperately craves.

Over the weekend I learned that English people take themselves, their Olympics, and opening ceremonies very seriously and that no one is allowed to not like anything they do, much less make fun of it. I'm okay with that -- it just makes making fun of it all the more fun for me, but I'm concerned with how the American press unfairly treats American people they don't like and how their American audience hangs on their every word without ever considering thinking on their own.

Here's a sampling of some of the more intelligent things Steve as he barraged me with his rage. According to Steve, who describes himself as a "programmer, LIBERAL Obama fan," (emphasis his) I am a/an:
  • "condescending, arrogant, self-angrandizing jerk (I pointed out to Steve that I am 'self-aggrandzing' because I didn't think 'self-angrandizing" was actually a thing, but Steve just got even madder
  • "putz"
  • "jerk"
  • "goddamn terrorist pig"
  • "pathetic joke"
  • "asshole"
  • "stupid f:-)"
  • "idiot"
  • "f:-)ing liar"
Not being content with name calling, Steve also had the following advice for me:
  • go rape poor people
  • F:-) off and die
  • die
  • die
In case he hadn't gotten his point across, Steve also said he "despised me" and that my "ego is larger than my brain." At this point I began to think that maybe Steve was in reality my ex-wife posing as a liberal computer jockey off his meds, but then I realized my ex-wife could never string that many words together without adding a demand for money.

In between his nasty little tweets Steve also attacked me in detail. Remember, until this point I had simply voiced my opinion about Mitt Romney and how upset the entire world was over soemthing he hadn't actually said.

Here's Steve's first thoughtful response

My replies are italicized
How could any rational person NOT be angry at Wrong Wing thugs in the House who choose terrorist tactics to threaten America core components like our Good Faith and Credit? GOP Tea Party advocates adhere unrelentingly to a threat to not raise the Debt Ceiling for political leverage. Except that continually raising the debt ceiling -- without cutting spending -- is an incredibly irresponsible thing to do if we are wise enough to think about future generations of Americans instead of just our measely selves. Wrong Wing thugs is Steve's incredibly original term for Right Wing thugs. See what he did there? Brilliance!

 Not raising the DC will cause America to default on obligations ALREADY INCURRED. A subsequent lowering of our credit rating will wreak financial damage across the globe, engendering suffering for hundreds of millions. Except Steve, and your mom and dad should've taught you this, when you find you've spent too much money and incurred too much debt, the only responsible way to clear the debt is to reduce spending going forward. Econ 101, dude.

GOP policies inflict near-seditious lies upon a President working hard to overcome an inherited financial disaster from Bush which GOP steadfastly denies. This was prompted because I challenged Steve to explain his  points without blaming Bush. He couldn't do that. I wonder if Steve ever called George Bush 'Hitler'?
After birther nonsense; Allen West shrill cries of Congressional Communists; Bachman's equally incredible claim of Muslim conspiracies at the highest levels at the State Department; McConnell's non-feasance in the Senate; Boehner's inability to control dangerous extremists threatening America at it's core; drug addicts gushing hate speech, frequently uncoded; Palin, Gohmert, Issa, et. al., how much civility do you expect? Didja notice that according to Steve, Barack Obama and any Democrat, living or dead, are completely innocent? This is very childish, even for a Democrat. The 'drug addicts gushing hate speech' is Steve's slam at Rush Limbaugh, and his much-lublicized bout with painkillers -- ten years ago. He assumes I must listen to Rush because I disagree with him -- I don't, I work for a living and I've outlined in previous columns how destructive I think talk radio and the media in general is. But to Steve, the world is very simple -- hence his take on things is equally so.

GOP policy, Fox News (your propaganda vessel) & your Junkie Thought Police all support No Tolerance for Terrorists. If our terrific President said something nice about a Muslim, Rove and his Lee Atwater clones would sneer derisively about 'weak-ass Libtards too dumb to know who the enemy is', in chorus with all your Usual Suspects. First of all, any adult who blindly calls a leader 'terrific' is dangerous -- to himself and me. I like that Steve assumes, because I disagree with him, that I watch Fox News. Too bad Steve never took the time to get to know me and my viewing habits before wishing for me to die. I do however love the Lee Atwater reference! Way to bring the 80s into the argument Stevie boy!

You want me to be polite to GOP thugs in the house who want to wreck the global economy without understanding the consequences of their actions? You want this so you can continue to support the David and Charles Koch's unmitigated desire to acquire more wealth and power at the expense of the elderly, the poor, the vulnerable and now most of what used to be called the Middle Class? It's laughable that anyone how lives outside of their mom's basement would actually think the Koch brothers are as powerful as Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher say they are. One question, how the hell does anyone acquire wealth from the poor, when by defintion the poor have no wealth to acquire?

