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Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama Affirms Same Sex Marriage, Or, The Politics of Pandering to the Short of Attention

You're a trollish, right wing, racist, homophobe, corporate loving, gas guzzling, white guy, what the hell do you know?

Well, now that you've voiced your default response to anyone who disagrees with you, let me answer your question.

Actually I'm a deist libertarian, which means I believe in God (right? opposite of atheist libertarian). I believe in the right of each person to live their lives how they choose with no interference from the state until said person puts someone else's life or freedom in jeopardy. An atheistic libertarian believes in no higher power or force than the existence of man in the here and now, a theist libertarian believes what you do is between you and whatever it is that put you here. Therefore, same-sex marriage does not affect me either way, in fact, I am a strong supporter of a person's right to choose who they want to share their life and assets with. However, as a person who believes in tradition I don't think it would hurt anybody's feelings to call the different "marriages" (same-sex and heterosexual) by different names because they are in fact different things.

Okay, Mr. Liberty McLibertarianstein, what does Barack Obama's "affirmation" really mean?

Barack Obama's announcement this week "affirming" same-sex marriage did absolutely nothing to further the cause of same-sex couples who are fighting for legal recognition of their chosen partners. Obama deferred to the 10th Amendment for the sake of expediency, thereby putting himself in the position of "affirming" something he has been ambivalent about or against in the past while using his position to curry political favor with donors. This is laughable because Democrats in general despise the 10th Amendment because in their eyes it lessens Federal power.

If you think Obama's announcement is going to change anything, you are going to be sorely disappointed. I won't call you gullible so you don't get mad at me, but I think you get the point. Sure, you might "feel" all happy inside that the President of the United States "affirmed" your right to choose you partner, but listen up kids, he did nothing, zero, zilch, nada, to help you protect or achieve your rights.

Wait until this summer when the Democrat Party Platform is announced. There will be nary a word on the Federal level about same-sex marriage. It's been deferred to the states (where it belongs) so don't celebrate Obama's announcement as some sort of political victory. You have been sold-out for campaign cash.

You're wrong, moron, it was a civil rights victory for the oppressed!

This affirmation was not a "civil rights" victory. Homosexuals can drink out of the same water fountains as heterosexuals. They can sit in the front of the bus, they can go to school with heterosexuals, they were not held as slaves, and even though there are morons among us, homosexuals are not institutionally run out of town or intimidated by cross burnings. You cannot equate this country's historical institutional treatment of blacks and Native Americans with the personal prejudices of those who disagree with you on the definition of a word or with what they view as a lifestyle choice.

Is there discrimination against homosexuals? Absolutely. Until human thought is regulated or outlawed completely there will always be discrimination. You cannot institutionalize discrimination out of existence.

That being said, what really happened?

President Obama played politics with your sexuality and your emotions to protect as much of his base as he possibly could. It worked, but nothing has changed for you if you are trying to have your same-sex partner recognized in the same way my opposite-sex partner is recognized. I won't say you've been duped, but you sure as heck haven't been told the truth -- or had your problem even partially solved.

Obama needed to say something to respond to Joe Biden's defacto support of same-sex marriage which was in opposition to the Obama Administration's stated policy, but he didn't do anything. By the way, the Defense of Marriage Act is still on the books.

The announcement also served to deflect attention away from matters we should all (gay and straight) be concerned with -- the future of our country. The Democrat Party default when it's faced with a problem that's not easily solvable among the electorate is to purposely deflect attention onto a social issue that illuminates the divisions between us. By applauding Obama's big words and non-action you have unwittingly been used as a Democrat pawn in the war of propaganda currently being waged between the two dominant political parties.

Wow, you're kind of brilliant, so tell me, what really matters?

If the economy crumbles or America completely loses its identity as a place that encourages individual achievement and prosperity, it's not going to matter who you marry -- you're both going to be destitute.

Forget who you are sexually, ethnically, racially, politically. Remember that you are an American and in order for you to pursue the life you want to pursue, America has to work to its fullest potential. When our president and the dominant media leaders in this country pander to subsets of Americans in order to divide us and profit off us, we all lose.

The smallest minority is the individual, so when a leader panders to any one particular group -- no matter how small the group is -- he is by default discriminating against an uncountable number of minorities. The main effort of the President of the United States of America should not be the division of Americans by belief.

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