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Friday, February 3, 2012

If You're Black You'd Better Support Barack Obama or Thaddeus Matthews Will Throw Your Ass Out Of His Studio

Remember that time I posted about civility, or the lack thereof, in our current political dialogue? It was yesterday.

Today I came across a video of Thaddeus Matthews, a radio DJ on WPLX 1180 Memphis, Tennessee.

Mr. Matthews obviously has a problem with his guest, Charlotte Bergman, who is the 9th District Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives. Judging from the words he refuses to apologize for, Matthews also has a problem with white people and the blacks who befriend them.

Ms. Bergmann may be a good candidate, she may be a horrible candidate, but either way, the fact that Matthews disagrees with her does not justify his treatment of her. I realize he is an entertainer first regardless of how passionate his hatred of white people and Republicans may be, but, Matthews is exactly the closed-minded, small-thinking, half-baked rhetoric spewing person the country is being destoyed by.

Among some of Mr. Matthews more brilliant repudiations of Ms. Bergmann's political views:
  • She is a "token negro"
  • The US Constitution wasn't written for and has nothing to do with black people
  • The Tea Party found her after deciding to "get us a curly haired nigga"
He then asks her to "get [her] stupid nigga ass out of my studio," and when she obliges and offers her hand to him in a gesture of civility, he refuses to shake it, saying he "is scared some of [her] whiteness may rub off on [him]." (Matthews did apologize for that bit of stupidity, but he stands by the rest of his words.)

If you read the crawler, which I assume was put together by either Matthews staff or people in agreement with him, you will read the following:
  • The Tea Party is racist and they hate Obama
  • The Tea Party pays sellout blacks to support them
You won't hear about this story anywhere in the monolithic media because, quite frankly, it's an embarrassment to them. I feel embarrassed just writing about it. Matthews' ignorant racism and apparent lack of understanding of anything other than racial hatred makes me feel sorry for him and his closed mind and angry heart.

Matthews is certainly entitled to his opinions, but as a steward of the airwaves, he also has an obligation to be responsible with the power his radio station grants him. Disagree all you want, but be a decent human being in the process. It's the standard expected of the Right, and it's time we started expecting it from the Left as well.

Mr. Matthews claims Bergmann, like all Republicans, "only want[s] to throw money" at problems. It's a shame he's so closed-minded and full of hate, because that's exactly what people in the Tea Party and on the Right in general say about the Left. The difference is, the Left does throw money at problems, and the Right is hated for trying to stop them.

Just because you may have a point about racial transgressions and political failures does not give you the right to be a jackass. Maybe if we all started growing up and getting past the flame-throwing barbs of racial and political prejudices we might be able to offer our children the kind of country we wished we lived in.

Disclaimer: (Made necessary by prejudiced haters everywhere)
  • I don't support President Obama, not because he is half- black, but because he is 100% diametrically opposed to everything I know and believe about politics
  • I am not endorsing Ms. Bergmann because 1) that is not the reason for this post and 2) I never really got to her anything she had to say
  • I am in no way making a racial judgement about anyone. I'll leave that to the haters and race-baiters like Thaddeus Matthews
  • I'm not going to entertain any ignorant and incendiary hate mail because I stuck my neck out and voiced an opinion about black-on-black racism. The simplistic view through racial glasses has grown tedious.
  • My concern is that good people who disagree with the dominant racial and media culture in this country are going to walk away from serving instead of suffering the humiliation and attacks pundits like Matthews feel are okay to heave at them. So if you are angered by this column, go yell at somebody else
  • Being a hypocrite, and a crass one at that, does not heal anything. Dividing the country because you hate the people who live in it is only going to further exacerbate the problems that have you so angry in the first place. Don't accuse me of doing anything other than pointing that out

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Anonymous said...

Ecellent message. I agree with you 100%.