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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Obama White House Actually Isn't Pro-Choice

This week's Fun With The Obama Administration's Complete Lack Of Understanding Of The US Constitution comes to us via sex. Or, more to the point, sex as recreation and that stupid biological function of procreation that keeps messing everything up.*

Catholics,** the American Left's punching bag of choice, are being forced to accept something they (as a bloc) have said they don't want to accept. In detail, the Obama Administration, ruling once again by deaf fiat, has determined Catholic organizations who employ women of faiths other than Catholicism must provide free contraception coverage as part of their health insurance benefits. In short, the Obama Administration disagrees with the teaching of the Catholic Church so they are going to force their beliefs on it by regulation -- all in the name of fairness.

The Obama Administration has proudly made a lot of noise about an exception for those businesses and organizations that employ Catholics only. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney defended the ruling saying, “Those institutions where women of all faiths, many faiths, work, need to have the same kind of coverage that all other American women have.”

Note to Jay: Or, they could go get a job somewhere else, or buy their own birth control pills, or take better control of their own personal sex lives, but hey, no one can talk about that aspect of life, right?. Right now you're thinking I'm a dangerous Troglodyte for saying that, biologically-speaking, sex has a role in life other than a way to kill a Saturday night, but I'll wait for you to catch up to me.

The pundits on the Left are all over television claiming "90% of Catholic women use, or have used contraception," as their way of saying the Catholic church is run by stodgy out-of-touch old men who wouldn't know a good time if it invited itself over to the rectory. I'd like to know where they're getting their facts and numbers from. That bit of situational ethics non-sense sounds like some hyperbolic stat made up by a middle-schooler in an attempt to manipulate her parents into letting her stay at the mall until 9:30 instead of 8:30.

Here's the correct logical viewpoint on providing free contraception in government mandated health insurance:

If you are pro-Choice and think the government has no business determining your right to do what you believe is best for your own body and life, then why do you contradict yourself by saying it's okay for the government to force a group with whom you disagree to go against one of their core beliefs?

It's not the 1950s anymore. Women can go work somewhere else if they don't like the circumstances of their jobs. What if their boss is a complete and utter @$$%^&? Is the government going to mandate that bosses can't be @$$%^&s anymore? Or should women just find jobs that jibe with their own core beliefs and sex lives?

Why doesn't the government mandate private health insurance cover:
  • Tooth paste so women can have fresh minty breath?
  • Deodorant so women don't stink in the workplace?
  • Hairspray so women can have only have awesome hair days at work?
  • Condoms for the men in the warehouse in case they get lucky after line-dancing Friday night?
I know you think I'm an @$$%^& like your boss right now, but that's okay, you'll figure it out if you try hard enough.

The Islamic viewpoint of contraception is not quite as defined as Catholicism's is, but the Q'uran does proscribe permanent forms of sterility. Why is the government not forcing Muslim groups and organizations to provide coverage for vasectomies for its male employees?

While I'm at it, I'm sure pig farmers would need less subsidies if everyone stopped being so Kosher all the time. So why isn't the government telling Jewish-owned businesses they must provide free ham sandwiches to their employees as part of the the government's new free lunch program? Are you sure there's not a goyim in accounting who's tired of gefilte fish?

You may think I am being ridiculous, but I'm not. The Obama Administration is infringing on the right to religious freedom of Catholic organizations by this ruling. Just because something religious takes place on a day other than Sunday (or Saturday)(or Friday) doesn't mean it's any less religious.

You people who look down on religion from your statist perches need to understand that when one of us loses a bit of freedom, we all lose a bit of freedom.

It's easy to oppose the rights of others right up until the time your rights are being oppressed.

* - I know that according to the Left I am not supposed to have an opinion either way about contraception, or women's "health" issues, or kids, or anything, because I am a male person. That's fine, because if you actually read and comprehended what this piece is about you would have realized that my own personal opinions on the subject are not included here. My concern is liberty and the Constitution as it pertains to Presidential Fiat and the en vogue bashing of certain faiths.

** - I am personally not a big endorser of organized religion in much the same way that I am not a big endorser of a lot of organized things, but I am a big defender of your right to live in your faith as you wish without some bureaucrat mandating otherwise.

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