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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why Barack Obama Is the Perfect President For the Age We Are In

"There is scarcely a king (or would-be-king) in a hundred who would not, if he could, follow the example of Pharaoh—get first all the people’s money, then all their lands, and then make them and all their children slaves forever." — Thomas Jefferson

At a campaign event in Nashville, TN, on Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama fired up the Obama Faithful by saying, "We are so blessed to have him. We are so blessed. This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light."

Those words are chilling to me. Anytime a human being is exalted to the level of a god or God, my intellect tells me to turn and run as far away as possible. I feel sorry for another healthy adult who wears his love for a leader on a baseball cap, tee-shirt, bumper sticker, or in his heart. I feel sorry for them for they are a danger to themselves and to me. Half of the nation has put their trust, their hope, and their future, in the hands of a community organizer from Chicago.

But there is something else afoot.

The average person has become a slave to technology they scarcely understand. Cell phones, laptops, iPads, and every other item of "convenience" we have been conditioned into needing are all far more complicated to understand than the average American's education has prepared them for.

The Internet has done away with the need for hard research. Scholars spend years compiling facts in encyclopedias, but it's easier to Google what we need to know. Wikipedia comes up at the top of our returned search list and merrily we consider ourselves edified. The problem is, morons like me can write whatever they want about any subject, and the gullible multitudes will consume the misinformation like manna from heaven.

Religion has become the centerboard of hatred and mistrust in our everyday lives, fueled by misinformation, ignorance and a handful of madmen who usurp our major religions for their own perverted political purposes. "Obama is a Muslim," cry the Right Wing whackos. "Romney is a Mormon," reply the Left Wing whackos. Meanwhile, television advertisers foot the bill for the nightly assault on religion on the homes of the faithful. America used to be a country of free worship in the manner of the individual's choice. That national concession to freewill has been replaced by an ignorant state religion of blind atheism masked by false idol worship.

Science is kaput. Our national will to move ahead technologically has been replaced by that same strange state religion that insists on cradle-to-grave care for the electorate it counts on every November. Our primary schools no longer strive for scientific excellence, insisting instead on making sure no one ever loses a game of dodge ball. Our high schools are wastelands of parental indifference, tenured malfeasance and Nicki Minaj adulation. College is okay, as long as you don't try to attain a useful education at an institution that won't try to indoctrinate you first into the beliefs of the state religion.

Politics is only about what we can get right now, because the future is our children's problem -- we'll be dead by then. Politicians -- every last one of them -- have no concern for the welfare of the country. They want to win, and when they win they want to share in the spoils of victory. There are no leaders of integrity.

Gossip rules the day, while facts hurt our brains. And we think that's funny.

Parents stick their children in the back of the minivan and force their minds to digest the same Phineas and Ferb DVD over and over and over again. The world around them is scary, so our current Super Parents rely on the drivel produced by some creepy writer and animator in some far away office to protect their little brats. Plus, plugging the kids into some mindless DVD saves mom and dad from having to actually interact with the human beings they brought into the world in the first place.

We are told that everything will be just fine, as long as we follow the right man into Hell. Puppies, unicorns and rainbows will be the order of the day as long as we leave our freewill at the door before entering the voting booth.

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We, my friends, are entering the American Dark Age. We are insulated from each other. We are afraid of each other. We are afraid of what we don't understand. We have no interest in putting any effort in to understanding anything that does not come easy to us. We no longer produce craftsmen in the arts -- industrial or fine. We flounder from one false political hope to another whilst we blame anyone with whom we disagree.

Barack Obama is the perfect president for an Age of Darkness. The light his wife insists he has brought us into is nothing more than the fading light of greatness politicians and leaders of his ilk have manipulated for their own gain since the dawn of the age of man.

It's time to exalt greatness borne of difficulty and hard work, and eschew and ridicule those among us who aspire to mediocrity.

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