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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuno: The Left Is Afraid of Him and The Right May Not Know What To Do With Him

Luis Fortuno was sworn in as governor of Puerto Rico in January of 2009. At the time, Puerto Rico was in abysmal fiscal shape. Truth be told it is still not growing at a great pace -- but it is recovering faster than most of the actual states in the United States. Fortuno lowered the corporate tax rate from 41% to 30% as well as cutting individual tax rates and since his actions, Puerto Rico’s deficit has shrunk from $3.3 billion to around $600 million. Granted, there are still some pressing issues in Puerto Rico that his detractors are quick to point out, but he is the first conservative governor of Puerto Rico since 1969 -- repairing the damage left by the wanton spending of the modern liberal will take longer than three years.

“These are not Washington cuts. Puerto Rico’s fiscal and economic operation was by far the worst in the country,” Fortuno says about his policy actions.

Fortuno also supports comprehensive immigration reform, securing our borders and enforcing current immigration laws. Like most libertarians, he does not support forced deportation of resident illegal immigrants.

Puerto Rico's infrastructure made New Jersey's infrastructure look pretty good (for those of you residing west of the Delaware River, that means that Puerto Rico's infrastructure was approaching Dresden circa 1945 levels of horribleness). In his efforts to reclaim Puerto Rico's infrastructure left after 40 years of non-conservative rule, Fortuno's policy has been to use private sector contractors for maintenance and improvement, which is both cheaper and far more efficient than public sector efforts.

Fortuno is a solid conservative and while some of his views diverge from libertarian policy, he is exactly the type of leader the GOP is starving for.

Why haven't you heard of him then?

Because the Left is deathly afraid of a Hispanic with conservative bona fides who has actually been successful implementing plans the Right understands the country needs and the Left realizes will destroy their power base.

The GOP (notice I didn't say "Right") is sort of like Baby Huey when it comes to embracing things it should embrace without much hesitation (how many times did Reagan have to run before the establishment GOP accepted him?). The good news is the Romney campaign has Fortuno on their radar for the veep slot.

The GOP should be fully vetting Mr. Fortuno as you read this -- they refrain from doing so at their own peril. Forget his race, or ethnicity, or whatever it is you people insist of cubbyholing people with...there may be few more qualified running mates for Romney than Luis Fortuno (even though Fortuno is prohibited from voting in the presidential election).

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