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Monday, January 23, 2012

Suddenly I'm An 'Insurgent?' And Here I Am Thinking I Stood For American Principles

After Newt's not-so-surprising win in South Carolina this week, the monolithic* media (MM) has been scrambling around trying to figure just what the hell is going on. Using a word -- insurgent -- that makes most Americans extremely uneasy, the MM is trying to maintain the status quo by isolating those of us who are truly unhappy with the state of our nation from the rest of you who are content with the sorry state politics as usual has put us in.

Let's look at "establishment" versus "insurgency":

First, we have the Establishment Republicans. In Reagan's time they were referred to as "Country Club Republicans." They are a scourge on American politics because they tell us they are different than Democrats, but they're not. They're exactly the same. Here's some Country Club Republicans you might be familiar with:
  • Mitt Romney. Not only is he Country Club, but he's the guy on the membership committee with the reserved parking space by the practice green
  • Chris Christie. That is why Christie is such a great conservative governor for New Jersey. New Jersey would shrivel up like a slug in a salt flat with a real conservative in the Statehouse, so we have to be content with Christie. It's a start
  • Newt Gingrich. Don't let his "Reagan Republican" bit fool you for one second. The Newtster is a bona fide tweed and khaki wearing Republican who just hides it behind anger and indignance, and a desperate need to differentiate himself from Mitt
  • Every Republican Club member east of the Central Time Zone. (I stopped going to Republican meetings in 1993)
Now let's look at the insurgents who are scaring the Vente Lattes out of everyone, including the Occupy Wall Street kids, who, if they stopped for a second to actually think about things, would realize the similarities of cause:**
  • Rick Santorum. I know he looks like a frat boy from Cornell with a trust fund, but he's not. He's an actual real-life smart-ass from a blue-collar background. He's got the anger of Newt without the book smarts. He's also got the same problem Obama has: both were short-serving US Senators without much of a record to lean on. Oh., wait...
  • Ron Paul. Ron believes in small government, states' rights, elimination of the Federal Reserve, self-sufficiency, American exceptionalism, among other old-fashioned American things. And he's the insurgent? And you Republicans are okay with that?
  • Me. I want to go to work and make some money and take a vacation when I can afford it. I want my kid to go to college and the be able to pursue a career. I want to pay as little in taxes as possible, and I don't want the money I do pay in taxes going to government waste, political cronyism, Socialist Utopian fantasies, GM, the Bank of America, or green energy. I want this ear infection I have to go away and I want to keep the doctor I've been going to for ten years to help me get rid of it without some government stooge interfering. I want every American to be free and I want people who want to come live here to do it legally and then enjoy the same fruits my country offers. I want to be left alone so I can leave other people alone, so we can all go about our collective and individual businesses.
Yup, I am an insurgent.

* - I have been taken to task for referring to the msm as the MSM, because some people think there are factions in the media that represent all sides of the argument. Unfortunately, those folks are wrong. The mainstream media in the US represents shareholders, soap manufacturers and housewives (because they spend money on soap) and people who think the government (me) should pay for their Hoverounds. If you spend your time arguing the differences between Fox News on one side and everyone else on the other, you are missing the point. So, now it's the monolithic media (MM).

** - I refer only to those Occupy folks who are not just lazily looking for a church to crash in and a free lunch. I'm talking about the original vast majority of the movement who are as dissatisfied about things as I am, but who just aren't as sure as I am about the root cause of the cesspool we are currently wading in.

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