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Friday, March 2, 2012

Obama, Fluke, Sebelius: If There Weren't So Many Americans Healthcare Wouldn't Be So Expensive

I wrote about Sandra Fluke and her take on "women's health" and the terrible financial ordeal America in general, and Jesuits in particular, put its female college students through on Tuesday (Joan of Arc. Lady Godiva. Sandra Fluke. OMG. Whatever. February 28, 2012). While I choose to question Ms. Fluke's ethos and intelligence, Rush Limbaugh did what Rush Limbaugh does and produced a few soundbites for the sole purpose of causing outrage among the non-thinking American populace. This is unfortunate because it falls right into the Obama Administration's campaign plans for 2012 -- paint over the real problems Obama has proven completely inept at managing with social issues the media and non-thinking population will dutifully nod their heads in agreement at as the drool of intellectual failure dribbles down their collective chins.

Sandra Fluke is a political operative, and nothing more. That's why Nancy Pelosi allowed her to speak during a break in official testimony after the GOP disallowed her testimony. Pelosi doesn't care about actual testimony, or women's health, she cares about publicity. Fluke is being used by the Democrat party to obfuscate their failures by painting the nasty GOP as being against women's health. We've heard it all before -- starve grandma, push grandma over a cliff in her wheelchair, hate all races, hate women, eat meat. And without fail the non-thinking populace laps it all up like mangy dogs at a rain puddle.

On the Today Show this morning, Matt Lauer and Savannh Guthrie were outraged that this poor pitiful college student was called names by Limbaugh. They were almost in tears. Someone should have warned Ms. Fluke that when you step into the political arena spouting non-sense, people are going to have a go at you.

Make no mistake, Ms. Fluke is relying on Big Daddy (the government) to protect her from herself and we are all expected to blindly agree with her. No right-thinking person is going to accept Ms. Fluke's portrayal of herself and her college buddies as down-trodden kids who need a helping hand from Big Daddy. Except that we now live in a society that scoffs at people like me who expect personal responsibility as the first line of birth control before holding their hands out to Big Daddy to help them keep from getting pregnant. This is why we're even having this ridiculous conversation in the first place. You are failing America.

Then you have Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, who failed to pay $7040 in income taxes between 2005 and 2007 due to an "error' relating to charitable contributions. Taxes? We don't pay no stinking taxes!

Sebelius testified yesterday that the "reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception" to insurers who are being forced to provide free contraception to their employees. Let me translate this for you: Less kids means less expense, so if these damned people would just stop getting pregnant, the insurance companies could afford Obamacare.

Here's a few other ideas I'd like to suggest to Sebelius to help make healthcare cheaper for everyone (well, almost everyone):
  1. Put an age limit on old people. Seriously, all they're doing is clogging up the healthcare system and beyond maybe occasionally taking care of their grandchildren (who are also cost us all money) they don't contribute to society at all
  2. Handicapped people really require a lot of financial resources and even though Sebelius and her ilk make a show of compassion, you gotta find savings where you can find savings
  3. People with diseases. I mean seriously. Insurance companies drop a lot of coin on these people. I found the bulk of your healthcare cost savings right there
  4. Heterosexual men. If we're not having kids anymore what the hell is the point? Most of them are out of work and the rest of them smell bad and act like babies when they're sick
  5. Speaking of babies, two words: boo-boos. If these damned kids hadn't been born in the first place they wouldn't have all of these damned boo-boos. If we ignore them (the kids or the boo-boos, your choice) we'll save money on Band-Aids and Neosporin
So, America, pay attention to this: Your government is trying to save you money by ensuring there are fewer of you out there running up the cost of healthcare. Sandra Fluke is the figurehead, Sebelius is the mouthpiece, and Obama is the inept Chicago politician who loves his White House gig so much he'll just keep throwing non-sense at the wall until some of it sticks.

We have put our futures in the hands of low-functioning-intellect politicians who haven't a clue about life, liberty and what it means to be an individual human being. Congratulations America!

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