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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Libertarian Manifesto: I Don't Fit Into Your Conservative / Liberal Mould

Maybe its time to retire the argument-inducing words "conservative" and "liberal" as we attempt to define ourselves politically. I'm neither, but I agree with far more of what is defined as conservative than I do liberal.

Most people would call me a conservative because I vote Republican pretty much almost exclusively and because I'm for free-markets and small government. To me these beliefs transcend silly political posturing. America has already proven that free-markets and small government (i.e. loosing the energy of the people) is the greatest political system this world has even known. Were there mistakes made by America in its history? Absolutely, but trying to atone for those mistakes but turning our backs on the entire system is childish.

According to current conventional wisdom, here are some things I have to believe in in order to be a good conservative:

I Must Be Against Same-Sex Marriage

I support same-sex unions. This is a no-brainer to me. On a personal note, I kind of wished maybe there was a compromise that would allow the term "marriage" to be reserved for traditional marriage, but I understand the logical opposition to that view and have zero issue with it. There I said it: my support for same-sex unions does not make me a liberal any more than my personal preference for the definition of a word makes me a homophobe (whatever that is).

I Must Be For A Strong Military

The hue and cry of 'conservatives' every time the military is faced with a budget cut is absurd to me. Just as the hue and cry of the entitlement-takers is absurd when they are faced with less largess. If you are trying to tell me the military can't ever be cut, anywhere, for any reason, you need to open your eyes up to reality, because you are drinking the Kool-Aid of the men with the epaulets and that my friend is a dangerous thing.

I am for a strong military in defense of the borders of my country, but quite frankly at the end of the day I'm a bit of an isolationist. America's role as policeman of the world, which was thrust on us in 1945, needs to end. We've lost too much blood and treasure in defense of those who would really rather we left them alone. Meanwhile, America has become hated around the world because of its lumbering and foolish foreign policy. Before you attack my position, explain why military intervention in Libya was good, political opposition without understanding the ramifications in Egypt was good, but in Syria state forces can tear the eyes out and rip the limbs from a 9-year old boy and nobody cares? (You'll have to look it up, I'm not going to link to it)
American foreign policy is rife with hypocrisy. We call it diplomacy.
I Must Be Against the Little Guy In His Struggle For Fairness In America's Corporatocracy
Life isn't fair. America isn't fair. Deal with it. Any unfairness in the country today from a financial point-of-view comes from the regulation and heavy-handedness of the federal government, not from the fat rich old  white guys in corner offices on some nightmarish Monopoly board. The Left blames the free-market for our troubles, but there is hasn't been anything even resembling a free-market in this country since 1972. If you're under sixty you have no idea what a free-market actually is. Stop complaining about something that doesn't exist.
While I'm at it, labor unions have destroyed the American manufacturing sector with the complicit aid of the federal government by pricing their product (labor) above what the market (us) can bear. To make matters worse, the federal government lowered the gangplank and threw bon voyage confetti as they regulated the manufacturing sector right out of the country. Americans want Wal-Mart prices at UAW salaries, and it ain't gonna happen.
Start blaming the right people.
I Must Be Against Change

Right? That's where the term 'conservative' came from in the first place. This disqualifies me immediately from being called a conservative. I want change, and I want it in swift and uncaring expediency. Here's the change I want:
  1. A citizen legislature and if it takes term limits to accomplish what the lazy electorate won't do to save its own behind, then so be it.
  2. An end to regulation by fiat, this means no csars (what a sick title to give an American bureaucrat), no EPA, no HHS, none of it. You want a law to regulate something? See Item 1.
  3. A flat tax on consumption with a constitutional amendment outlawing income taxes. Sure we need to pay to live in this great country, but this great country should never have gotten into the business of taxing accomplishment and wealth re-distribution in the first place.
All the other stuff is just lazy political posturing. These are the changes that will allow us to leave our great-grandchildren the country we wish we lived in.


I am afraid that most people who call themselves 'liberal' do not have a firm grasp on the definition of the term, and should rather be called 'statists.' Likewise, there are alot of confused 'conservatives' running around proclaiming every idea that doesn't gibe with their's to be 'socialist" and dangerous. Don't get me wrong, most of the ideas I hear coming from the Left are socialist and dangerous, but conservatives loose their credibility when they act like liberals and paint politics in either black or white.

We need thinkers and leaders, not hacks and angry pundits to lead this country. Sooner rather than later.

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