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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sarah McKinley, Being Used By the Arrogant Mass Media to Make Fun of People In Flyover Country, Should Be Heralded As An Example of Civic Responsibility

Eighteen year-old Sarah McKinley of Blanchard, Oklahoma, is a mother of a three month-old son, who also lost her husband to lung cancer on Christmas Day.

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On New Year's Eve, Dustin Stewart, 29, and Justin Martin, 24, both of Blanchard, attempted to break into McKinley's home, possibly in an attempt to steal prescription painkillers the men surmised might be in the home. There is also the possibility Stewart had other motives for the break-in. There is some evidence of a history of harassment of McKinley by Stewart, and two of McKinley's dogs were recently found dead due to unknown reasons.

The men knocked on the door for twenty minutes, while McKinley blocked it with a couch and called 911. Read the story and watch original video report from KOCO-TV.

Here is a portion of the twenty minute 911 call McKinley made:

McKinley: There's a guy at my door. I've got some dogs that keep coming up missing. This guy's up to no good. My husband just passed away. I'm here by myself with my infant baby. Can I please get a dispatch out here immediately?

Dispatch: Hang with me a second. Are your doors locked?

McKinley: Yes, I've got two guns in my hands. Is it okay to shoot him if he comes in this door?

Dispatch: Well, you have to do whatever you can do to protect yourself. I can't tell you that you can do that, but you have to do what you have to do to protect your baby. Is he trying to get in the door?

McKinley: He just keeps knocking.

Dispatch: Okay. Alright. Do you have like an alarm on your car you can set off with your remote control that might scare him and get him away?

McKinley: No, I don't.

Dispatch: Alright. That's okay.
At that point the dispatcher transferred the call to another dispatcher. The second call was not recorded.

Shortly after the call was transferred, Stewart broke through the door, brandishing a knife. McKinley shot and killed him. Martin fled after the gunshot and turned himself in later that night.

Police arrived at McKinley's home shortly after the shooting. The county McKinley lives in is rural and covers approximately 12,000 square miles. Those two factors make immediate police reponse nearly always an impossibility.

Authorities have decided not to charge McKinley in Stewart's death, following provisions in Oklahoma's law that allows a person to use deadly force in self-protection. Stewart's alleged accomplice Martin will be charged with 1st degree murder under an Oklahoma statute that holds a perpetrator liable for deaths occured during the comission of a crime.

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The silly and idiotic MSM in the United States and the UK are touting this story with headlines such as "Make My Day, Pistol Packing Mama," and using disgracefully posed pictures of McKinley pointing her shotgun at the camera Jed Clampett-style.

Copyright 2012 ABC News
The frivolous way the media is handling this story, and the way they are taking advantage of McKinley and her ordeal, misses the bigger, more serious point entirely.

Regardless of how over-reaching a state is allowed to become, it is folly to believe a state can effectively protect its citizens 100% of the time. Therefore, citizens must retain the right to protect themselves. The primary duty of every citizen in a free society is self-protection. It's a shame the MSM can't see that.

The Blanchard Police Department has set up a fund for Sarah McKinley and her baby. Checks are mailable to:

Chickasha Bank & Trust
1525 N Council Hwy 76
Blanchard, OK, 73010
For persons wishing to make a credit donation by phone, the phone number of the bank is 405-485-2300 (please ask for Leah).

Portions of this story were also compiled from the following: UK Daily Mail Online, KOCO-TV, News OK Community Blog

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Anonymous said...

People talk about the MSM all the time like it's one big glob that always agrees with itself...better to hold individual news outlets responsible for the quality of coverage. And most importantly, hold their corporate ownership responsible, the people that demand news broadcasts raise revenue the way entertainment broadcasts do. News used to operate at a loss and no one cared, it was every network's job to provide basic, quality news, profit or no profit, as a public service. Now we've got entertainment conglomerates demanding that news be more like entertainment. This is why you get stupid headlines like that. Follow the money...and then check which political party those big bosses belong to. :)