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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Obamaganda for the Attention Deficit Nation

This latest Obama campaign poster needs a little clarifying for those of you who get tingling in your legs instead of using your developed brains whenever Obama is around.
  1. 3,000,000 new private sector jobs. Except from 2008 to 2011 we lost 8,700,000 (Bloomberg)
  2. Smaller Government. Based on attrition, not based on any actual department cuts
  3. $2,000,000,000,000 in deficit reduction. This is just non-sensical smoke and mirrors designed to trick the gullible. Obama's own budget projects a $11,600,000,000,000 deficit for 2012 which is double the 2008 deficit ($5.8 trillion) (Forbes)
  4. Health Care Reform. He says that like it s good thing. If it was so good why did he wait to implement most of it until after a potential second term was over?
  5. Wall Street Reform. Really? When? Where?
  6. Saved the US Auto Industry. He did? I though it was my tax money that bailed them out, and quite frankly, my money didn't save them, it just staunched the bleeding until the next downturn. He also stole $20 billion from shareholders and gave it to the UAW
  7. All "bailout" money returned with interest. If you play games with the figures you can make this case. Of course, if you play games with the figures you can make a case against this as well. But how does this constitute a win for the Obama Administration?
  8. Three new trade agreements. Okay, with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. Read that again in case you didn't quite understand how not a big deal this is.
  9. Repealed "Don't ask don't tell." Okay, that's a good one, but honestly, it doesn't counter-balance everything else to move our guy into the "win" column
  10. Killed Obama bin Laden. Not to split hairs here, but the US Navy did, Obama watched. Did he give the order? Sure. He's Commander In Chief for crying out loud. I should pat him on his back for giving an order on a  no-brainer?
  11. Rescued American Hostages. I think he's referring to the kids who were detained in Iran. Did you ever write your resume and start scrapping the bottom of the barrel because as you wrote it you realized how lame your resume was?
  12. Toppled Ghaddafi without an American casualty. Wow. This is a stretch. The Libyan people toppled Ghaddafi, and the bulk of the foreign intervention came from other countries. To take credit for this is insulting in the extreme.
  13. Unified the world against Iran. As long as Russia and China are kicked out of the world.
  14. Has the Arab League watching Syria. Are you Obama sycophants freakin' kidding me? If we elect narcissists like this, no wonder the rest of the world hates us. Incidentally, the Arab League has done absolutely nothing to protect the people of Syria
  15. No tax dollars spent on BP clean-up. Obama didn't do this, existing laws did this
  16. More deportations per than Bush. This is because the Obama Administration relies on "voluntary deportation" which means an illegal can be stopped at the border and told he has the option to turn around. The Administration counts this as a deportation, when in fact the illegal can turn around a few minutes later and attempt to cross the border again (and get counted by Homeland Security again)
  17. Fewer regulations than Bush. In less than half the time in office too! Amazing.
  18. Supports State's Right on medical marijuana. Except he doesn't support State's Right on anything else medical related
  19. Ended the war in Iraq. On Bush's timetable
  20. Reduced military spending by $500,000,000,000. See Item #19
  21. Increased veteran's benefits every year. I didn't even bother to look up the facts on this one because no matter what we do we don't do enough for our veterans
  22. Saved the world from global financial collapse. Shhh, don't tell Greece and the EU that Obama fixed their problems
  23. Hired more Border Patrol Agents than Bush. And sued Arizona for trying to protect its citizens and economy from all of these new BP agents not doing their jobs
  24. And he quit smoking. I love Obama and he is an inspiration to me.
What I did in my last three years at my job was pay a ridiculous amount of money for a government that is too big, too lazy and too out-of-control to do any good for anyone.

Seriously people, start paying attention a little. If the GOP loses to this guy on the record he's touting, we're all doomed anyway.

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