As I would say to any other terrorist, "Burn in Hell, you insane, remorseless bastard. You deserve no better." And all this because my opinion differs from his.

Here's the second missive Steve wrote in between sending me messages hoping for my death:
McConnell is guilty of non-feasance. Don't correct when I'm right and you're wrong. These are my views. As you must to maintain your standing with the baggers, I'm speaking in 'talking points'. Thinking maybe Steve was a harmless guy who could take a joke, I teasingly corrected him that McConnell was guilty of malfeasance. This enraged Steve. I then asked Steve why he didn't think Harry Reid wasn't guilty of nonfeasance for not passing a budget in three years. Steve hasn't gotten back to me on that one.

I am speaking, correctly, what I feel. You call them talking points because you've heard them so frequently, because they are fact -- which you must attempt to discredit to maintain fealty with the baggers. If feelings were truth, everday would be Christmas and unicorns would be hat racks. I did in fact accuse Steve of slinging talking points at me, because that was all he'd been slinging -- in between his namecalling and his hopes for my death. Steve's reference to 'bagger' is Democrat Party homophobic slang for "Tea Party member." I am neither, but this doesn't matter to angry people like Steve, who obviously fear homosexuals and Republicans alike.

I repeat myself so you see it twice. I'm clearly not getting through, past your Fox Veil of lies. See above.

The only point I might have made with you is the contempt with which I hold you and yours. I feel sorry for Steve. He takes his politics way too seriously for an ill-informed guy who spends his time parroting the words of others in between hoping for other people to die, all the while hoping his mom doesn't knock on the basement door and ask him to take out the trash or something.

Worst Congress ever; worst Republican Party ever; worst lying thugs ever. Your smug certitude is bewildering. Enjoy your confused views of reality. I have nothing for you, least of all interest in your views, beliefs or admiration for my passion. I agree with him that this Congress is the worst ever (tied for last place with all of the other ones since 1911). I am also no fan of the Republican Party, but Steve is too busy being narrow-minded and thin-skinned to understand either. My "smug certitude" would of course be bewildering to someone who is as blinded by rage as Steve is -- that, and the fact that I know what I'm talking about, which is problematic to people like Steve who don't. How's that for smug certitude? When I told Steve I admired his passion, he didn't get that I was making fun of him. Probably because he was just so damned passionately hoping for my death.

You are a member of a gang of lying thugs attacking what America USED to stand for before the Koch filth bought SCOTUS with Citizens United. It's destroying American democracy; I'm sure you think it's a wonderful new direction for the country. For some reason -- even though Steve and his gang of Democrats win in the Supreme Court way more than regular Americans do -- Steve thinks the Koch brothers have bribed the Supreme Court Justices into voting with George Bush and Dick Cheney or something. I didn't bother to point out the silliness of Steve's statement. Steve is obviously an Occupy Wall Street kind of guy, and well, we all know by now how seriously we should take those people.

The Far Wrong are a destructive and self-destructive force in America. I look forward to their continuing efforts to destroy themselves. "Extremism and thoroughness in defense of decency is no vice." (Restrain your desire to tell me you admire my political references; I'm not in the business of currying the favor of enemies to my country.) Steve closes his rant with a paraphrase of Barry Goldwater, presumably just to show me how up on his 1964 Presidential Campaign references he is. Fair play to ya for sharing your smartitude, but I hate to tell you this Steve, it's not just your country, and you don't have sole proprietorship over it.
In all fairness, I instigated Steve's rage by telling him I would explain my points to him after he put his big boy pants on. This was after he sent me a tweet calling me one of the names listed above when he got his feelings hurt by my post about Mitt's Olympic "slam." Apparently Steve's big boy pants consist of a hissy fit, a tantrum, and a slight wet spot on the seat.

Now, most of you regular Americans (non-Occupy Wall Street, non-Obamabots) encounter raving, heathen, Democrat barbarians like Steve on a regular basis. Their viciousness causes you to recoil and hide your opinions away.

To this I say: Have fun with them instead! Here's how:
  • Reply with questions about previous statements only
  • Point out talking points when they sling them, it let's them know you know the propaganda too
  • Ask them to explain the talking points in detail, as if you actually want help understanding them
  • Don't resort to name calling
  • Always, always, always point out grammatical and spelling errors -- it drives them mad
  • Give them false praise (like admiring their passion) -- they hate that kind of condescension
  • Don't waste time trying to educate people like Steve, the view from their mom's basement is a narrow one with no room for actual facts
These are the people who are working fervently to get Barack Obama re-elected -- that alone should be reason enough for civil members of society to vote against the President. Anger and rage are the personal problems of people like Steve -- we can't let their misguided knowledge of freedom and liberty become our problems any longer.

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