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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's Time To Start Ridiculing Democrats

I see a lot of angry Republicans out there. They should be angry. We have the most inept president in the history of the world outside of North Korea. A president who is being propped up by the utter nincompoops who run the Fifth Estate. A president who is supported by the takers of the nation. Yet the outcome of the election in November is still in doubt.

Are you people serious? If Weird Al Yankovic had a decent fiscal policy he could win against Obama. If I were to run against Obama the only people in the country who would campaign against me are my ex-wife and her family, but they all think child support should be paid until the child is collecting Social Security, so, yeah, we know who we'd be up against.

It's time, my fellow Americans who understand how the real world works, to stop being angry at the ruling class of Democrat morons. It's time to start ridiculing them for being the brainless, pedantic children they are. Why are all of you people who are not brainless zombie-Libs so afraid of offending the offensive amongst us? Screw them. They're ridiculous little bugs on the windscreen of American progress. Let them be ridiculed.

Here's a list:

  1. Barack Obama. He has no experience, no verifiable educational background, and the stupidity that dribbles out of his mouth on such a regular basis makes G.W. Bush look like Winston Churchill.
  2. Joe Biden. I have to explain to you why we should ridicule Joe Biden? Maybe I should be ridiculing you.
  3. Democrats In General. They practically pray to the alter of Barack Obama in spite of the obvious fact that Obama doesn't deserve the job of alderman in his corrupt hometown of Chicago and the second-best person they could find was Joe Biden.
  4. Democrats In General. They don't want you to have to show ID to vote and they have no problem that Sandra Fluke (actually does not rhyme with Fluke) is their de facto spokesperson on matters of lifestyle choices and wages. Really? Half the people in the country are okay with a 30-year old college student who wants you to pay for her lifestyle choices and you're afraid to ridicule them?
  5. Democrats In General. Their other de facto spokesperson is Eric Boehlert, George Soros's kept man at Media Matters. Eric's timely and relevant post on Monday was about G.W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard Service. Boehlert is too stupid to realize what shape the country is in while he continues to go after a guy who is no longer in office, and his followers praise him?
  6. Public Employees. Yes, That's Right All Of Them. The biggest supporters of the "us against them" mentality are the people who get paid from the public trough. Back in the salad days of the 80s and 90s, public employees answered critics of their fat and easily obtained pensions by saying "if you're unhappy with your benefits compared to ours get another job." Well, now we're all broke but the last people to do their "fair share" (Obama's words, not mine) are the public employees who earn their livings at my expense. I'm talking about all of them, cops, firefighters, teachers, DMV Klingons. Until one of them in a leadership role steps up and says they are in this mess with those of us who  pay for them their collective petulance, selfishness and greed needs to be ridiculed.
  7. Labor Union Members. Want to know where the manufacturing and blue-collar jobs have gone? They were chased overseas by your ridiculously exorbitant dental plans and artificially high salaries. Stop moaning and start acting like an independent adult.
  8. Liberals. They don't understand the basic historical fact that government has a spotless record of fouling things up. Yet they clamor for more government control over their lives? Are they that weak or that stupid?
  9. The Voters of Nevada. Two words: Harry Reid. If the GSA were patriotic America-loving Americans they would've taken Barack Obama's 2008 advice and not gone to Nevada. The rest of us should stay out of Nevada until Harry Reid is sent packing.
  10. California. Nancy Pelosi. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jerry Brown. The movie industry. Barbara Boxer. It's time we asked California to pack up and go back to Mexico.
  11. Democrats In General. Barack Obama sent a budget to Congress that not one single Congressperson voted yes on and an entire political party is hellbent on returning him to office? And the rest of us are afraid to ridicule them?
  12. People Who Support Obamacare. They support a program that even the people who passed it don't understand completely. They need to stop talking out of their collective asses and read a book or something.
  13. Liberals. They think scroungy people taking over public parks is a good thing and well-dressed people who make money are evil. They may be the 99% but they are 100% wrong.
  14. People Who Watch Bill Maher. If I was an untalented suckup who might possibly have compromising pictures of the programmers at HBO (how else to explain his continued employment) I, too, could have an unfunny, politically myopic television show that nobody really watches. Maher at least gets paid to spew his vitriol and idiocy, what's your excuse for watching? Don't tell me you think he's funny because I have more respect for your intelligence than that.
  15. People Who Watch David Letterman. I used to be a big fan. That was before he became a doddering old fool who treats his female employees like his own personal harem. He still makes Dick Cheney jokes for crying out loud and people still think he is relevant and engaging. If you watch, ridicule yourself.
  16. People Who Support Barack Obama Because Of His Race. He's half-white. Go ahead and blame his ineptitude on his white part, that's fine with me if it will help soothe your bruised (and racist) ego.
  17. Democrats In General. From what I read from of their own words on a daily basis, they're all ignorant of the Founding Documents, don't understand history (even the parts they use against their own country), and are not sure of their own ability to care for themselves and their families so they want me to do it for them. Furthermore, they are not capable of arguing from an intellectual point-of-view, resorting only to mis-statements, outright lies, and foolish arguments. I actually had a dopey Democrat tell me that Mitch McConnell (R-KY) used the term "uppity nigga" to describe Barack Obama. McConnell said no such thing but the dopey Democrat Obamabot refused to recant his slur. People with this low a level of intelligence should be ridiculed, because we demean ourselves when we take them seriously.
All of the people on this list should be marginalized by the adults who make the country work. We have to stop relegating the future of our country to a bunch of malcontent children who are running rampant like they're at Sunday dinner at Golden Corral whilst their inattentive super-parents smile at how cute they are.

They're not cute.

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