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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Obama: Evil Overlord or Mistake Prone Doofus?

Photo: AFP/Saul Loeb
On Monday, at the nuclear summit in Seoul, South Korea, President Obama told Russian President Dimitry Medvedev (who walks so stiffly because Vladimir Putin's hand works Medvedev's controls via an access port in Medvedev's butt) that after he was re-elected in November he'd have more flexibility to work with the Russians on a nuclear armament treaty. His words alone do not bother me. What he said is what politicians say to other politicians when they are trying to get deals done. A fact of political life is that Obama will have more flexibility to work with the Russians after the election. Therein lies the problem, when it comes to our amazingly engaging Commander-In-Chief..

A few things:
  • That Obama assumes he will be re-elected should give you a glimpse into his view of himself
  • That Obama is not telling Medvedev that Russia will have more flexibility with the United States after Obama's re-election tells us by the language he uses that he (Obama) views the US as subservient to Russia
  • Obama's assertion today that Russia is also not in a position to hold serious arms talks because they just had an election is a preposterous mashing of logic that no one seems to have picked up on. The Russian president could care less whether they had just held an election or not. Seriously people, pay attention
But overall, my response was that this was just another stupid statement from a man who really has no business operating on the world stage.

Then I saw this picture of our Commander-In-Chief yukking it up prior to today's summit meeting. As he walks past the podium, Obama says "Wait! Wait!" and then walks back to the mic and puts his hand over it, all the while grinning that incredibly annoying grin of his in the direction of the object of his desires, President Medvedev.
  • First of all he hugs the President of South Korea like some dopey frat boy who just found out his NCAA brackets haven't been busted. I mean seriously, you're the President of the freakin' United States of freakin' America. When you're not bowing, do you have to hug everyone like you're at a Bears game?
  • His little sketch was done for one reason, and one reason only: To show Medvedev that he is more concerned with Medvedev's (and subsequently Putin's) take on the gaffe than he is about anything the American people might be concerned with

The hubris Obama shows transcends the mistakes of a stupid politician. By his actions, Obama proves that he has nothing but disdain for the American tradition of a free and open press (even though NBC, ABC, and CBS have done their level best to end that tradition for us on his behalf), and that he has nothing but antipathy for the American people. I don't know about you Obamabots, but I don't want my president making jokes with the presidents of other countries at the expense of the concerns of the American people. No offense, but if you think this was pretty cool of Barack, you're an idiot.

That is why so many of us are concerned about a second Obama term. He behaves now as if he doesn't  answer to the American people, imagine when he is untethered by the electoral process.

As my initial reaction that politicians say stupid things, and stupid politicians say really stupid things, dissipates, let's look at some of the legitimate concerns of the non-Obamabots:
  1. The United States, NATO and United Nations (an organization that proves its irrelevance everyday when it comes to freedom and prosperity for actual real people) have all been hamstrung by Russia in Syria. Libya was easy to knock off, but Russia is a close ally of Syria, so let the killing continue
  2. In his first year in office, Obama sold-out Poland and the Czech Republic by canceling the deployment of missile interceptors and radar units that would have defended against missile attacks from Iran and other neighboring states in the region, like Syria. This was done to appease the Russian government
  3. Russia promised help via bases and other trans-shipping assets in getting American equipment to Afghanistan. Russia did not follow-up and Obama hasn't said a word
  4. Obama championed the START treaty ratified by the Senate in 2010 even though we reduced our arsenal against reductions Russia was said to be undertaking, while allowing Russia to maintain a wide advantage in tactical nuclear deployments. Russia also asserts that in this treaty the United States has promised to eliminate missile enhancements, which is not true, but Obama has so far sided with Russia on that point
Is President Obama trying to destroy the country? Not on purpose, he's not smart enough for that. What he is doing instead is indulging in his private little fantasies of himself as King of the World where butterflies and unicorns take the place of people who would rather kill us than work with us. It's kind of similar to his child-like belief that electric cars are going to solve our current energy problems. Unfortunately, in his fantasy Obama forgets to think about the other modes of transportation and energy generation the Chevy Volt won't fix.

President Obama is a dangerous mix of ruthless, lie-to-your-face politician coupled with an unevolving naivete about how the world actually works beyond the communities he used to organize.

We won't elect a vicious evil overlord to a second term in November. We'll re-elect something far worse: An over-educated, under-experienced, arrogant and narcissistic intellectually young man who thinks he can change the world with the snap of a finger. That half the country is enamored of his goofy smile and frat-boy antics worries me even more.

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