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Friday, June 15, 2012

Poverty Part I: Takers Make Us All Poor

Government is the natural result of the demands and needs of people who contribute to a society. Government can never be more than that or it will necessarily interfere with the freedoms of its citizens. Society needs infrastructure, internal security (police and fire), national defense, and a set of rules for trade and domestic tranquility. After that, a government does nothing more than interfere with personal freedoms. Contrary to the non-sensical beliefs of Socialists and Communists throughout history, people are not interested in the common good and it's naive to think otherwise. People are interested in themselves and the welfare of their own. Don't believe me? Then why aren't people receiving free cell phones to the tune of $2.1 billion a year saying "Hey, you know what, President Obama? For the good of society let me chip in a little bit for that cool phone you just gave me." End of discussion. Takers take because of their own self-interest.

If you are a healthy adult and you are receiving a free cell phone, food assistance, housing assistance, or any other type of governmental assistance (including student loans, business subsidies, etc.) you are a taker, and therefore you weaken the fabric of society. Period. If your government is putting you in that position through its own incompetence or malfeasance, you are a slave.

If you are a contributing member of society and your hard labor and ingenuity is divided up amongst the takers, you are not a free person, you are a slave to your government and the people the government has forcibly placed in role of taker.

Human beings developed the family network as a means of protecting family members in need of assistance at various times in their lives: childhood, old age, bad luck. Modern human beings have destroyed the fabric of the family and replaced it with government. The problem is, now all of us -- at all times throughout our lives -- are forced to pay for the assistance of others to the detriment of our own financial welfare. Meanwhile, the Professional Political class digs its leech-like suckers deeper into what little fat we have left.

Our own ignorant decisions have placed the Professional Political class in perpetual command of our lives because we, the sheeple, ignorantly vote for them year-after-year. As a result, we've developed a nation that will soon have no concept of caring for itself -- regardless of the circumstance. This is not freedom my friends, this is slavery.
  • By governmental design, the poor are indentured to the government for their subsistence with no hope of leaving their stations
  • By political design, racial and class identities trump national identity because the Professional Political class uses them to further their own careers
  • By governmental and political design, the middle class -- the largest class in a supposedly class-free society -- are indentured to the government as they pay for the country's financial survival
  • By political design, the "rich" are frowned upon through the demagoguery and manipulation of the Professional Political class and are therefore only worthy if their wealth makes them feel guilty -- unless they are rap and R&B stars or athletes, that kind of wealth is okay
If you live in America, and you are healthy, you have no reason to ever want for anything, in spite of the desires of the ruling elite. The longer we allow the mindset to develop that America is no longer a place of freedom and opportunity for everyone, the closer we come to losing freedom for ourselves and our children.

Walking 4 hours round-trip for water is poverty.

Living in a nation with a government that helps you get
your liquor on, is not. It's indentured servitude.

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