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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sandra Fluke: The Most Powerful, Influential Woman In America Today

The following post is in honor of Women's History Month.

Having grown up during the era of the original Women's Liberation movement, I have to say I'm a little disappointed that all the movement wound up doing was giving women like Sandra Fluke the idea that society is responsible for her birth control needs.

Forget the stupidity of Rush Limbaugh, and the sheer glee of the Democrats for beating the Right once again because they have the monolithic media (you too, Fox News) in their purses. Sandra Fluke is a political operative who chose to go to Georgetown simply to help her further her convoluted "women's health" campaign.

Remember this Ms. Fluke, you are not free if you are demanding someone else takes care of you. Whether it's a boyfriend, sugar-daddy, actual dad, or political party, you have sold your freedom in exchange for what you perceive as sexual freedom by demanding someone else take care of you. I won't call you names, but I do feel sorry for you and your followers who continually ask for help without understanding the toll that help extracts from your lives.

As their de-facto figurehead, I also feel sorry for those of you who call yourselves Democrats, because, collectively, all you seem to care about anymore is who is going to take care of you. I don't mind if you choose to spend your lives wallowing in your lameness, but when you drag me into it, regardless of the McCarthyism Ms. Fluke represents, I will fight for my independence from an over-reaching and inept government.

So, while all of you Leftists and Statis are gloating because you smacked down a radio talk show host for being a dope, remember, you are siding with someone who is so dependent on other people that she can't handle her own personal choices with her body without someone else's money. That is sad, for all of you.

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