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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Alarming Rate of Missing American Citizens Who Are Black -- What the Media Isn't Telling Us

Lately, it seems that the favorite story of The Monolithic Media is the missing child or woman, with a particular focus on young, white, blond women. Are these stories tragic? Absolutely. I do not mean in any way to lessen the emotional trauma and burden of the loved ones of the missing, but it's for that exact reason I think we need to have a little perspective on the "epidemic" we are currently experiencing.

Without much mental effort, I can think of four college-aged women and three female children whose disapperances are covered regularly. It should be noted that each of the four women I can immediately recall are blond and white. This is not a reflection of my racial views, it's a reflection of the saturation of the news media. In fact, instead of questioning my racial views, you should be questioning the racial motivations of the Monolithic Media.

These stories make riveting content on our 24 hour-a-day news cycle, but are they representative of reality?

All of the following statistics are from the FBI National Crime Information Center. The last year statistics were available is 2010.
  • As of 12-31-10 there were 692,944 active missing persons files
  • 515,531 were classified "juvenile" (5,324 were over the age of 18)
  • 5,298 (under 18) and 14,555 (over 18) were considered "involuntary"
  • 288,213 were female and 243,686 were male (under 18)
  • 67,030 were female and 93,974 were male (over 18)
  • 14,529 were Asian (all ages)
  • 229,736 were Black (all ages)
  • 9,284 were Native America (all ages)
  • 418,859 were Caucasian or Hispanic (all ages)

This breaks down as follows:
  • Males over 18 were more likely to be classified as missing than females
  • Females under the age of 18 were more likely to be classified as missing than males
  • Caucasians/Hispanics make up 80.7% of the total population and account for 60% of missing persons
  • Asians make up 4.5% of the total population and account for 2% of missing persons
  • Native Americans make up 0.8% of the total population and account for 1% of missing persons
The biggest cause for concern:
  •  Blacks make up 12.2% of the total population and account for 33% of missing persons
For Caucasians/Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans, the representative ratios are expected, but the ratio for Blacks is so far out of alignment that we as a nation should be alarmed. Yet, the Monolithic Media would have us believe that only white, mostly blond, females ever go missing.

I was not able to find numbers representing the number of Black females versus Black males who were listed as missing, but in the general population females represented 51% of all missing person (48% male; 1% unknown) so one would expect the male/female ratio to be relatively stable when broken down by race.

The Monolithic Media, that survives the daily struggle for advertising dollars by sensationalizing everything it can possible sensationalize is strangely silent on -- and certainly not statistically representing -- the epidemic of missing Black men, women and children while it attempts to get us to believe that if you are white, female and, in particular, blond, you will most certainly go missing at some point in your life.

There are two points that must be considered here:
  • What is the racial motivation of the Monolithic Media to all but ignore the plight of missing Blacks while trumpeting cases of missing white women with little or no regard for statistical representation?(Yes, trumpeting. Whether that word makes you uncomfortable or not is not my concern.)
  • The Monolithic Media is playing to the darkest fears of its audience by featuring these stories ahead of what used to be considered hard news, just like a B movie producer does to create a return on his investment, and we buy this fraud whole cloth out of some strange guilt or sick fascincation
  • What is the problem in a segment of the population that also ignores a completely out of proportion number of its members going missing without taking steps to alter the course it is on? (Yes, I asked the question, call me racist for doing so, but I would offer that those of you who are offended by this question are not only racist yourselves, you're also intellectually dishonest)
The Monolithic Media once again proves it is not interested in reality, but that it will chase the profits its managers think are to be earned from covering certain stories while ignoring others -- all while hiding behind the cloak of journalistic integrity.

I'm all for profit, but earning profit without regard for the truth is fraud.

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