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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Obamaganda for the Masses: The New Obama Budget Cuts Spending, Grows Giant Beanstalks, Protects the Little Guy, and Puts the Kibosh on Prosperity Once and for All

President Obama released the final budget of his term last week, (late again, except who cares, right, I mean he's the only president in modern times who hasn't presented a budget on time, but he's Barack Obama for crying out loud! Leave the guy alone). The people who have been brainwashed into believing the government is the hub of the wheel on which we all spin will be happy. It's just a shame those people don't care about the country they leave their kids.

Please read the op-ed piece Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Jeff Sessions (R-AL) published today in the Washington Post to get the loyal opposition's common sense response to Obama's wild and dangerous budget. It should sharpen your focus on where we are and where we are headed (without immediate and decisive intervention from people who care about all of us -- not just the brainwashed who will vote for them).

Paul Ryan - Jeff Session Op-Ed on Obama's Budget

Meanwhile, we are being told the economy is getting better everyday. By golly, unemployment is down! Gas prices are up and that's a sure sign of an improving economy -- except we are paying extra at the pump now for something we think might happen in the future, which goes against all logic and supply-side economic theory.*

It's time we all put our big boy pants on (or big girl pants depending on your gender or proclivity) and started acting like adults. The first step is rejecting the failed policies and politics of Barack Obama and the current crop of Democrats who are all sucking the life out of the country in the name of progress.

* - If you don't believe in, or don't understand, supply-side economic theory, then please, either read a book or get your head examined. Everything humans do in their daily lives is based on supply-side economic theory, and pointy-headed statist do-gooders can't change that.

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