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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Links From Homs, Syria

As with everything in the Middle East, there is no clear definition of who is right and who is wrong in Syria. Generally in cases where that is the case, both sides are wrong in some way, and that is clear in Syria. However, regardless of the seeds of the battle, what the world is witnessing is a government shelling its own citizens into submission, and there can be no justification for that.

The fighting, centered around the city of Homs, stems from sectarian bigotry and hatred between members of the Alawite and Sunni Muslim sects. It has now become a civil war between a ruthless dictator with a death grip on power against a small army of insurgents. The women and children of Homs are caught in the crossfire.

This video, aired on UK Channel 4 was produced by a French photojournalist and is a compelling synopsis of the life and death struggle on the ground:

In Syria, the government and middle class back the Alawites, while the Sunni sect holds the majority of the population. The situation in Syria is not very different from the situation in Bahrain, except for the presence of the US Navy, which presumptively kept the Bahraini government from leveling its own cities.

For more in-depth analysis of the current civil war in Syria read this article by Mariam Karouny in Rueters (dateline Damascus, February 1, 2012).

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