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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Now That New Jersey Is Completely Fixed, NJ Democrats Declare Gay Marriage "Top Priority"

Before all of you haters run to your Urban Dictionaries to come up with clever new insults to hurl at me, let me explain a few things first:
  • It is completely wrong for partners, regardless of sexual orientation, to be denied access to the same privileges as partners in heterosexual relationships
  • As a Libertarian I have no interest in dictating how the personal lives of others are lived, as long as their behavior does not infringe on my right to live my life peacefully
  • As a Christian I realize that my faith does not include marriage between partners of the same sex, but it also teaches me not to judge others, lest I myself be judged
  • As a person who understands the machinations of politics, I realize Gay Marriage is a wonderful tool to use against so-called Conservatives and people who generally populate the "Right"
  • Although I am politically not opposed to gay marriage, I have a hard time living in a state where the dominant legislative party (Democrat) calls the matter a "top priority" when the general standard of living for all of us New Jerseyans, even the non-Gay ones, still sucks 
Okay, now that I've cleared that up, let me get on with it.

In 2009, NJ State Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) abstained from a vote on legalizing gay marriage in New Jersey. This was a purely political move by the ever-political Sweeney that allowed him to remain silent on the issue of gay marriage without annoying his party. However, Sweeney now claims his 2009 abstention was "wrong" and that he' s had a "change of heart." Don't be fooled by this bit of honesty and introspection. Sweeney has not changed his core beliefs one iota, but core beliefs don't matter when a good political fight can be waged against one's enemies.

Yesterday, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-Essex) vowed at a press conference that passing gay marriage in New Jersey would be a "top priority" in the upcoming legislative session.

Oliver and Sweeney couldn't give a rat's hindquarters about gay marriage. I say this because when they had a sympathetic Governor (Jon Corzine) they did absolutely nothing to further the cause of civil rights for homosexuals. In fact, Jim McGreevey was actually gay and they still did nothing to further the cause of civil rights for partners in homosexual relationships.

But now they have Chris Christie to contend with, and Christie is riding high and sniffing around at the buffet table of national politics. What better way to give the national Dems something to hang their hats on than by forcing Christie's hand to either veto or sign the legislation? For all of you non-New Jersey types, this is how we play politics in the Garden State.

Hopefully either Sweeney or Oliver will take this actual list of political priorities for all of the citizens of New Jersey, regardless of sexual orientation, to heart:
  1. Ridiculously high property taxes that are crushing the working poor, working class, middle class, arrogant wealthy class, and everyone in-between
  2. Horrendously high corporate tax rates that guarantee long-term unemployment stays high
  3. An eroding middle-class tax base
  4. A crumbling infrastructure
  5. Corruption and double-dipping at all levels of state and local government that exponentially increases the cost of living for all New Jerseyans
  6. An antiquated and unwieldy public school system that ties the hands of teachers and ensures political cronyism and distorted salaries at the administrative level
  7. Crumbling inner-cities that are in desperate need in spite of the incredible amounts of money New Jersey taxpayers are forced to funnel to them through Democrat-controlled political machines
  8. A tax burden that is making people under thirty realize home-ownership in New Jersey is simply not feasible
  9. A regressive tax system that includes raising tolls on major highways 100% without realizing this toll increases hits the "working class" and people who are struggling to get by the hardest
  10. Gay Marriage
So, in conclusion, I would just like to say to Stephen Sweeney and Sheila Oliver that what you perceive as "priorities" in your out-of-touch world of politics does not translate well in the real-world of people trying to make a life for themselves. I am for equal rights in the eyes of the law for all people, but maybe, just once, you long-term, politically entrenched busybodies could prioritize for all of the residents, not just the politically expedient ones.

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