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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Give Me Liberty Because Death Is Inevitable

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. - Psalm 24:3

I'm not overly religious, but that's got nothing to do with belief. I won't boast any strong knowledge of theology, but I know exactly what this psalm means. This whole thing we're living in is the valley of death. Life itself is the Valley of Death.

For about the past year I've been surrounded by it and its left me pondering it constantly. Family members, close friends, relatives, people I've known since high school, people I only know via social networking. The sheer volume of it swirling around me is mind-boggling. The idea of it's inevitability walks around behind me everywhere I go. I'm not obsessed, and I'm not depressed, but I am indeed walking in the shadow of it. So are you. It's the one thing we all have in common.

But there's one thing I've managed to do so far, and so have you -- enjoy the privilege of carrying this earthly coil on our walk through the valley. It's one other thing we have in common. Each little sliver of survival is another opportunity. I know it sounds like some dumb, trite, Facebook share, and that's a shame. because its so much more important than that.

As a society, we've done so good walking through the valley we've lost our ability to understand how narrow the valley is -- until it reminds us of its presence, and we quiet the noise around us long enough to listen to it. No government can protect us from it, and no living person can prevent it. Can it be that we've mired ourselves so deeply in the minutiae of living that we've forgotten the very essence of it?

Realizing how short, fragile, and without guarantee our walk is, I am reminded once again why I'll resist until my last breath another man deciding my freedom. The beauty and essence of living is the freedom of will and the exploitation of our time and talents in the pursuit of our own happiness. Government doesn't provide us rights, we got those when we landed here. Anything else the government "gives us" is simply the price we pay for giving up a little bit of our freedom. The more the government gives us, the more of ourselves we give away. It's very simple.

I have no interest in what interest group you've decided to hitch your wagon to, because at the end of the journey the only interest group you belong to is you, and the only thing you'll leave behind is the life you've lived. My sincerest hope is that your walk through the valley of the shadow of death is the walk you choose to take.

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